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  1. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    I'm at the point where if Lewis is in the lead with no one near him - I naively pretend he's just not in the race. As one can tell, I'm not a huge Hamilton fan. Having said that, the moments with his dad, who drove him to all of his cart races with the equipment, was heartening. It does remind me that he's not all BLM, or must say good things about the team in interviews - he's a human being. (Jeeze, it sounds like I'm crying, not my intention).
  2. And I was thinking that the best 'scenario' would be a no-holds-barred double-header, with Harris v. Pence followed by the main event - Trump v. Biden. Lots of bandages and ice (and beer) will be needed, but the entertainment factor - wow. The whole thing is just f*cking sad of course.
  3. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Heard this same thing on Sky this morning during P2. It does seem as though Driver + $ is more value than Driver only. Not a surprise, eh?
  4. Who is paying for the healthcare in those ten countries?
  5. It won't be cheap, so maybe it is radical, and who will pay for these things?
  6. We have a guy who can stand up and talk contemporaneously for two hours, and then we have a guy who can't even come close to doing that. One is a confidence builder - and one is not.
  7. 180 years is a long time... https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1340436/Joe-Biden-news-auto-cue-blunder-video-US-President-election-latest-Democrats-update?utm_source=traffic.outbrain&utm_medium=traffic.outbrain&utm_term=traffic.outbrain&utm_content=traffic.outbrain&utm_campaign=traffic.outbrain#t=7s
  8. The best part of something like this - is that some folks out there may well have started doing this. Maybe that's just me imagining the misguided, idealistic youth (under 30) doing crazy sh*t like this, because they saw a pic of it somewhere.
  9. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    I think the FIA knows electrons are a problem for the F1 variant. We already have Formula E, and if some move to that is accorded in F1, then a large chunk of their audience will evaporate. I'm there for the petrol operated machines (hey I'm older), and I like it. On a separate note, congrats to the guy who placed third (can't believe I just wrote that), he deserved it.
  10. Never a truer phrase was spoken. Yes, it's obvious that the media loves the left, but without viewers/readers/visitors - the media dies, and they won't ever let that happen. When reading a piece of "news," look for the drama, that's where you'll find the key.
  11. Sometimes, one just needs a carriage return. On a separate note, "unfornicate" is not a real word, but passes muster here, as we like alternate ways of saying things.
  12. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Yes, a good question for the FIA. I am most curious to know where they go in five years, it seems like there is still some ultra-efficient engine scheme on the near horizon. Electric is already well developed in Formula E, so where do we go, and will it be entertaining?
  13. Wow, that's a lot of typing.
  14. Until Trump mentioned his other son and his purported military record. Trump may not have come off well (sts), but Joe didn't have any meat (sts) in the game.
  15. "The threat Trump poses..." Not to discount what he says, but where was he four years ago? Trump isn't really offering anything new now, and many seem to be measuring him as though he's going to come in to this presidential thing and make all sorts of changes (like it was something new). That time has long passed. To make matters worse for me (slightly retarded with age), is that at first, I though you were talking about this famous Boyd: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Boyd
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