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  1. COVID is over given the new CDC guidance. Symptoms or no symptoms, vaccinated or unvaccinated, no need to wear masks or quarantine, just reflect on personal choices (as it’s always been). This is as close as we will ever get to an official announcement: “go back to normal, it’s over.” By implication, this new CDC stance is tacit acknowledgement that the vaccines and boosters are worthless.
  2. I think you missed the point of my post. Your above statement indicates outrage about something that has not been proven, only alleged anonymously. We’ve seen that one before. my post was specific to the manner in which this raid was carried out.
  3. what is happening to former President Trump is an obscenely inappropriate. The FBI & DOJ have lost credibility. Thus far these investigations have amounted to hoax after hoax after hoax followed by blowing out of proportion small procedural issues. Maybe this one has real meat (doubtful), maybe not, but at this juncture that aspect is irrelevant. None of us on this forum knows what was in those boxes or what storage agreements had been negotiated, but we do know there was a legal mechanism to address grievances before executing a high profile armed raid as performed. That operation was 100% designed to intimidate and humiliate a political opponent, and that is clear as day. Indefensible.
  4. Could your every post on this bro level chat board withstand the same level of scrutiny you’re applying to others? It is the hypocrisy thread after all… ETA: in addition to an obvious science denier and associate of Corn Pop (bad dude), I’ve heard Bashi is cranky if not allowed to fly
  5. Not possible for energy/oil/gas on the volume required to sustain their population. But if we break a blockade with Airlift, I assume we could break it with naval power. certainly an interesting tactical issue.
  6. https://andmagazine.substack.com/p/the-chinese-blockade-of-taiwan-may?s=r&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web TLDR: author postulates current Chinese military maneuvers represent the start of a blockade (I don’t agree, just posting for discussion). Interesting tactic, would force US to appear the aggressor or let Taiwan starve. I don’t think we would do a damn thing.
  7. AO is a U28 replacement, not gunships. No plan for gunship crews to cross train. Why do you think that?
  8. Valid, and my reply wasn’t exactly to you. Imperfect communication on a message board, the struggle is real! I’m personably less concerned about the transition to single pilot ops (although it will require training) than using a TW. It’s not rocket science, but it’s counterintuitive juxtaposed against T6 training, incurring risk to force. A surmountable challenge, but one requiring deliberate effort.
  9. Absolutely no one cares if pilots are T1 vs T38 trained regarding AO transition. It’s interesting to me this would even be asked, but I’m old. I recall being young and UPT was all consuming. Here’s my advice: if you find yourself in a community like SOF which takes from multiple tracks, the moment you arrive nobody will ever care again where you came from. All opportunities are equally available and 100% depend on how you perform starting now. It’s beautiful, embrace it. There will be additional training required to convert pilots into a single seat mentality, but this is a surmountable challenge. CSO ratio question is a nascent problem I expect to grow.
  10. I didn’t want to answer you until it was officially released, which it looks like you found. AFSOC was surprisingly tightlipped so well done to them, but things do leak from other places.
  11. Sounds like U-28 replacement will be the AT-802. Great choice!
  12. Welp, I’m never coming back to this thread.
  13. You’re smarter than this. Has she built multi-million dollar businesses? Did she expose actual corruption within our government? Has the media aligned against her to blow every comment out of proportion and take each glib remark out of context? Has anyone won a Pulitzer for spreading lies about her? AOC is a radical revolutionary with niche appeal intent on tearing down this country. Say what you will about Trump and his off-putting mannerisms, but the man has statistically significant voter appeal and leads a political movement based on prioritizing American security, energy independence, and economic growth, all while facing historically unprecedented resistance from a media-government inner circle. I see zero equivalence between him and AOC other than a bent towards showmanship.
  14. Yup, not working at all and making things miserable here in the US. Clearly the people running international policy are highly intelligent 🙄 Curious if sanctions have ever worked. I can’t think of a case.
  15. This reminds me of the “fly only” track. A great idea in theory, but when bounded by decisions from multiple layers of entrenched bureaucracy it becomes in execution unrecognizable from the concept originally intended. We’re at a point in the life-cycle of bureaucracy where the only play for survival is an aggressive dissolution in huge slices of the status quo. Unlikely because the only people with authority to make the dramatic cuts necessary rose to their positions by accepting & living within the system. But that’s what we need.
  16. Of the options which competed, AT-6 was the last one I’d want to fly into an AO shooting scenario because it provides the lowest crew SA. However I also think it’ll be selected, assuming the finding is real (still TBD).
  17. All checks. Acquisitions is as jacked up as talent management; this organization is destined for failure. Our only advantages are money (for now) and the fantastic people at the line level in flying squadrons. We attract the best this nation has to offer, unfortunately we are too dumb to keep them. I only hope one day there is true accountability for the over-educated timid bureaucrats play acting as warriors.
  18. I agree this topic is a great discussion! As for your question why, let me ask why not? why shouldn’t new employment methods be explored? Combat is unpredictable, experimenting in training is prudent. Additionally even if this particular requirement does not manifest, there’s something to be said for building a crew force with flexibility of mind. Trying new things is how you make people creative, and creative people find a way to win. The dudes who reflexively say no because the suggestion challenges their concept of acceptable are what I’m poking at. I appreciate the -46 answers because I’m ignorant about your air frame and what makes sense. So please take my commentary as a philosophical discourse rather than COA endorsement. Maybe it’s a terrible idea, I don’t know, but I’m turned off by people who laugh at new suggestions. I’ll end with a gem from Sun Tzu: “Do not merely repeat tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances.”
  19. That is a great point. But I have found the test apparatus inadequate for advanced tactical testing of this nature. In my world we have a designated test unit (2 actually) outside TPS but it is impossible for operational commanders to use them for ops centric testing; I saw ideas go years without gaining traction. I concluded the test world is great at testing equipment, but insufficient for testing employment concepts: crew compliments, TTPs, etc. In theory WPS could be an option, but they are 100% saturated producing new WOs with zero appetite to become a TTP tester. Caveat: my commentary speaks to the senior level discussions, and is not a spear at WO crew dogs flying the line who are always game to do cool shit. Getting the most experienced pilots and booms at an operational squadron to think through and plan out how they might conduct a mission without the copilot, and then going and doing it with a risk mitigation strategy and some good safety protocols in place… There’s just no substitute for doing it that way if that’s the kind of data you want to gather. I’ve actually directed this exact thing be fleshed out in my platform; but it is certified for single pilot operations and we had an immediate operational need, so I grant there are differences. May I ask why you have such a visceral reaction against this idea?
  20. Seems valid to me, what am I missing? Actually it sounds like a very forward thinking idea. that said, we have a 0% success rate forecasting what the “next war” will look like, so I’m always skeptical of people who tell me I must do X to prepare for the next war. But honestly, this just sounds like experimentation with a risk mitigation plan. This does not sound like some kind of standard thing they are doing. and I definitely believe we should push ourselves to the limits in training, with a safety net, in order to know what our true limits will be in combat.
  21. Thanks for this post. I’ve been following the conversation until now and had been completely baffled by what point you’d been driving at. I think your point is simply the cops needed better training? I totally disagree. Those cops are not worth investing in. I get the initial chaos, but after 10 minutes without a decision? It’s go time and if that isn’t innate then you should turn in your badge. They were worse than frozen by fear or incompetent C2, they actually tazed & cuffed parents! Disgusting. Indefensible. Happy to have a training discussion once every cop on scene has been fired & prohibited from employment in public safety. Accountability first.
  22. AC-208 had that, ops tested good. 🇺🇸
  23. Agreed. The concept was cool, huge payload capacity, massive loiter time, 25 inch sensors etc. But it’s just too big and too loud to do what Draco does.
  24. You bring up a good point. But the mask restrictions don’t work, and there is only one political group who follows them mindlessly and demeans those who think critically about the many absurd contradictions in enforcement: progressive liberals.
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