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  1. You really can’t figure out how Keystone factors into this situation and how we shot ourselves in the foot? As for NS2, you seem quite confused: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57180674 Not trying to be a prick but your reply indicates you have opinions without knowledge. Hate Trump all you want, he kept Russia in check when they tested him.
  2. 100% valid. I knew & flew with all 3 when I was hercs. Embarrassments to our service. Self-centered, lacking empathy, contemptuous of new guys, but most importantly none were actual warriors who embraced risk and led from the front by example. The truth is no community has a monopoly on good or bad leadership. In my opinion the best leaders put outcome over process, and value their team mates who do the same. Assume the best about others, use subordinate mistakes as learning points, and ruthlessly close with and destroy the enemy… or execute their support mission with similar single mindedness. It’s not rocket science.
  3. Me too. If I felt as if the bolded above were happening, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. And it’s not a discussion, it is a one-way issuing of orders to the populace by an unelected organization lacking oversight and motivated by profit.
  4. Kept the Keystone pipeline and never have supported Nord Stream 2 in current form.
  5. 1. Have you actually seen the results of those trials or are we still waiting 75 years for the data to be released? 2. VAERS makes you more confident? Just because I’m dumb and I need help from young people with the Internet, could you please reassure me about the safety of these vaccines by comparing the number of C19 adverse reaction reports to vaccines of the past? I’m sure the numbers are extremely low and this vaccine tests favorably so if you could help me out with that I’d really appreciate it. 3. You trust the CDC, I assume because their guidance has been so consistent throughout this pandemic.except…. 4. The CDC is recommending masks but the UK (what I believe is part of your vaunted international community) just abolished mask mandates. The entities you report as trustworthy are in conflict with each other, which means you hold conflicting ideas simultaneously. “Double think” is the official parlance for the phenomenon you are experiencing. By the way Africa doesn’t give a fuck about the vaccine and seems to be doing about as well as anyone. 5. of note on those billions of “safe and effective” doses: in less than a year the definition of “effective” changed from preventing acquisition of Covid to maybe, hopefully lessening the symptoms of Covid (although even that claim is an article of faith) and doing nothing to stop the spread. Whatever your current definition of “safe,” be prepared for that to change. look I get it man, you are a believer. More power to you for being honest about your total indoctrination. However, the official narrative is crumbling whether you see it or not, so I wrote the above for those other people who might be lurkers wondering if the anecdotes they’ve seen are isolated incidents. To them I would say, believe your own experiences. This lie is falling apart, don’t give into the pressure of calling false things real and real things false. We all went along with the “experts” 1-2 years ago partly because we had to and partly because our default setting was trust the experts. But suddenly gathering in crowds was OK as long as you were protesting for BLM but not OK to attend church. Then the lab leak conspiracy grew into the most likely origin, and the people who seemed surprised by Covid and certain the origins were natural turned out to have illegally funded experimentation in a communist Chinese military hospital. Then you got the vaccine, and got Covid afterwards like I did and wondered what the hell? Then you saw healthy young people getting heart attacks and thought that seems weird but you were assured it had nothing to do with anything and is totally anomalous. Then we took our masks off for a few months then we put them back on and it made zero difference in terms of the trajectory of the virus. Now they are telling you to get a booster or a second booster and plan to get boosters forever and plan to wear masks forever and you probably don’t like this world of vaccine passports and stewardesses shouting at you and do not see how the actions we have taken have made things better but everything is quantifiably worse. When you speak up or mention it people shout you down, call you a Trumper or a science denier and you feel like something about this entire thing just isn’t right. If this is you, don’t worry bro, the tide is turning.
  6. “The experimental vaccines are safe and effective” is an extraordinary claim that you accepted at face value. It’s so insane that your default is to believe big pharma. We’ll see how well that ages.
  7. He’s saying if we attempt war again (which we should t on this issue for reasons above), we should have learned from AFG the dangers of fighting an enemy with self imposed ROE limitations.
  8. Bashi— on your #4, Agree 100%. Not sure how many people, even in the military, have the appetite for what you’re talking about or even understand it. Weak leaders have tried to breed it out of us, but a willingness and desire to commit ultimate violence against other humans is a healthy thing for warriors to embrace. Instead they’re trying to make gunship pilots feel sad for the bodies they’ve smeared on mountainsides. a topic best discussed around a fire pit with bourbon & bros you trust.
  9. Here are three lessons from AFG we should be smart enough to apply in UKR: 1. We should not attempt fighting a battle for those who don’t care enough to fight it themselves. The idea Prozac expressed, that we must stop tyranny here before it spreads everywhere, is undercut by the unwillingness of Europe to defend itself. If Germany isn’t worried about Russia threatening them, why are we? We aren’t isolationists; if Europe is banding together against an aggressive Russia I’m in. But the situation looks like we’re overly aggressive defending a continent who is apathetic about our noble notions. We should be smarter. Do not fight a war for Europe that Europe won’t fight itself. 2. This one is tough to articulate: There are boundaries that if adversaries cross we should fight. But we should not artificially move those boundaries, then fight over artificially made boundaries. In AFG we said “AQ attacked us, we have to crush them & their ability to do it again.” Yup, 100% right. I spent my adult life doing it. But then we foolishly transitioned into “we must spread democracy here, as a strategic hedge against AQ ever growing again . Now we’ll stay for decades forcing democracy.” Fighting to prop up GIRoA was dumb, even GIRoA didn’t believe in itself. We should have left after smashing the enemy, let grow whatever political system worked for the Afghans, and come back to smash them again if required. With Ukraine, the line we cannot allow to be crossed is a NATO member being attacked. “If they attack UKR they’ll attack Poland!” Maybe, we don’t know. But if that’s the case, we should fight when they attack Poland (Article 5), not at an artificially made assumption before the one we actually care about. It is hubris to assume you know what the future holds. 3. We should not commit troops to war unless our nation actually wants it and we authorize it correctly through Congress. This thing we’ve all done for the last 20 years was stupid, unpopular, devastating to our national credibility, national debt, and the lives of service members. And ultimately we gained nothing from it. Now the same people are telling us we have to do something similar in Ukraine, and we should trust them. But our countrymen don’t want it, so it will fail. In light of these three items, we should be clear eyed about our prospects for success on this misadventure in Ukraine. And although this final item might seem political, it is relevant: given the obvious and massive corrupt political connections between our presidents family and Ukrainian oligarchs, can any of us trust that the information we are receiving about the situation is correct?
  10. Wilco. Unfortunately I’m a year out from being available, and do not have an ATP yet (although it’s scheduled). Thanks for all the advice.
  11. Because they did. It’s the obvious answer.
  12. That makes practical sense, I thought you were referencing some kind of formal categorization I wasn’t tracking. Lots of dumb questions as I try to get smart talking civilian flying 🍺 Do airlines take mission sets into account when assessing TPIC numbers?
  13. Great posts, thank you. I’ll start churning out apps this summer. Appreciate the kind words Danger; I just tried to keep pace with the team.
  14. Maybe I could have phrased myself better, I’m probably missing something about the career if you assumed I was arrogant instead of curious. Four fans nailed it with the loyalty discussion. I didn’t realize how easy/normal it was to accept a job and then move along if a preferred option opens up.
  15. Are you saying I should limit my applications to the big 6? I’m confused by this; I was planning to apply to multiple companies but rank ordered. copy all advice from others, thanks.
  16. Gents, I’m one year out from terminal/available date. Been reading the various forums and building my SA. Cargo seems like the best fit for my life circumstances, but appears difficult to land. Should I just blast applications to everyone ASAP or is it worth trying for my top picks first? I don’t want to turn someone down while waiting for a call from a top pick, only to not be selected and have passed on my lower ranked choices.
  17. Copy— you’re acknowledging the tool you advocate does not produce the results you desire, but you want the tool used anyway to produce the results you desire despite second order effects with collateral impacts. Makes perfect sense, you have a promising career in government. To answer your question: all of those people are following SECDEF orders. But at the JCS level they can have a conversation which would be inappropriate for other entities you listed. If I were JCS I’d have the balls to say: we’re losing more personnel to this mandate than the virus. Recommend we cease mandates, and treat religious objections to vaccine same way we treat conscientious objectors: find a way they can continue service. Here are my specific recommendations….. By the way, that is the logic I sent my boss. But we’ve decided to go full adversarial instead of empathetic, with predictable results. End state: we are weaker not stronger, and more divided as a country and military than ever. Congratulations.
  18. How do you justify mandatory vaccination as the solution to this problem when ships that are 100% vaccinated are being taken out by mass illness?
  19. I am not. There’s a whole different Air Force out there. It’s motherhood just like tanking is for you: enabling movement to target. What if your yo-yo plan was landing on a blacked out dirt strip to drive your own fuel truck to FARP, and the better you do it the quicker you return to a TIC? Not so silly anymore. that’s an extreme example, although valid. Mostly it’s to move luggage pallets quicker!
  20. I send guys to get all manner of licenses before we deploy- forklift, 10k truck, etc. We go to austere locations and it’s been a huge help to have this capability organic to our unit. That said, I empathize with the overall sentiment that line instructor pilots are tired of being forced to add non-flying responsibilities to their duties in order to cover for an organization unable to generate sufficient support. It’s true, the AF sucks at helping you. If you extend your ADSC, expect more of the same. Posture future plans accordingly.
  21. Agreed— I did the EKG & O2 test for RTFS but my smell/taste took months. It’s still only ~60% normal. I’ve never heard of a smell test to get off DNIF. that said, Med group has been very challenging with their internal inability to communicate & standardize.
  22. https://www.newsweek.com/netherlands-vaccination-booster-coronavirus-covid-shot-1664296 Netherlands planning up to 6 booster shots by 2023. Insanity is an addiction for these people. Shame on anyone who is willing to force injections for theater.
  23. I had someone in a similar situation, and I just assigned him an alternate duty location (his wife’s hospital), and had him check in with me periodically. It met the legal requirements.
  24. Happy to talk via DM if desired, however I have expressed the extent of what I want to express in public.
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