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  1. As mentioned - go to your safety shop and do not discuss it here.
  2. PM me your contact info and I'll get them to call you. I just talked to the owners yesterday and they're swamped - booked through January I believe.
  3. Toro

    login blocked

    Works for me for the first time in... I don't know how long
  4. I can't speak to Cobra Kai's program, but I will tell you that there are a significant number of people (20+ that I know of) who live here in Wichita Falls and have driven to Memphis based on comparing the two programs for price and duration. One of my buds asked one of the Cobra Kai instructors (a former SPS T-6 IP) if he'd considered reducing his price to at least be competive with Memphis, and they refused. So you have a large number of folks who are driving 8.5 hours each way and spending at least two nights in a hotel rather than do it local. That ought to tell you something. And in case I haven't previously posted it here, I put together a packet with a lot of good gouge for Memphis (way more than what they send you). I would post it publicly here, but it exceeds the attachment limits, so PM me with a personal e-mail if you're interested.
  5. Discus - if I go, it would be the safety center. Thanks so far for the info. Anybody got updated gouge for middle/high schools?
  6. Looking for a general update to the Kirtland info. For folks who have been there any significant period of time, what's your thoughts on the base, town, area, options, etc. Right now this is an option I can accept, or turn down and take my chances with who knows what.
  7. I think JW might be the Greasy of puke stories.
  8. DynCorp Intl also has a couple bases (Sheppard and Columbus). PM me if you're interested in finding a POC at Sheppard.
  9. Toro

    iOS app updates

    Not sure if I'm the only one, but I can't get it to work. The app will open just fine, but any time I try to open a topic, the app crashes.
  10. Champ Kind has been lurking the board for more than a decade giving good advice to the young 'uns, so he has been upgraded to moderator.
  11. Learn as they go. Most pilots flying with the doc would talk them through the HOTAS.
  12. All, Welcome Jedi Doc as the newest moderator to the forum. Current flight doc who has been given moderator access to the aviation medicine section.
  13. NOW this thread has run its course and will be closed. At this point we're nothing except giving PYB/CCP more of the attention he craves. Until he returns in another form (new user name), we're going to shut this down.
  14. Nice try, but this isn't some special treatment we gave Rainman, it's a function of the control panel. The CP will block any words from a set database until the user has reached a certain number of posts or time as a registered user. Asked an answered...No. This is designed for prospective, current, soon to be gone, separated, retired, and wannabe military members. The focus is obviously aircrew, be we have a small pockets of other AFSCs to include cyber, medical, and the all-encompassing "shoe clerk". Some of those folks have been the greatest contributors to our discussions based on our limited knowledge of those areas, just as we are great contributors of knowledge to the college kids seeking out a flying career. A squadron bar is where people go at the end of the day to relax and shoot the shit and not talk about work queep, and that's what our squadron bar is. Since I know that you were not around when the BODN squadron bar was created, I'll give you some background. Many years ago, this entire forum was almost exclusively a flying forum and had a significantly fewer number of sub forums. The occasional non-flying topic would come up and many times it would devolve into arguments. There was a proposal - which I was completely opposed to - that we create the squadron bar as a location to divert that discussion. It has for the most part been successful, with the occasional bad apple that drags topics into the mud. The squadron bar isn't the kind of stuff you would see at work - hence the overt labeling of NSFW. I personally don't go to about 90% of the recurring squadron bar threads unless I'm notified via a report. It's not because I think they're offensive, I just don't particularly care about them. I suggest you do the same. You continuously miss the point that while many members of this website are military members, this is not a military website and it is in no way affiliated with the Air Force. The fact that the Air Force Times comes here and quotes anonymous posters for their articles doesn't highlight anything unprofessional on the Air Force, it highlights the fact that the Air Force Times has hack reporters who can't or won't get somebody to go on the record to make a quote supporting their inflammatory articles.
  15. Disagree. It's difficult to look at everything in context because one of the moderators (not me) deleted a majority of the posts that were deemed offensive or inflammatory. In my first post (which is still there), I simply said that the guy was in the 492nd based on his patch. After several people posted ridiculous physical flaws in what we all agree is an extremely attractive woman, I took their words and put them into a picture with "2/10 would not bang" at the bottom. For those who are unfamiliar with that meme, here's the summary: Not only was it a joke, it was pointing out the idiocy of those critiquing her. So for some hypersensitive idiot to get up in arms and try to imply that my post was offensive to her was absolutely ridiculous. The SARC comment comes from the fact that stupid shit like this trivializes the real problem, and we end up having "morale and welfare checks" where - ironically - this picture would have been removed from his office or any public workspace because people feel that it contributes to a sexually hostile work environment. As far the email jab, I'll take that, but I didn't lay low around here at the time, I simply didn't post anything in that particular thread.
  16. Not going to happen. Others have adequately addressed the rest of your posts, but I will add one thing: anybody who wants to help improve the site is free to offer their suggestions (and sorry, but purging all the moderators who have busted their asses for over a decade here is not one of them). We occasionally bring on new moderators, nearly all of whom are a result of people stepping up and volunteering. If you don't like content, there's a report button, and we all get the reports. If you don't like individuals, you can report them as well. Lastly, I have no idea why JQP was removed/banned. I follow and enjoy his posts, so not only do I not know what happened, but I would welcome him to the board.
  17. That article is all I need to verify that he's a good dude.
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    I don't about the Vance student, but I know two students who ejected in T-38s at Sheppard and both went on to graduate - one is flying Strike Eagles, the other is flying in the German AF. 1st question/s - This would depend on the circumstances of the ejection. I know three people who have ejected - one in the Strike Eagle, two in the T-38. Two were caused by birdstrikes that led to engine failure and there was no stigma associated with the incident. In the third, the pilot's actions were found to be causal, but it was through his inadvertent actions and not a lack of knowledge or TO/AFI violations. I don't believe there was any associated stigma but I wasn't stationed with him at the time, and he on his last assignment so no telling whether it would have affected his career. Nothing from the safety incident can (rephrase - is supposed to) be used against the individual in a punitive matter or affect his career. 2nd question - I would say your number is accurate, if not low.
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