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  1. If i recall correctly 13Ms had 3 SQ command billets since 2013/2014ish possibly earlier. 2 ops as mentioned and the schoolhouse. One of the OSS’ was in the midwest and the other west coast? Don’t quote me. When i was in, 13Ms that pinned O-6 usually went MSG for their command opportunity.
  2. FWIW I was in your exact shoes 2 years ago. My boss at the time purchased the flight suits from the local supply shop on his CC/GPC. i ordered all patches online on my own dime from aviatorgear.com
  3. Not sure if you’re required to sign, nor am i sure if it’s normal to allow access to civilian doctors records BUT... I was shopping myself around on the reserve side and got in touch with a very nice Flight Nurse peer. This data is a year old but they confirmed they were acquiring members civilian records and subsequently processing members for Retention/MEBs based on conditions found in their civilian records. It all stemmed from the “lethality” memo the SECDEF pushed in 2017. If you can’t deploy you’re out. This unit in particular told members they had X months to find a non-deployable job and transfer or action would be taken. Again this is year old data but based on your inquiry it still may appear to be happening (i.e. gaining access to civilian records) best of luck.
  4. 600 applied. 10 got interviews. Don’t know about rejection notifications.
  5. @Lifer Advice on... -Would should I start the process to get medically approved to separate? -Any other Limfacs that I’m missing? I imagine this is the most appropriate and generic place for advice on the matter: being medically prepared for separation. This is not specifically about a Medical Separation/Retirement via Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)/Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) although many lines cross all the way through to the VA. These are just the cliff note items I would've started thinking about sooner rather than later in hindsight loosely in this order also. 1) (Realistically) figure out your end game for your known medical situation/record. Do you have a 9-5 lined up and don't care? Do you want to go Guard/Reserve/other branch? Do you want to attempt a medical separation/retirement? Are you going to need an FAA medical post separation/retirement? With your end game in mind... 2) Go to records and get a PRINTED copy IMMEDIATELY (yes records are electronic now but ask to have them printed). Once in hand READ every page back and front. The goal here is to get to know your record and know what AF Medicine has thought of you throughout your career. You want to have more than a general "who, what, when, where and why" of your history in black and white without a doctor filtering it. But what are you looking for... 3) Research (depending on your end game). But the overarching research topic pertains to Veteran Service Officer/Offices (VSOs). They are not all created equal and some have better track records with the VA than others but researching them can help no matter your end game. If you don't have the time to sift through thousands of sheets of your medical record a VSO will aide in that but I understood them to do this so they could make a subsequent claim to the VA. Regardless they know what they're looking for regarding follow on VA claims. 3)a. Do you have a 9-5 lined up and don't care? I recommend caring. Even if private healthcare is basically in hand knowing your military record thoroughly now can pay dividends if things that happened while in service get more severe and you want to take it to the VA. Keep in touch with a VSO should the need arise to file your claim. 3)b. Do you want to go Guard/Reserve/other branch? The biggest issue with this option in today's deploy or get out climate is meeting deployability standards which feeds into Retention Standards. The Medical Standards Directory (MSD) gives the cliff notes on retainability and waiverablity for the different classes of military physicals. Also 48-123 (or at least it was) was a good starting point regarding AF medical standards. DoD instructions related to medical standards will also factor into this. 3)c. Do you want to attempt a medical separation/retirement? For this the deploy or get out climate could work in your favor. If you do not meet deployability standards you theoretically do not meet Retention Standards and should be entered into the MEB/IDES per the black and white of the 48-123. The Medical Standards Directory (MSD) is a great resource along with 36-3212 and 32-2110. Various DoD instructions govern this also readily available on the google. Oh and probably the biggest help for this is pebforums.com. There are literally decades of data related to MEBs on there along with very experienced moderators who can help in a professional capacity with representation. 3)d. Are you going to need an FAA medical post separation/retirement? All i know via the interwebs was some dudes had their FAA medicals pulled for Military Medical issues that they did not disclose on initial applications. I don't know the specifics as to how the FAA got wind of the issues but I think there was a thread on BO at one time with more specifics. All this to say for dudes needing an FAA medical post service accomplishing item 2 will get you in know on your medical history written by medical professionals. Also when I applied, the FAA wanted additional data on my condition and I was able to pull lab results over my years of service that resulted in the FAA granting me my medical. I've since renewed it without issue. 4) Cross-Check. Apply your research regarding your situation to you record in hand. Is there anything in your record that would prevent you from achieving your end game or perhaps make your case/VA claim? Tab it out, know where it is, know what it says, know who said it and at what time etc. This leads to the next item... 5) Applicability/Waiverability. It's more research as to how to make your case for your end game. Regardless whether you need a waiver or want something to be applicable what you're researching here is PRECEDENT. For those wanting to continue serving the Air Force Waiver Guide is a treasure trove of information of condition waived/metrics/tolerances etc. I do not know if the FAA has a published repository of granted waivers for conditions. The VA website has a rather robust database of claims/appeals/outcomes etc. Proving your case with the VA with the published data and a solid VSO is very possible granted your history backs up your claim within reason. 6) Fight's on. Regardless of what you want out of your current and/former medical situations go after it. Much of MEB/IDES/VA fights are more a matter of legality rather than medical "expertise." Meaning the systems are a CYA for the DoD. The onus is on you the member to make your case rather than the entity correct their finding. A private lawyer is highly recommended based on my experiences. With regards to attaining an AF waiver to continue with the ANG/AFR I've heard having the right flight doc align with you opinion COULD get you in the door and the subsequent waiver...but this is all hearsay. I have not met anyone yet that was "broken" from big blue and gained by the ANG/AFR, although on BO it is much easier for rated in this regard. 7) I HIGHLY recommend the last item you do right before dropping off you CaC is pick up yet ANOTHER PRINTED copy of your medical record. The items above could be years in the making with subsequent entries from the last printed copy. Make sure to get your request in with Records so they have ample time to print it before your final out. If you attempt to acquire your printed medical record through the VA post separation it can take 6-9 months before you receive that copy. 7)a. Ditto for Dental. They'll say your xray is your history. That's fine and dandy but I had them PRINT a copy of my entire dental record. It's not official as the original in your folder is kept and retired but the copy gives you something in hand to take to you next provider. ***BREAK for Dependents BREAK*** 1) Same as item 7 above. Get your spouses and kids records request for a PRINTED copy for pick up as close to your final out as possible. Of course records will say "oh just have their new doctor request it from us." Yeah...fool me once jokes on you, fool me twice...we know how that goes. Fun fact: you cannot request your spouses record they need to go in person to fill out the form. You as the sponsor can request records for your dependents under 18 i believe. Also if you have children you're probably already tracking that the Immunization record could be the most important document in your young off springs life. I requested multiple copies directly from Immunizations in addition to what was in the entire printed record. 2) Double down with Dental if were fortunate enough to have a dependent be seen on base. ---END--- Healthcare and the subsequent medical fallout from my service has been my biggest worry not only for my personal health but for my families mental, emotional, and financial health also. I hope this sheds some light on what you have to look forward to. Just remember you're not alone, there's someone out there who has gone through it before. Shaka brah.
  6. Is it that time already? 🤔 https://www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/2019/03/08/utep-president-finalist-heather-wilson-named-to-replace-retiring-diana-natalicio/3054951002/
  7. @Duck i wouldn’t say there much “thought” at all behind it. I bet it’s one of those things that have just always been and now its SOP buried under 32,847 layers of beaurocracy and incompetence leading to it never being “fixed.” but then again when we die we’ll theoretically get the next months payment so we’re getting paid for that month just after we’re dead 🤔
  8. Congrats. I had the exact same happen to me. We’re on identical timelines.
  9. So the short answer is it is a very convoluted and opinionated process. I know this because was DQ’d and separated. The Medical Standards Directory (MSD) is the quick view version of what conditions are eligible for what class of physical. However, it’s a very guarded product that exists in the medical world with the older versions occasionally popping up on google. Between the MSD and AFI48-123, the opinion (and language) of the doctor submitting the waiver paperwork will make or break your waiver package or separation package. In my experience if you can get a waiver for the class you need you can apply again for a job with that flight class of physical. i.e. if you can work a class3 physical with said waiver for your condition yes you are medically qualified and can apply again. CAUTION: many of the conditions that DQ you from flying class physicals also DQ you from serving all together. In the MSD there is a column that identifies what conditions are or aren’t fit for retention. So just because you have a waiver for condition X it does not mean you are home free. If you run into the wrong doctor they could in their opinion say you don’t meet retention standards according to the MSD and could end up being separated. Retention cases trump flying class physicals qualifications. My condition did not meet retetion standards so when I asked my PCM and team to start a waiver I was straight up told no, it’d be unecessary work for a waiver for nothing as you still would not meet retention standards even if you meet FCI standards.
  10. PeRdoNaMe. Sometimes i can’t shake my accent.
  11. @FlyingSquirrel NOTHING is guaranteed boss. I was a select that PCSd to my training base and am now a civilian. My life changed in just under 21months. Just because it looks like the ADSC will take you out to 18 does not mean the AF has to honor it. It’s a one way contract...just like the bonuses they’re throwing around. You’re a capt based on your timeline so you know how the manning bowls/flows concept works. They’re flooding the coffer with bodies...so you know what they’ll drain it in 9-10 years when they realize they’re too fat. @TeafChief @Rage W. Regardless what you want to do in the AF i’d say go to SOS first. Yeah the kool aid is terrible but the (then) 5 weeks was a stupid nice reprieve from my ops tempo before hitting the UFT grind/MWS training grind. Made some really great friends in that 5 week vacation oh and some $. My CC (11 type) painted this picture on timeline: 6-7 year capt gets picked up makes 7-8 yr capt as you PCS, you enter 18 months of UPT (+casual/IFF) then graduate as a 8.5/9.5 year capt going up for O4 as a “student” mind you. Get to your MWS school (best case scenario 3 months) and start upgrading. What he was trying to get at is i would not be performing the duties of my rank/grade like my senior capt/new O4 peers. Fun fact you need a ETP to attend SOS after 8 years TIS. It’s easy and almost automatic so moot...but a thing. You’d be the new guy showing up causing extra paperwork. Not the best look according to my guy, showing up SOS complete looks better although i doubt it’s heavily weighted in a flying sq. BL: you can push UFT dates back to work UFT/PME since you have the golden ticket in hand. My dates worked out well with a summer PCS/RNLTD. But my CC had to go to bat at the WG to move me up on the WG priority list to go to SOS. The wing used a standing seniorty approach for next up and i was the brand new guy. He pitched it, they bought it and I was off to SOS in April and finished in May. Not at all trying to be a negative nancy but there are shitty realities out there that i went through. Just want to share my experiences so folks dont expect unicorns, rainbows, and smooth sailing once they get notified they achieved their lifetime goal.
  12. Well if you want old school: Avon, herbalife, advocare, melaluca new school: lularoe, rodan & fields, pure romance, scentsy
  13. Why would the AF push their timeline to aide you and potentially hundreds of others in making a decision with potentially lifelong ramifications? Just opt in. It hurts less.
  14. That’s such horse shit. I’m gonna say that’s some real millennial BS...assuming the classic “i didn’t get what I want so i’ll duck out then make enough noise later to get what i want” played out... but more power to them, they obviously really want to it turn down rated and nut up to apply again despite the previous hardline black and white on the issue.
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