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  1. But I will. The movie is awful, avoid. They brought Chris Pines character back to support the flimsiest of plot lines. His presence was a complete waste of time. Kristen Wiig playing the heavy? Wait, there's more than one bad guy? Another DC problem - too many characters. This felt like watching a bad TV episode of something.
  2. Seems an interesting time was had by all... "Regrettably, Clarkson got off to a bad start with Yeager as the host arrived late for the interview due to a last minute changes in his schedule.The host shared: “He was standing there, looking at his watch and, as I climbed out of the car, he said: ‘You’re 15 minutes late.’ 'Naturally, I assumed he was joking, so I replied: ‘That’s nothing. You were three years late for the Second World War.' The Airforce officer clearly showed how annoyed he was at Clarkson. He spun on his foot, stormed out, and slammed the door."
  3. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    It's odd, to me, that no one has said 'It's the car,' when referring to Russell driving Lewis' car last week. Not to take anything away from George, but he did essentially just step into Lewis' car and make it 'go' the same way Lewis does. It would be an amusing turnabout to have Merc say goodbye to Lewis, and hire George. You might say, well Lewis can go anywhere and win. I say no. Lewis would end up in a slower car, with another team, and be like Alonso - finishing every race in 4th or 5th or lower, and never capturing another title again. When was the last time we saw Lewis
  4. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    If Bottas wasn't worried about his job before, he certainly is now (no proof, of course). It's so hard to tell with him, he is Mr. "Nonplussed."
  5. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Perhaps regrettably, Hamilton is driving this weekend: https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/12157259/lewis-hamilton-returning-to-f1-for-abu-dhabi-gp-after-negative-covid-19-tests https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/hamilton-gets-all-clear-to-race-in-abu-dhabi-gp/4924800/?ic_source=home-page-widget&ic_medium=widget&ic_campaign=widget-22 I have yet to see any comment from Hamilton, congratulating Russell on his drive. Has anyone seen a comment from him?
  6. So, is this when they finally recover from Stuxnet and get going again, or are we on try #4 or something? Maybe the IAF will provide some special delivery to help celebrate?
  7. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    The God of enthusiasm, for which he offends each race.
  8. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    We have our answer, Russell it is. https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/12148788/george-russell-replaces-lewis-hamilton-at-mercedes-for-sakhir-gp
  9. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Hamilton's got it, and will miss this weekend's race. Can't wait to see the alternate dynamic. Stoffel Vandoorne looks like the official replacement, but this is yet to be seen. What fun if they could put George Russell in there just for this race. https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/12147781/lewis-hamilton-formula-one-champion-tests-positive-for-coronavirus https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/hamilton-devastated-to-miss-sakhir-gp/4919327/?ic_source=home-page-widget&ic_medium=widget&ic_campaign=widget-22
  10. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Which witch is Which?
  11. She's not exactly from the "Brain Trust." I remember an early interview with her, where she used the phrase "House of the Representatives," told me everything I needed to know about her level of real world understanding.
  12. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    That may have been the best race of the year.
  13. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Announcer: "Having some real-world benefits." That's what I would call them too!
  14. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Of course, you're right, makes one wonder exactly what this means (from the story), "...pushing the boundaries with sustainable fuels..." Glad they didn't use the phrase 'Alternative energies.' At least it sounds like these cars will have six pistons, exhaust systems and human drivers.
  15. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Maybe the engine thing has a direction now, and it doesn't necessarily mean electric, but might mean more corn: https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/f1-hybrid-engines-sustainble-fuels/4907782/?ic_source=home-page-widget&ic_medium=widget&ic_campaign=widget-22
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