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  1. I don't know what's more amazing - The cop asks for his license, dude goes to get it, and the cop starts shooting - The cop shot four times at virtually point blank range and only grazed him once - The victim is still being extremely civil (calling the cop "Sir") after being shot for complying with the cop's orders. This guy is the reason people hate cops. Fortunately, he is no longer a cop.
  2. LFA7 is legit (anyone who has flown in England knows what his name means). He's gotten some great shots in the Mach Loop.
  3. Just ran a check, and his IP address does trace to an AFCENT proxy.
  4. As a student or instructor? If you're a student, why would you want to live off base? IFF isn't that long.
  5. This was not the exact fix, but close. It does default to "New content since my last visit" (which shows nothing), but I needed to select "Content I have not read" which displays the info I'm looking for.
  6. Anybody else having issues with the "View New Content' option? It's hit or miss for me - checked on both Mozilla (v31.0) and IE11. Cookies are enabled and this is a factor when signed in. When I hit "View New Content" I generally get a "Sorry, no new content found." message. However, when I click to the forums, there are plenty of unread threads. Occasionally it will turn up threads with the New Content option, but generally not all of the unread messages. After selecting the function and receiving the "no new content" message, I can go to the BO app and have it successfully return all the unread messages.
  7. I think the "triangle" concept is something old that has been around (I heard it when I was getting ready to show up), but is no longer valid. Tanglewood was mentioned, and there is another relatively new housing division called Lake Wellington that is between the two roads just north of the Memorial stadium (see below). Not only is Wellington a nice area with a lot of IPs, it's extremely close to the #1 rated elementary school in town (West Foundation). Ditto - this is the same area where I live and they're just finishing up an entire street of brand new houses in our neighborhood. It's a very nice neighborhood, and I would say just under 50% military. It's walking distance to the stadiums (plenty of high school and local college games) and it's a 10 minute drive to just about anywhere in the downtown area. The only drawback is that it's close to a 30 minute drive to the work from door-to-door. If you want to get an idea for the area, go to "Wichita Falls Memorial Stadium" on Google maps and look at the houses that are west, south, and in the southeast corner of the stadium.
  8. Yes, and if you don't check your SURF for the Q code, you probably won't find out about it until you're ready to PCS, at which point you are well behind the power curve.
  9. I hear she's already designing a new flight suit.
  10. This. And don't be a dick to your bros. We have guys summarize/rank the others in their class and have found some interesting results with guys who may have good hands but are noted by a majority of their classmates to not be team players. That doesn't fare well for Flt/CC ranking.
  11. Not only can you only bring the bare minimums, but they made me turn on the calculator and flip it over. You will not be able to use anything else.
  12. Becoming an O-5 doesn't turn you into a douchebag. A douchebag O-5 was a douchebag O-4...and most likely everything that came before that.
  13. I find that after enough of this, I'm able to piss anywhere and in front of anyone.
  14. Christ - can we make this guy CSAF when Welsh retires?
  15. I've heard several stories of an East Coast ATP being shut down by the FAA, and certificates being revoked due to failure to comply with FAA standards during the checkrides. In addition to the random peeps, I was also told this by our local FSDO. Anybody heard about this?
  16. If I merge this thread with the Force Shaping thread, will it make sense?
  17. Apparently trying to pick up college girls with your junk hanging out of your PT gear is not the approved method. Officer gets dismissal, confinement for indecent exposure
  18. At some point over the past few weeks (maybe even months), for any Baseops page I open, the top tab continues to spin as if the page is still trying to load. The page is fully functional, but it's as if it's still trying to load up. It only happens with Baseops (forums and main pages), no other pages. It only happens with Mozilla (29.0), I'm using Windows 7. I've looked at the Mozilla FAQs and nothing seems to fit (it addresses the spinning, but only for websites that don't open or completely lock up).
  19. Second this - just finished and I would highly recommend it. It's a pretty push-it-up profile and studying ahead of time will pay off with both the ground and flight portions. I plan on updating the current gouge with some updated cockpit pictures and expanding on the GK info - will try to get it posted here in the next week or so.
  20. FIFY. The first time I get a rater feedback was after 16 years of active duty.
  21. Probably tied to the reason they're seeing a civilian doc.
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