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  1. New guy on the forum here, i was recently selected as an alternate by an ANG Viper Unit. 1. Does anybody have any experience they can share about being selected as an alternate? 2. Did you eventually make it as a primary? 3. Did you get picked up on the next board? 4.Did you get hired by another unit? Thank you!
  2. Is it possible to improve on your overall board score in the AF? I recently found out that I was .7 points too low on my board score to be considered for a pilot slot. However, I scored high enough to qualify for an ABM position.
  3. Hello all, I'm looking to like to apply for various pilot slots in near future. I have no military experience, although I have several contacts who do. AFOQT Scores: Pilot: 80 | Nav: 96 | Acad Apt: 87 | Verbal: 63 | Quant: 96 PCSM Score: 38 (No Flight Time) Age: 26 GPA / Major: 3.70 / Mechanical Engineering LOR: USCG Boatswain's Mate 3rd Class, Former Supervisor, Personal friend from college. Prof Experience: 1.5yrs I'm looking at starting my PPL next month, and retaking the TBAS (felt like I could definitely improve). Besides that any general recommendations? I'd actually prefer to fly heavies, and I'm open to ANG, Reserves, or AD. Thank you for your responses/feedback!
  4. I was referred to this forum by a current active duty AF pilot. I am currently in the end process of the AF Officer application process and currently have a scheduled start date for OTS. There are a couple of things that have come up in the last couple of weeks that have raised some red flags regarding the information I have been given by my recruiter versus what I have been told by several current AF pilots as well as a flight instructor. I am wanting to fly, however my overall GPA from college is just under the 3.00 requirement (2.75). What I was told by the recruiter that I have been dealing with is that if I want to apply for a pilot slot, I would have to get in and apply for a GPA waiver a few years down the road. May AFOQT score in the piloting section was in the top 19%, my air battle manager score was in the top 13%, and my navigator section was in the top 15%. I also currently have logged flight hours and am close to completing my PPL. My question is two part. First, whether or not the information that I have been given by my recruiter is correct, or if the GPA waiver is something that I should have been able to get up front, which is what I have been told by everyone else. Second, if it is something that I should have been able to get up front, is there anything I can do to pursue that since I already have a scheduled OTS date for a non-rated position, and if so what avenue do I need to take? I appreciate any advice/information that anyone can give.
  5. Is it possible to get a scholarship while you are in AFROTC? I really don't think I have that great of a chance of getting a scholarship going into college, but I know I'll be working hard during college. So I was Just curious if this the Air Force did this for cadets?
  6. I'm currently a junior and high school and I've had the eagerness to become a fighter pilot since I can remember. A little bit about me: weighted 4.5 GPA, soccer for all 3 years so far including have been captain of my team, involved in student body leadership, top 10% of my class, and plenty of community service. My question is what is the best way for me to become a fighter pilot? I know currently there is a shortage of fighter pilots in the air force, but a navy pilot has told me that if I took the navy route I'd have a higher chance at fighters because that's mainly what the navy flies. Is that true? Should I go OCS, ROTC, or try to go to an Academy? If I got a ROTC scholarship should I take that route? Would having a PPL be something I should do or should I wait because the military has their way of training pilots? If I went ANG I know I'd be guaranteed fighters and a base, but I'd imagine the competition for a spot at a base would be hard coming from civilian life, no? Would it be better to go ANG or active? I know there is a difference between the lifestyle of an air force pilot and navy pilot but I would do either. Any response is greatly appreciated.
  7. I'm in the process of putting my packet together to submit for the next board. I'm 28.5 right now. Was planning on submitting for the OTS 18OT03 board but got held up because of medical records at MEPS and had to submit an appeal to the SG. SG's office has FINALLY approved me for a physical so I'm knocking that out this week. Everything else is pretty much done. I took the AFOQT and TBAS in March (scores below), and I have 4 solid LOR. 2 are from O-5s and 2 are from O-6s. 2 pilots and 2 doctors, and 1 of the pilots is a NASA astronaut. If all goes well at MEPS all I'll have left is an officer interview. I've been doing a ton of research but there is seemingly NO information on age waivers for a civilian applying for a pilot slot (I know that it says they don't do age waivers for pilot slots, but every officer I've talked to has said "there is a waiver for everything"). I'm curious if anyone has experience with being close to the cut off age and submitting a packet. As of now it's looking like the next board I'll be able to submit to is March '19, which will make me 29 and a couple months old. I've read a little about ETP...would that be the only possible way to have a shot at going active duty AF as a pilot? New to these forums so please let me know if there is a better thread for this question or if I've left out any info that would be helpful for you to know. P.S. My recruiter told me they added another board in Sept. of 2017 that wasn't originally planned and said there could be a possibility of that happening again this fall or winter. Does anyone know if that is a common occurrence or a long shot or just total BS? Thanks. Cheers. Education Degree: B.S. Business Marketing College: University of Montana GPA: 3.51 Military Service Prior Service: No Application Info AFOQT Scores: 92/81/75/75/70 Test Date: 200318 PCSM Score: 59 (with 5 flying hours), should be able to raise score to 63 or above with another couple hours
  8. Hey everyone! We have a new and renovated house at Reaper Inn. Our house is perfect for your TDY at Holloman AFB. Come check us out on Facebook! -Reaper Inn
  9. I'm currently a 2LT on Active Duty in the Army (non-aviation). Although, I'm excited to serve the next three years of my contract, I'm interested in becoming a pilot in the USAF, either on Active Duty or in the Reserves . I'm currently deployed and have had a great experience interacting with the crew of a C5 on the way into theater and my long term goal is to learn how to fly fixed wing. I've also heard there's been a pilot shortage for quite some time. Is it possible to pivot my career into the Air Force and become a pilot? If so, what does that process look like?
  10. Hello all,I plan on applying for the 18OT02 active duty board and had a question. I want to apply for a rated slot but because I got hit with a surprise deployment in July of this year I have not been able to take the TBAS as required to apply for rated. As such, I plan on applying for this next board as a non rated applicant on the advice of my chief saying that I can also try to become a pilot after OTS selection and that now would be the best time for me as we have the support of my group leadership and above to get the 2star to sign off on my LOR and that may change by the time the next AD board rolls around because our group leadership will have changed. My question is does anyone know how hard it is, or just what the route is in general that one must take to become a pilot or other rated officer if you have been accepted as a non-rated selectee? Thanks in advance.
  11. When developing your package in ROTC for the Active Duty board, are there any factors that are put into your package that are outside of ROTC? Things like being a president of a student organization or any other type of leadership position. Was just curious so that I can prepare for the future.
  12. Who has the skinny on the F-16 RTU students who never flew in Phase III at SUPT and just did sims? I hear there are 2 at Kelly, certainly we have a UPT or Kelly instructor on here to verify. There is more to the rumor but it’s hard to believe. It certainly would increase production quickly.
  13. Two positions on the street right now. MVA #021-18 is a flying position for an 11F/12F. MVA #020-18 is a non-flying position for an 11F. Both close out on 7 December. Your primary job is a planner. For the flying position you are generally allowed to go TDY a week a month to the unit of your choice for currency. Feel free to send a PM if you have questions. http://www.125fw.ang.af.mil/Careers
  14. Hello everyone, I received a secondary (explanations below) FC1-eye exam on April 4th of this year. The information was eventually submitted to Texas for review on July 27th and I've been waiting patiently ever since which seems to be a longer than normal time from my research. A little backstory: I'm a civilian that began the OTS route close to, or over 2 years ago. I was selected pilot after my second round of selection / interviews and DQ'd after my left eye did not fall within waiver-able limits (I had a -3.5 correction when the limit is -3 if I remember correctly). I pushed for a re-test and both eyes fell well within the waiver-able limits. The recruiter I deal with seems to be forced to wait for results just like I am. If there's one things I've learned the most during this process is if I want it bad enough, I must take initiative to find any route I reasonably can to push things along...respectfully, of course. So, my question is if anyone here can offer advice or contact information that can help me at least make sure everything is going on track with my package. Please let me know if you need any information from me! -FC1 performed at Wright-Patterson, OH --> I have tried contacting, but with little success there. Thank you for your patience and help everyone!
  15. When developing your package in ROTC for the Active Duty board, are there any factors that are put into your package that are outside of ROTC? Things like being a president of a student organization or any other type of leadership position. Was just curious.
  16. Good morning to all, In late September, I went up for the Rated Supplemental Board and unfortunately, was not selected. I found this out in late September. The thing is, I retook my AFOQT awfully close to the Supp. Board date. Although most might dismiss the possibility of my scores still making the board, it should be noted that my scores actually came out in 6 days, as such, that possibility should be increased to some respect. My PCSM went from a 59 to a 76. Here's the timeline to help with my story. Timeline: 16 Feb - Received RPA (PCSM was 57 when sent to board) 9 Aug - TBAS retake (PCSM improves from 57-59) 13 Sep - AFOQT retake 19 Sep - Find out my AFOQT scores (PCSM improves to 76) 29 Sep - Receives call from CC. Not selected. When I found out I didn't make it, a question that was really on my mind was whether or not the new PCSM got factored in. I asked my CC and he was quite confident that my scores were in fact NOT factored in citing the fact that AFOQT scores take two weeks to come out and that close proximity (probably intersecting) with the time the board meets makes it not likely that my scores made it in. At the same time, he does not believe that even had I notified the cadre immediately (on the 19th) that they would have made it to WINGS. What is WINGS... On the 19th, I checked the PCSM site and sure enough, my PCSM was updated. Because the PCSM site showed my scores had been updated, I had no reason to assume that WINGS would not have updated it. As such, I made no further effort to double check and inquire if my scores were ready for board simply because I did not know that there was even another way (and what turned out to be the only way that mattered). I believed I had all avenues covered. I personally beat myself for not having been more proactive about ensuring my records were up to date, but I feel frustrated with my cadre's handling as well. The decision to retake my AFOQT was fraught with postponements and 1 on 1 conversations between me and the cadre, as such, one would assume my decision to go with retaking the AFOQT to be something they were aware of. Even a few days after I took it, one of the cadre members came up to me asking how I think I did, (again re-ensuring the idea that they knew about me retaking the AFOQT.) My question is, if they knew about it, why too did they not be more proactive in getting my scores up to WINGS, knowing that this is something that is quite personal and essential to me. With their knowledge both within and outside ROTC, they would definitively have much better position to see whether or not I was on track or not. The big questions I have for you all really is to understand how PCSM scores go into WINGS. Does the CC fill out a Form 22 to update PCSM onto WINGS? Is that the job of the CC or the NCOs? Can cadets check their PCSM on WINGS? Does WINGS display the date a change was made to your PCSM scores? I have tried to make this as comprehensive as possible so that you guys can have every aspect taken into consideration. Other than that, that is all. Thank you folks! Respectfully, DinaMight
  17. I am a civilian off-the-street pilot select for an ANG unit. I've been transferred to an enlisted recruiter because he said I need to enlist first to go to MEPS and then go to Wright-Pat for FC-1, and then my packet will be sent to NGB. I was wondering if this is an aberration or if this is typical. I will be going this route regardless, I am just curious. Thanks in advance.
  18. Two positions on the street right now. MVA #118-17 closes out on 5 October, and MVA #125-17 closes out on 25 October. Both are flying positions. Feel free to send a PM if you have questions. http://www.125fw.ang.af.mil/Careers
  19. Application close out is 21 Sep 17 http://www.125fw.ang.af.mil/careers/ job posting AIR 118-17
  20. Hi folks, I'm currently starting my final year of college also seriously considering retaking my AFOQT to try and improve my PCSM. AS of the moment, I am planning on commissioning FY18, but that may all change. Hear me out. I'm not really one to be tact so I'll just say this the best that I know how. At the moment, I have an RPA slot and as glamorous as the future of this career looks, it's not something I think I want for myself. That whole idea of flying in a box, disconnected from everything that has defined flying for the past century is something I am still not sure about. As of right now, my PCSM is at a 59. I've taken the TBAS twice and AFOQT once. I know that taking the AFOQT and doing better on the pilot sections can help raise the PCSM score, but I also recognize that failing any section of the test means losing everything I've worked towards these past few years and throwing away a big career I've longed for since my youth. However, if I retake the AFOQT, I can raise my PCSM and hopefully get picked up on the supplemental board for pilot. Maybe it may happen even if I don't retake the AFOQT, but still, maybe it won't and really all I want to do is maximize the variables that I can control and one such variable is that AFOQT. At least once I have done all I could can I have a peace of mind and say to myself that I gave it everything you know? I recognize that getting a higher AFOQT does not necessarily secure my chances of getting a pilot slot, but it would also hurt to not take it and have this lingering thought in my head. That "what-if" scenario, what if I had taken that AFOQT and done better? I've spoken to friends and my cadre about this and all are against this move simply because of what I can stand to lose, a commission in the USAF and a job for next few years. My cadre specifically noted that as an RPA I stand a higher chance of getting upgraded to a pilot than a CSO (can anyone confirm this?) and as such, the best course of action for me is, and should be, to remain still and let it play out because you know sometimes the best course of action is do nothing. What do you guys think? I If anyone has been or is in the same shoe, I'd very much like to hear your input on this. Thank you. Should I retake it? How much weight does the AFOQT pilot scores have on the PCSM? If you've done better on the pilot section after your retake, how much did it affect your PCSM? Is RPA more likely to be upgraded to Pilot than CSO? Anyways, any help really is appreciated. Thanks guys.
  21. Hey everyone, I recently became aware of an "issue" that has been making the rounds on Facebook and which is also the subject of a recent JQP post. My response to his article was "detected as spam." So I'm re-posting this here with a desire to see what the BO rank and file thinks of this latest spear from JQ. As follows: JQP, much like the previous article on the Thunderbird mishap, you are way off base. "But things have gotten sideways. The question now on the table is what happens to those who lock in early only to find that the bonus increases in value significantly following year. This year’s ARP package is offering pilots in some career families $35,000/year — 40% more than last year." This is only a question to one of three people: 1. Those who didn't read the offer. 2. Those who read but didn't understand the offer. 3. Those who have an ax to grind and are now choosing to intentionally misread the statement to forward an agenda. 'The guys signing up early took this as a good faith “opt-in” clause indemnifying them against the risk of lost opportunity due to early action. They thought the USAF was saying “don’t worry … if we offer more next year, we’ll let you opt in at the higher amount.”' I'm sorry, but if anyone thought that, then they didn't read (or understand) the offer. It is CRYSTAL clear in the message that the offer would extended to those contracted pilots 'to sign a NEW CONTRACT worth the higher bonus amount AND/OR longer contract length, in the event...' This statement can mean one of three things: 1. (AND) The AF will let you sign up for a higher bonus AND a longer contract term. 2. (OR) The AF will let you sign up for a higher bonus amount OR a longer contract term, but not both. 3. (AND/OR) The AF will let you sign up for whatever terms they come up with for the next years' bonus; higher amounts, different contract lengths, etc, because they don't know what they will be (i.e $25K for 7 years; $40K for 8 years; $50K for 13 years, etc.). 4. (NEITHER) Keep the bonus you already signed and STFU. Of course, it's advantageous for the complainants to go with option 2a, just take more money and run, but unfortunately, not even a 3rd grade reading is admissible for those who are disinterested. Notice also, that the message specifically references LONGER contract lengths - not SHORTER ones. Hmm. "They were, it now appears, wrong to place that much faith in the service. What those officers are being told when they try to opt in is that if they want the higher bonus payouts, they must commit to an additional year of service commitment. They’ll get five bonus payments but be expected to serve six additional years." Just like everyone else in the Air Force would have to. Jeez, why not back-date the $35K bonus to those who signed up 4 years ago? 6? 9? As you go down that argument trail, hopefully you can begin to see the absurdity of the position which holds that the ones who signed up last year should get something for nothing. That said, philosophically, I agree that if the "bonus" goes up, everyone one who's on it should be given the increased amount - unfortunately, that's not what the agreement says or how it reads. "Finally, and most interestingly, this instruction did not exist when the FY16 early takers made their decisions. It was published months later, in October. The rules governing their opt-in decisions should not spring from this DO DI, but whatever rule was in effect at the time they signed. If no rule existed addressing this situation, they’re entitled to the plain language in their agreements, which would allow them to opt-in without any additional service commitment." Ummm, no, the plain-language interpretation decidedly DOES NOT allow them to pick and choose the terms of the new contract. "They can’t claim a lack of bargaining power constrained them from a fair deal in FY16 ARP negotiations. Nor can they claim the USAF engaged in fraud. There is a clause containing sufficient vagary to portend the mess that has ensued, and they knew or should have known that opting in would come with additional requirements of some sort." Finally, an accurate statement. Seriously, no, seriously - what is vague about the FY16 offer? It is perfectly clear to me and I'm no lawyer. "And just to be clear, this cohort has pretty much no legal leverage. There’s nothing that will invalidate their old contracts and there’s nothing making them enter new ones. They are all bound by their original agreements unless they’re willing to be coerced into new ones." Except for the same leverage I had, which was to not sign the bonus; they made choices. What is the problem? "This is a moral issue. Playing shell games will forfeit the goodwill Gen. Golden and his team have worked to rebuild over the past year. That would be truly unfortunate." No. Just, no. This barely rises to the level of ethics. And if it did, it's not unethical on part of the AF. The only unethical thing I see going on is intentional misinterpretation of the offer and an attempt to exploit an AF that's in a bad situation. "It would be a shame if this turned into yet another social media campaign to interest legislators in an issue that commanders and senior staff should be able to handle tomorrow morning with a 5-minute meeting and some clear direction." Nice veiled threat. Good thing is that most legislators are lawyers by trade and will instantly recognize that this is a baseless complaint. I like to point out problems the AF has as well, and I appreciate some of the work you do, but this is a non-issue, and detracts from actual issues that the AF is suffering from. I hope these folks do take this to the legislature and come away with egg on their faces. ViperMan Anyway, I'd like to know what you all think.
  22. Hello everyone. I'm now a ROTC cadet looking at Reserve and Guard options. I should hopefully be commissioning in 2019. I have been searching for RPA and Space Ops units, but unsure which units are still operating with the same mission at this time, since most information online is from years ago. The ANG website is more straightforward, but the Air Force Reserve is not so much regarding what positions are available in which units. I'd greatly appreciate if any of you have information as to which units are available for me to consider applying to for ANG and ARC for RPA pilot and space operations officer positions. I know it's pretty early but ideally, I'd like to be able to best prepare my applications for these type of units. Thank you very much!
  23. Basically the title. Over a year ago I was prescribed a anxiety medication after a death in the family and my 7 year relationship breaking off. I only used it for less than 3 months, and I have a records stating that I'm in perfectly clean mental health now and it was just that time period...does anyone know if this prevents me from becoming a pilot? Thanks.
  24. Hey guys, Just wondering about my chances of becoming a pilot once I graduate from my MBA program. Undergrad degree in Finance: 3.67 MBA: 3.7 Two internships at Wells Fargo Have worked for the past 4 years in leadership roles, organizational roles etc. Letters of Rec from multiple bosses (can get more if needed). AFOQT scores were all 89. Age: 23 If you guys need any more information just let me know! What do you think of my chances? Thanks.
  25. Connecticut Air National Guard Bradley ANGB C-130H **Updated May 31st 2017: All application packages must be postmarked by 15 JUNE 2017. UPT Selection Board – Now on 9 September 2017 The 118th Airlift Squadron / 103rd Airlift Wing, Bradley Air National Guard is located in East Granby, CT, approximately halfway between New York City and Boston. We are currently accepting application packages from prospective candidates interested in attending Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) scheduled for FY18. All packages will include: • Cover letter detailing your desire to be a pilot with the 118th Airlift Squadron • One page résumé chronicling your military service as well as civilian education and work history • Last 3 OPRs / EPRs (if Applicable) • TAFCSD for commissioned officers if applicable • PCSM / AFOQT / TBAS Scores (https://pcsm.aetc.af.mil) • Official College Transcript • USAF Flying Class I Physical , SF Form 93 (Report of Medical History), or FAA Flying Class III • 3 letters of recommendation • Copy of any civil aeronautical licenses and/or ratings • Copy of last page of log book containing civilian flight time Prerequisites: • Less than 5 years of prior military commissioned service prior to UPT start date • Be under the age of 30 as of the UPT start date • Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited University or College • Achievement of qualifying scores on the AFOQT • Pass a USAF Flying Class I Physical • No UCMJ actions, DUI/DWI or a history of drug/substance abuse If selected, projected training in FY18 will be as follows: • Academy of Military Science – 8 weeks • Undergraduate Pilot Training – 54 weeks • C-130 School – 7 months • Basic Survival Training – 3 weeks • Water Survival – 3 days • Home Station Seasoning – 90 days You will incur a 10 year service commitment upon completion of UPT. This can be served in a full or part time guard status. For further information or questions you may contact CAPT MIKE JACOBY at michael.j.jacoby6.mil@mail.mil Send all Packages and Correspondence to: CT ANG / 118th Airlift Squadron BLDG 22 100 Nicholson Road East Granby, CT 06026 Connecticut Air National Guard FY18 UPT Announcement.doc
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