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Found 14 results

  1. Long article but interesting (only perused some sections) - enjoy. Trends in Air to Air Combat Implications for Air Superiority John Stillion
  2. Hey Guys, I had a few questions regarding lifestyle after a pilot completes seasoning orders in a fighter unit. I figured having this all in one thread might make for a useful resource for everyone in the future to use. The situation would be that a new fighter pilot just finished seasoning orders, no AGR or full time spots are available, and the pilot has to get another job: How many times per month will your unit require you to fly on average while on part time orders (I am guessing 8-10 days/month)? If you commute to your guard base, will the USAF pay for your airfare to commute to the guard base every time u commute? (assuming you can not use airline perks such as the jump seat worse case scenario) Does your guard unit let you pick and chose which days you want to come in to fly each month? If you are allowed to pick your days, can you commute to your guard base, work for 8 or so days straight, and go home until the following month? If you are commuting to your guard base, where do you stay each night? Does the guard pay you while you are traveling to the base (i doubt it but figured I’d ask) Also, if you chose to have a second job as a airline pilot: If you work a typical airline line schedule (let’s say 15 days/month), can you drop upwards of 7-8 days of military leave and only work 7-8 days at the airline without the airline or your chief pilot becoming upset? If not, how many days of mil leave per month can you drop without upsetting the airline or chief pilot? No pressure to answer all of them. But if you guys know the answer to a few, it can really help us out a lot. I hope others can use this as a future resource as well! Thanks
  3. Okay my question might be a little dull but my question is genuine. I have been doing research but I am kind of stuck on a point. So my question is what are your suggestions for schools for flight training and particularly ones that offer a bachelors degree? UND, Embry Rittle, and Bridgewater is all out of my state and I don't see the point of going out of state, if I can find a college in state that would be much more affordable. Im in Virginia. Also another thing I have been researching is whether I should join first then go to college or join later out of college? And will they still pay the tution? What are my options cause I can't seem to make up my mind on this part either. Thanks for your help.
  4. So I am trying to become a fighter pilot in maybe the Gaurd or the reserves. I think Airforce would be the best place to go to get adjusted and then maybe transfer to the Navy later on but please correct me if I am wrong. So I am going to put some bullet points here of what I have done so far in life. First thing I will put down is background history. I was a farmer for four years when I started working for income, I then started working at a dealership for two and a half years doing a range of things from cutting up metal poles and other such things to gardening and landscaping and filling in holes with quick asphalt and leveling stones, as well as a valeigh. I went from there to college for almost a year maybe more, and I took an engineering associates degree course but failed miserably getting a C in materials class, a D in math and an F, in engineering graphics. I was still working at the dealership part-time and had a hard time keeping up with the work, but no excuses I just had a hard time with the math and EGR and with the course in general. I did do the best I could at the time and I finally had to stop because of not having the funds to continue schooling. So while I was there I went to their workforce solutions office and applied at CDS Tractor Trailer Training and I graduated with a Class A CDL and in April of 2017, I started working with Swift Transportation as a truck driver. I work there for 5 months, however due, to the fact that my trainer did not do a very good job at giving me the backs I needed to become fluent and due to that I struggled a lot with backing into spaces and a couple times in a parking lot and trailer yard had an accident and few other moving forward accidents in the yards. But other than that I did alright other than trip planning because he did not train me how to work from an atlas so that further increased my difficulty. However, I loved doing the job. From there I went to work for Lowes in Winchester, and was there for I believe a good 9 months to a year and then I resigned and I am now at the School of Discipleship where I am learning about everything from English to Systematic and Practical Theology as well as Bible Study Methods and still more to come. I major in Horse Barn and I have been learning a whole lot about caring for horses and riding though not the best yet I am working towards that. Here I am so far getting a 3.5 GPA and I just went through an ACBC Course which is a course that prepares us to be certified Biblical Counselors. Physically speaking, I am in pretty decent shape and started working out with a great friend here at school. I in November of 2018 however, injured my left knee when I ran around another friends car and hit his hitch on platform full speed trying to accomplish chores quickly. It is hard to move if I am sitting for a long period of time or if I have been bending down on it for long. I have been trying to contact the doctor to try and set up a second appointment to get it further investigated as to what to do next to help it heal properly and quickly as possible. My age is 24 and the program only goes for a year unless further prolonged by the student himself/herself, and I have considered doing a second year here; however, with that in mind, by the time I graduate my second year, I would have turned 26 and in August of my 26th year graduate because on the 27th of this month I turn 25; what I am most afraid of is since the Airforce wants you to graduate their school by age 31, that it would hurt my chances of getting in to one of their schools. So with that in mind, and I have not had any major operations on my body either, what would your advice be to someone like me, who really desires to be a fighter pilot? Do I have a going chance? Should I get a bachelors in flight? Should I start school next year in flight school or OTS and how long would the selecting for OTS selection process be? Should I give up? Is there a chance that I have been told wrong about the age limit? How also do I choose my base if I would like to fly like the new F-15x's, F-22 Raptors, or F-35s is that even a possibility? Thanks for serving our country and people and God bless and thanks for any answers you have!
  5. I'm currently a junior and high school and I've had the eagerness to become a fighter pilot since I can remember. A little bit about me: weighted 4.5 GPA, soccer for all 3 years so far including have been captain of my team, involved in student body leadership, top 10% of my class, and plenty of community service. My question is what is the best way for me to become a fighter pilot? I know currently there is a shortage of fighter pilots in the air force, but a navy pilot has told me that if I took the navy route I'd have a higher chance at fighters because that's mainly what the navy flies. Is that true? Should I go OCS, ROTC, or try to go to an Academy? If I got a ROTC scholarship should I take that route? Would having a PPL be something I should do or should I wait because the military has their way of training pilots? If I went ANG I know I'd be guaranteed fighters and a base, but I'd imagine the competition for a spot at a base would be hard coming from civilian life, no? Would it be better to go ANG or active? I know there is a difference between the lifestyle of an air force pilot and navy pilot but I would do either. Any response is greatly appreciated.
  6. Good Evening !! Does any have a list of reserve or ANG units which have fighter CSO/NAV positions. I am digging up every unit's website to find details but not making progress much so I am asking. My apologies if this has been already asked, tried to find it in the forum but it does not pop up in the search. Thanks ! Keep rocking
  7. Two positions on the street right now. MVA #021-18 is a flying position for an 11F/12F. MVA #020-18 is a non-flying position for an 11F. Both close out on 7 December. Your primary job is a planner. For the flying position you are generally allowed to go TDY a week a month to the unit of your choice for currency. Feel free to send a PM if you have questions. http://www.125fw.ang.af.mil/Careers
  8. Two positions on the street right now. MVA #118-17 closes out on 5 October, and MVA #125-17 closes out on 25 October. Both are flying positions. Feel free to send a PM if you have questions. http://www.125fw.ang.af.mil/Careers
  9. Application close out is 21 Sep 17 http://www.125fw.ang.af.mil/careers/ job posting AIR 118-17
  10. Hello, I am very green here and am looking for advice on the topic subject everywhere I can find it. I was hoping to gain insight from those with experience in/retired from the CAF about the pro/cons of flying a single seat fighter vs. the Strike Eagle, specifically on the individual vs. crew aircaft aspect. I've been able to get small bits and pieces of opinion from people around base, but nothing polarizing for either option. I am a UPT student and realize this may be moot as needs of the air force will ultimately be the deciding factor in the assignment I receive, but if granted the opportunity to choose, I'd like to be as informed as possible. Thank you in advance for your time.
  11. Good evening ladies and gents, So, here I am, just signing on for a six year contract at an airlift squadron for Aerial Transportation (2T2X1) and I've run into a slight dilemma. So the squadron I am currently on with is an airlift squadron, were going from 130s to 17s in 2018 and that sounds super nice. However, a squadron not TOO far away from me flies F-16s and I've always love the idea of flying fast jets and they have alot of boards for folks. Here are a few questions to throw out to the experience masses: 1. Would it make me look like an ass getting on with one squadron just to leave them for another squadron later on down the road? 2. Would it be possible for me to become an officer THROUGH the other squadron? As in, would it be possible for me to go to the 16 squadron to the board and apply for OTS AS WELL as UPT? This is my main question, I'm curious as to if I can move from my current squadron as an enlisted to the fighter squadron as an officer-selectee and UPT candidate. 3. Any 16 guys want to talk about their life experience? Same for the 17 folks as well. When it all comes down to it, I wouldn't mind flying with my squadron if I get the opportunity too. But I would love to have the chance to fly F-16s if I can. Thank you guys for your time.
  12. Hey fellas, first off appreciate the answers and help up front. I'm an 11B guy with a couple years left on ADSC and looking to Palace Chase. By the time my ADSC is up (assuming I can't get out earlier) I'll be 33 years old. Is it realistic at that point to try and rush a 11F guard/reserve unit in the hopes of getting picked up or do I need to recage my nugget on some other goal. Also how far out from separation should I start working on getting in with a unit? Should I separate first, get picked up by the majors, then come back and rush? Or rush and simultaneously apply for the majors as well. I'm also coming up on my possible last AD assignment before separation and I was leaning towards T38 IP so I can get back into the cockpit and get my hands warm on something a little more capable than the one that brought me to the dance (so to speak) before I try and rush. Thanks again!
  13. Hello Gentlemen, I've curious of what you all think about aerobatic flying and how it resonates with a pilot selection board.. A little about me; my goal is to get selected for UPT by an ANG/AFRC fighter squadron in the coming years, I just enlisted in the ANG and i'm waiting on dates. I'm very interested in aerobatic flying, I would love to compete at the advanced and unlimited levels in a powered aircraft, or even a glider (if I could find an instructor in my area) My question is this; should I focus on building up my aerobatic experience or should I focus my aviation resources elsewhere? Is getting glider time even worth a damn to anybody? it looks cool to me but it seems like the market is very thin in the U.S. Regardless of what I take away from this thread i'm still going to give aerobatics a try but I'd like to hone my focus towards a specific field all in an attempt to make myself the most competitive applicant on the market. Also, general aerobatic thread. Thanks for your time
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