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  1. Signs that the air component of your invasion isn't going so well. Exhibit A: 63-year old 2 star gets shot down. Who is Kanamat Botashev? Russia's Highest Ranking Airforce Commander Killed (msn.com)
  2. It's wild seeing this play out with a new and evolving type of threat that we are still attempting to deal with. I remember that time downrange when we would deploy SF troops around the aircraft for Counter UAS ops during EROs. Of course, one time they ended up shooting at our own UAS.
  3. Would not have predicted this prior to Feb 24. "Ukraine has won the Battle of Kyiv". Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 3 | Institute for the Study of War (understandingwar.org) Got to give a shout out to any California and Florida (and any others) Guardsman who participated in the SPP and other events through the years and up until the invasion. CHEERS!
  4. Just in case anyone was willing to give him another go, this should wrap things up....Trump Casually Suggests Returning to Afghanistan at Michigan Rally (thedailybeast.com)
  5. Was wondering if the IED would come into play...
  6. Not that I ever want to get shot down but if someone is going to do it...
  7. Current GS-13 here and still have my USAJOBs account active. If you are applying and haven't separated from active duty yet and its your initial active duty tour, this appears to be a requirement in lieu of the DD-214 since you won't necessarily have one yet. I copied and pasted the full requirement that I found on a similar job posting: ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE MEMBERS: The VOW Act requires federal agencies to treat an eligible active duty service member as a veteran, disabled veteran, and preference eligible (as applicable) when applying for civil service positions before the effective release or discharge date. Appointment of military members before the release or discharge date is permissible if the member is on terminal leave. At the time the active duty member applies for a civil position, he or she must submit a "certification" memo in lieu of a DD-Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Active duty members applying for a civil service position without submitting a valid certification memo or DD-Form 214 with their application will render the member ineligible for the position. The certification memo must originate from the member's military service branch on official letterhead and contain the following: Name/Rank/Grade of Service Member Branch of Armed Forces Dates of Active Service (Start and End Date(s) Expected Date of Discharge/Release from Active Duty Terminal leave start date (if applicable) Expected character of service (honorable or general) and type of separation (i.e. separation or retirement) Must be certified within 120 days of anticipated discharge Signature by, or by direction of the adjutant, personnel office, unit commander, or higher headquarters commander. Note: The VOW Act provides tentative preference. If appointed, a DD Form-214 must be submitted upon receipt. My recommendation: draft up the MFR with all the details as listed above and have your unit commander sign it. Then, upload to your docs and the application.
  8. I smelled a neocon and low and behold one of the authors is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_J._Feith But, seriously, as a tac airlifter, no way (even civilian options) until Putin no longer has the ability to hit the airfields inside of Ukraine or signs the truce to put this thing into a stalemate. I know its not delivering the aid to the last tactical mile but there is this going on... https://www.unhcr.org/ceu/45701-unhcr-delivers-first-humanitarian-airlift-to-republic-of-moldova-for-refugees-from-ukraine.html I was in Amman, Jordan a few years back and got to inspect a UN World Food Program IL-76 loaded up with CDS bundles. They were going to go airdrop them in Syria. I was a bit jealous because we were only doing airland into Syria and not airdrops. I found a story about it....https://www.wfp.org/stories/how-do-you-drop-food-17000-feet-conflict-zone-watch-our-video
  9. Your daily dose of SAM vs. Aircraft (purported to be Ukrainian vs. Russian)... SA-11 anyone? Reddit comments help with the live Ukrainian commentary. Channeling my inner Commander Metcalf (AKA Viper): "well, that'll just about cover the no fly zone".
  10. From the company that can't seem to figure out how to refuel aircraft in flight, the recovery testing on that would have been brutal.
  11. One of my favorite movies and just ticked up a bit higher!
  12. For those scoring at home, per the March 10 Assessment of the Russian Offensive from the Institute of the Study of War highlights: "The Ukrainian General Staff claimed that Ukrainian air defenses and fighters shot down four Russian Su-25 aircraft, two helicopters, and two cruise missiles on March 8-9." and "The likelihood is increasing that Ukrainian forces could fight to a standstill the Russian ground forces attempting to encircle and take Kyiv. Russian forces also appear to be largely stalemated around Kharkiv and distracted from efforts to seize that city. Russian advances in the south around Mykolayiv and toward Zaporizhya and in the east around Donetsk and Luhansk made little progress as well in the last 24 hours. Russia likely retains much greater combat power in the south and east and will probably renew more effective offensive operations in the coming days, but the effective reach and speed of such operations is questionable given the general performance of the Russian military to date. There are as yet no indications that the Russian military is reorganizing, reforming, learning lessons, or taking other measures that would lead to a sudden change in the pace or success of its operations, although the numerical disparities between Russia and Ukraine leave open the possibility that Moscow will be able to restore rapid mobility or effective urban warfare to the battlefield." https://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/russian-offensive-campaign-assessment-march-10
  13. I'll counter that leadership is watching but still looking ahead to the peer fight (China). https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidhambling/2021/12/09/us-air-force-reveals-two-new-classified-aircraft-programs/?sh=2b0131721256 Although, of course Congress is having their say: the FY22 NDAA that is about to get enacted (if the omnibus gets signed on Friday) is adding 4xMQ-9s which where not requested by the AF. As the CSAF is stating these days, there are tough decisions being made as to how to divest the legacy force to free up funding for the force of the future. Maybe this Ukrainian success with the TB2 highlights a possible way forward with our partners. NATO and Indo-Pacific partners can add these type of assets to their inventories and capes so we don't have to?
  14. Ugly to watch as a human but highly suspenseful to the military bubba. Does Kyiv become Putin's Stalingrad? Highly recommend the Institute for the Study of War site. Its the best open source site for battle tracking I've come across so far. It was started by Retired Army General Jack Keane so I'm assuming its at least a legit/non-profit/non-partisan source. https://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/russian-offensive-campaign-assessment-march-7 Also, their assessments site various source's sites such as the Ukrainian Army and Air Force's official facebook sites. In those, I found a post on a Ukrainian pilot, Colonel Alexander Mostovy, who was recognized as shooting down an IL-76 and 2xMi-24s. (I cannot confirm or deny he is the son of the Ghost of Kyiv...:)) https://www.facebook.com/kpszsu Ukraine's use of information warfare is definitely interesting to behold. Makes me think we should fire all USAF PA officers and replace them with Ukrainian's after this is all over!
  15. Brickhistory and Flea: concur. The second and third order effects are surely worse for everyone then the current situation. Yes, it's devastating as a human being to see these reports of children being killed by shelling, etc. But, we can visualize how many more children would be impacted if we ramp up our military actions (NFZ, etc). This thread really has my research juices flowing on the economic piece of the DIME efforts. It seems like we (the US and the West) should be taking a whole of government/business/society approach to that effort to continue to squeeze Putin on that front. Looking back at the gas crunch of the '70's is interesting (to me at least). https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/1970s-gas-shortages-changed-america-180977726/ Takeaways that could be applied with the knowledge that short term pains can lead to long term benefits. Do we accept the increased gas prices if we went with a full blown sanctioning of Russian oil and gas? How to mitigate that: maybe short term reductions/eliminations of federal and local gas taxes? Heaven forbid lowering the speed limits to 55 again? Businesses that can authorize more remote work (hey, we're ahead of the game due to that...thanks covid!). My grandmother gave up her car during WW2. Can't we expect the average US citizen to give up something for the effort to save Ukraine? I'm hoping the US govt doesn't ask the US military alone to take one for the team...again.
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