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  1. Good enough for me. It's gone.
  2. I sent a PM to get him to respond, but I am inclined to remove it based on your posts. I'll give it a day.
  3. Not sure what happened. DFRESH?
  4. I've never heard of a situation like this (or an "inactive" clearance), but I can tell you that your clearance has nothing to do with training. It's strictly a background check. If he doesn't respond, you may want to PM M2 and see if he has words.
  5. Strike Eagles have the same kinds of briefings that Pawnman and Tree10 Mentioned. If a current instructor would be helpful to you, I can get you in touch with one, just let me know.
  6. Time for that entire state to fall into the ocean, and I'm from there. This gem from the article.... "It's about the terror that they cause in people when they strafe neighborhoods. That's something I hear about all the time when Blue Angels fly overhead," Supervisor John Avalos told the SF Gate. I think somebody needs to buy that dickbag a dictionary. So demonstration teams should be cancelled because there is a rare chance that they might crash and cause injury or loss of life? I guess we need to shut down SFO. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asiana_Airlines_Flight_214. Asshole.
  7. Wait....so he happened to have a helmet from a fam ride that he took with him to an air show and basically took a glamour shot with it? Does not compute. Well, thanks for clearing up our confusion with your "almost guarantee" facts that don't add up.
  8. The guy interviewing is an asshole. Instead of educating folks who don't what it means, he's just condescending. There was at least one guy who was on the right track when he started talking about remembering those who died, and this jack hole leads him astray.
  9. It looks like it, but it is on Velcro. The Euro flight suits at ENJJPT have two patches on the sleeve that allow non US flyers to sport a nation flag with the ENJJPT patch, but I've never seen Americans wear it. Regardless, it makes no sense - as previously mentioned - why he's wearing that patch with his ACC patches. Wearing a morale or other patch is one thing while overseas, but I don't know why an ABMer would wear that, even if (or especially if) he washed out of UPT.
  10. SFAR 100-2 specifically allows for extension of the written test deadline if you were deployed overseas - It doesn't help you. I've never seen the other portion you quotes, but I think that it is in reference to getting a civilian type rating for a similarly typed Air Force aircraft. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense since there is no practical test to have a type added to an existing license if you are USAF qualified, but that's the only thing I can think of.
  11. When did they start testing guys in UPT?
  12. I don't know that this is true. Sheppard does their training (PIT, IFF IPUG) in house vice sending dudes to Randolph. I'm not 100% certain about IFF, but when I went through PIT, my TOS did not begin until I was done with PIT. I was the first in my class to finish, but between in processing and the fact that PIT took the lowest scheduling priority, it ended up being five months.
  13. That's cheaper than most places are going to cost you at this point.
  14. Here's what any commander/supervisor worth a shit does: Make you go on leave if you "only slightly" exceed the leave area restrictions. If there is a recall, or you get hurt, everybody is covered. When you return safe and sound, he allows you to cancel the leave request. I've done it for my folks and had commanders do it for me.
  15. This board has a spam prevention control which groups all newly registered users into the group "User on Probation." This status lasts for for 48 hours after you confirm your account and while you are a member of this group, all posts must be approved by a moderator and you cannot start any new topics. This is primarily a spam prevention effort, but it also serves to let the noobs hang out and look through the forums for a while before asking a potentially dumb or previously answered question. If you are newly registered and would like to bypass this waiting period, send me a PM and I will unlock it. Do not reply to this thread, as that won't necessarily alert me.
  16. You should be able to post now. There is a 48 hour restriction for new members before they can post on the forums (spam prevention tool). PM if you have any issues still.
  17. Why? They're different lines. Damn - how did I miss this the first time around? No incentive rides...for any cadets....ever.
  18. Here's the source reg (SFAR 100-12) https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CFR-2012-title14-vol2/pdf/CFR-2012-title14-vol2-part61-appNo-.pdf It allows military members who took the ATP written test while stationed overseas to use an expired test up to six months after they return back stateside. I don't think any ATP school would refuse you, it's just a matter of making sure you get it done in time. The only other issue is that some places do ATP in small groups, so if you're going solo it might be slightly more expensive. CFR-2012-title14-vol2-part61-appNo-.pdf
  19. Toro

    Latest Movies

    Two huge thumbs up for 13 hours. Several of the team members were on set as consultants and have said that it's very accurate.
  20. All - don't ask for or send information via PM in this topic, unless for some reason you're worried about the information being shared. It defeats the purpose of this thread if the information is being shared one-on-one.
  21. Top right of the page below the search bar: "Unread content"
  22. Toro

    TLF for UPT student

    You don't live in TLFs - those are just larger billeting rooms. You're thinking of UOQ (Unaccompanied Officer Quarters), which will depend on the occupancy. However, you can't have pets.
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