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  1. I've gone into the control panel and banned him, deleted his posts, and removed any reputation points he has given.
  2. HarleyQuinn is in time out. The adults may continue their conversation.
  3. Correct, I should have clarified short call. Widebody reserve on short call living in domicile is the objective for the guy who wants to maximize the pay to flying ration (that's me). I was international in Miami, now I'm domestic in DFW. I'm a 737 guy - I heard that while we were driving up to and over guarantee in MIA, the Bus guys were sitting around bored out of their minds in a crash pad.
  4. When I sat reserve in MIA, I was usually close to or over the min guarantee on hours (73-76). In the past four months since I switched to DFW, I have averaged around 50 hours. I'm told it's even better sitting reserve on widebodies.
  5. I don't know that there are any flight docs who still lurk here, but I've added this to the existing thread, which should provide some background.
  6. Toro

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    Just saw The 15:17 to Paris. Just...terrible. When I saw the trailers I was skeptical about how they could make an entire movie out of an isolated event, but this is from the same guy who did the same sort of thing with Sully. Nope. Part of it was the acting - just bad all around. It was a risky move to use the actual guys playing themselves, and it did not play out well. So much of the dialogue seemed forced, which is ironic since it really was their own. The kids that portrayed their younger selves were awful as well. From 15 minutes in I wanted to leave, and it only got wors
  7. Toro

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    Huggy - Looks like it works. Operator error?
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    I don't know the answer (DFRESH would know), but my guess is that it's tied to the software upgrades on the board and not something that one of us has done. I tried it on this post - I'm assuming you still don't see my name.
  9. I don’t know that we got it answered, we just locked down the troll account that took his over.
  10. Yeah there Cochise, I was actually born in California and lived there until I commissioned into the AF. I didn’t say BART, I said mass transit, which I used a good deal growing up because I didn’t have a car until I went into the AF. Maybe you should Google mass transit to see all that it encompasses other than BART.
  11. Get a car. It sounds like you're used to being able to travel in California via mass transit - that's not going to work at UPT bases. Plus your schedule will vary - extremely early reports some days and late on others. I've never heard of a student trying to buy a car only for UPT. If you're coming on active duty, just buy a car and get it financed through USAA.
  12. I'm okay with this. If you get to the point where you legitimately challenge Mardon's income, then we'll charge for advertising, but for now I'm happy to support the little guy.
  13. Just relax and be yourself. My personal 0.02 is not to get too wrapped up with your interview Q&A. I did ECIC, but elected not to do the phone follow up because I didn't want to come off as having canned answers. Rather than try to think of stories for every possible TMAAT scenario, I tried to pick 6-9 stories that each covered several question areas so I could apply one to a number of different questions. Below is what I summarized for the AA hiring process to several people who followed me. I have attached a close version of the cognitive test they use. ---------------------
  14. I have been with this board since shortly after its inception - I joined as a young Captain and tapered off after retiring two years ago as a Lt Col. Due to my departure and shrinking level of current USAF knowledge, my contributions to this board have diminished. But it occurred to me after a PM from a board member that myself and others in my situation still have a valuable contribution to those who are looking towards a post-AF career. So I'm starting this thread as a specific Q&A for airline hiring, with emphasis on direct connection to guys working for the airlines who can ment
  15. Toro

    Latest Movies

    I thought it was fantastic, but if it's been a while since you've seen the original, get yourself a refresher - I hadn't seen the original for at least 15 years ago, and I was trying to remember a lot of details that weren't spoon fed to the audience (which I appreciated). My only critique was that the story moved at one particular pace through about 90% of the film, and at about the 2:10 mark I thought, "there's no way this is wrapping up in one film....there's going to be a cliffhanger and a sequel." Then it seemed to kick into fifth gear and wrap everything up at an oddly fast pace.
  16. The NFL is a massively hypocritical corporation that cares only for their bottom line, which is $$$. All the military ra-ra (at the cost to the DoD) is one example, here's another. The NFL touts October as breast cancer awareness month, and sells a bunch of merch with donations supposedly supporting breast cancer. Oh, it turns out just barely more than 10% goes to breast cancer research. The rest goes to the NFL and retailers. And what happens if a player whose mother died of breast cancer decides to do his own bling? The NFL slaps him with a fine of nearly six grand. You're
  17. Toro

    Latest Movies

    If anybody was considering, stay away from the Beguiled. The previews made it out to be a 19th century Misery-esque horror movie. It turned to be a mind numbingly boring steaming pile of shit with no point and zero redeeming qualities. The movie ended with a cut to black and I literally yelled out loud, "Are you ing kidding me?!" Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
  18. The Market Place forum is intended as a Craigslist-esque site for buying and selling. Adhere to the following rules of use: - No advertisements. If you are interested in running paid advertisements through this site, click the "Contact Me" link at the bottom of any page to get in touch with an administrator. No promotion of outside business or revenue sources unless it is specifically approved by an administrator. Businesses will only be approved if they are sold by and generally for military members. You can either PM myself, or select the "Report post" link at the top of this post
  19. I love Adam Carolla's take on this:
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