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  1. I was going to give you shit, but between your icon and user name I can only give you props and assume that alcohol influenced your post. So two thumbs up, and I'll have what you're drinking.
  2. It's because that user name already exists. It was a fairly recent add, registered with the email jo******mail@gmail.com. If that was you and you're having issues accessing the account, let me know. If that wasn't you, you need to pick a different user name.
  3. There's no time category that you could log as a WSO that would be beneficial.
  4. O-5, Command list, flying with the majors now. Didn't hurt my professional livelihood at all.
  5. Holy shit - I think you win for the oldest quoted post. 11 years. Well done.
  6. A reg for a naming ceremony? Ha! If you're lucky, you might find some unofficial squadron gouge, but everything is pretty much handed down from one mayor to the next. They're different between MDSs, and even between different squadrons of the same MDS. PS - don't sweat it too much, you won't have that B-Course name for long,
  7. Sounds like you're doing it correctly. Just check/adjust your contributions in MyPay. Make sure you check your special contributions (separate from your normal pay). Remember that they don't take effect until next month. Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
  8. From Osan's FB page: UPDATE: After landing from a training mission, a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot ejected from an F-16 Fighting Falcon assigned to the 36th Fighter Squadron at approximately 5 p.m. The pilot was taken to the 51st Medical Group clinic and was listed in good condition. "We are relieved that our Mustang pilot ejected safely, and is now in the good hands of our medical team," said Col. Andrew Hansen, 51 Fighter Wing commander. "We are currently focused on thoroughly investigating the cause of this incident in order to minimize the chances of it happening again in the future." A board of officers will investigate the incident as part of a safety investigation board.
  9. I call bullshit. I can't imagine anybody booing for a flight being delayed due to this. What more likely happened is that the Captain announced the flight was going to be delayed but didn't specify the reason, and the father ran with some sort of agenda. The father ranting about Donald Trump at the end doesn't help his credibility.
  10. When I got my pre-retirement brief from the TRICARE rep on base, she straight up told me that Prime was a waste of money, and recommended I take Standard. Good enough for me.
  11. Toro

    Quote issues

    I don't think it's the system. I can quote and multiquote no problem.
  12. Likes: Everything Dislikes: Nothing Oh, you're talking about specifics to each. Do you want to spend your ground time in the vault memorizing a litany of procedures and coming up with a game plan, then be ready to execute another plan on the fly? When you fuck all that up and merge, do you think you can hang at 9Gs (or 6.9 in the Mudhen) until you fix your problem? If so, you should go air-to-air. Do you want to spend your ground time in the vault memorizing threats and weapons effects and planning your target run for best case, then be ready to flex to the backup plan with a secondary or tertiary targeting plan? When everything goes to hell and SAMs start launching, can you threat react, monitor your flight lead, then get back together and hit your target? If so, you should go air-to-ground. Summary: A/A - fly high, turn bad guys in the air into hair teeth and eyeballs. A/G - fly low, turn bad guys on the ground into hair teeth and eyeballs.
  13. This is the best response to the OP's question. Don't worry about the crew aspect, choose the one that suits the mission you want. If you want an A/A mission with an aircraft that excels at that mission, go C model. If you want a dual role aircraft that is designed to excel at A/G, go for the Strike Eagle. The Mudhens can't BFM for shit against the Vipers and Eagles, but the other guys don't get to rage into a threat zone at more than 500 knots, less than 500 feet, blacked out, at night. With more than 1500 Strike Eagle hours, I can count on one hand - make than one finger - the number of WSOs who were talking luggage. They know their role, the crew duties are clearly laid out, and we have a good method for setting those straight who have problems figuring it out.
  14. Fixed Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  15. The supersonic ride is after most of the solos in the program, definitely in contact.
  16. It's still in the ENJJPT syllabus, but it's a completely worthless ride. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  17. I have a good deal of gouge that's almost three years old, but if they're still flying the Duchess and Doc's still doing the checkrides I'm sure it's still mostly valid. Anybody who is interested can PM me with their email address and I'll forward it along.
  18. PIT will extend your ADSC - some more information in the ADSC thread
  19. Need a link that doesn't require a subscription, or post the story.
  20. I think I got mine right at or shortly after my retirement date. I don't think anybody gets it early,..why would AFPC get better when you're on the way out?
  21. Not over the line, but getting close...
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