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  1. Are what ifs are open? What if, instead of locking down the country and forcing people to PIO their social interactions we just lived normal lives? I think more people would have been sick sooner, but do you think we’d be past it sooner as well? Are we delaying the inevitable and attempting to control an uncontrollable force of nature? Will letting it run its natural course bring a large immediate death toll but then taper significantly? I’m not smart enough to know, but I don’t believe anybody out there is either. All of the predictions have been wrong at this point.
  2. Constitutional carry AND prohibition on vaccine mandates? I wonder how the California transplants are going to handle this one…
  3. They were vaccinating smallpox at least until 2016. Some pog Army flight doc and his minions were running around with a list of people who had a deferment on it (usually newborns, family with eczema, etc) and trying to stick folks. Pointless.
  4. I thought Rosie stayed in after winning. IIRC, his purse was ~$250k from the win in Canada, eh.
  5. C’mon brown. - me after hearing a single dude with a sword caused everybody to SIP and then walk away after.
  6. I’ve received lots of anthrax shots and most people will say they make your arm the most sore of all the usual mobility shots. The J&J was like a factor of 3-5 more “painful”. I got mine before any of the mandates were published and it’s caught up with IMR and I’m green. Side effects I experienced: splitting headache and general malaise for a day. Sore arm persisted for 3 days. Other possible side effects: I never lose 5G service, women (and men) are suddenly more interested in me, and I’ve discovered hidden treasures buried deep in the ocean.
  7. The good ole days of being a UPT IP are over. AETC “is at war”. Not my quote, that’s from the senior leaders. What it translates to: expect max duty day, min crew rest, minimal CT opportunity, and local weekend flying. Sure, you PROBABLY won’t deploy and you’ll get to sleep in your own bed most nights…but the job is hardly a cake walk anymore. You’re going to trade extended TDYs for the meat grinder of pilot production. Reference the manning crisis threads for further.
  8. Buy a BADASS fifth wheel and ride out the market until 1) you see the pricing you want 2) can’t take the tiny living any longer.
  9. That is definitely a RC for small popcorn. In our case, lately, it has been too much oil. It slow roasts the corn and doesn’t allow it to fully pop. You can tell because it’s super greasy and tastes burnt.
  10. On the topic of corn: too much oil! My single biggest gripe (aside from the lack of bacon grease as a sub for oil) is the use of too much oil. Super tiny and overcooked corn.
  11. I stayed in an apartment off Stone Oak while going through PIT. Asking around, I haven’t found anybody who has lived downtown. Trying to make recommendations to a buddy who will be going in a few months. They want to stay downtown but I’m not sure what the prospects are like.
  12. You’re saying white jet, generator, and German OG. So just to clear up confusion: the dude has a generator failure and lands at Sheppard with no tower controller and receives a Q3 for it? If so: the commander is free to do as he pleases, but I think he’s setting a very dangerous precedent. Telling people they are unsafe for reasonable actions in an emergency is a quick way to breach faith. If it was me, I’d refuse to sign the Form 8 and contact the IG.
  13. Most recently, they covered the birth of my second child and even gave me 21 days off after the event. As much as people (myself included) sport bitch about the DoD, the institution hasn’t irreparably wronged me/the family yet. I know this isn’t the case for everyone. At a time when many were unable to work due to government overreach and freedom hoarding, I continued to get paid and did so with a smile on my face.
  14. SECDEF said on the first day that his #1 priority was the pandemic. This shit shouldn’t shock anybody.
  15. I think I’ll be in a minority who disagrees with most of his points and find them hypocritical at times. 1. The military “sold” winning comm because all metrics were cherry-picked to meet the talking points of the administrations. Ask your average O-3 on the battlefield what the gameplan and military objective in AFG should be…probably the best strategy and would have yielded appropriate military successes. 2. Scaling down our forces while also saying we’d lose a near-peer fight…brilliant! We’ll just wait until shit hits the fan to activate our woke Army so they can sling words of affirmation and inclusion at the bayonet-fixed Chinese. 3. I’ve heard SEVERAL intelligent Marines (yes, they do exist…) say that Berger has irreparably damaged The Corps. Going to take their word and not dive deeper into this matter right now. 4. Letting our guys close with and kill the enemy requires you to trust the battlefield commanders…don’t handcuff them with bullshit ROE.
  16. I recently read a scientific journal that said while the niche (alleged)delta variant is extremely lethal, the ranger variant is equally deadly due to its ability to spawn many more replications at high rate of movement. Unfortunately, the hearts and minds of the local fighters got in the way of widespread death.
  17. Given that news, it makes PERFECT sense now. If I was a C-17 pilot, I too would be reluctant to put my gear down because the possibility of having to subsequently raise it and entrap some coward running away from his country may get trapped in it. Too soon?
  18. I should have typed my OP in sarcasm font, that’s my b.
  19. I don’t fault the military personalities who were given the bullshit task from on high. Most, in my opinion, were superb leaders but forced to feed poop sandwiches with PB&J labels on them. The military doesn’t decide when we go to war, but we definitely ought to have the right to decide how and where we do it. Senior military officials were given the keys to a Ferrari and told that it couldn’t be started and must be pushed everywhere. Final point: mission creep and the lack of a military objective. Not enough of one, and plenty of the other.
  20. On the subject of cost: Afghanistan proved to be the worlds largest live fire range. Not sure what 20 years of continuous, largely uninterruptible hot range time would cost in the US (let alone the lobbying required amongst the DC elites)…but surely more expensive than staying CONUS, right?
  21. A lot of people placing blame on senior military leaders who’ve commanded in the last two decades. There are always things to bitch about in war, but my perspective was always that our civilian leadership was to blame. Tried to straddle the middle ground which muddied the waters and then emplaced overly restrictive ROEs further cheapening efforts.
  22. Investigating the heroes who went deep into the shit on the inverse of “Night 1” would be like not offering a bonus to a bunch of AF wide body, multi-engine jet pilots during a pre-emergent airline hiring boom who already probably leaning out the door. Wait, shit…
  23. Can’t wait for the value-added comments he’ll provide. I get hard thinking about the heroism and “get it done” shit that’s occurred in past couple of days. Bravo Zulu to everybody actually getting it done.
  24. When you have medical institutions listing cause of death as COVID, when in fact it was the fall and subsequent slide off their motorcycle into a guardrail…ya, I will rely on personal experience over some sensationalized and manipulated data set.
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