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  1. Valid points irt 9-11 security measures. Hoping for the best.
  2. honest question: why do you think not having someone in the center seat is magically protecting you more? talk about a bunch of crap. symbolism to make people feel "safer". good grief.
  3. ah prozac see that's where you're wrong. in the united states it IS about the individual. individual choice/personal responsibility/personal freedom to do what you want if you don't feel safe around people without masks then YOU should stay home/not fly/not go to sporting events. in case you haven't noticed my man the whole reason for the lockdown (flatten the curve) has been accomplished. standing by for another made up bull shit goal to justify 30 million people out of work.
  4. masks are such bullshit "but it couldn't hurt" lots of things "couldnt hurt" but we dont fucking do them. its about power and control now, NOT public health.
  5. Why are sids/stars that bad? From an 11F perspective?
  6. Rumor has it there was no alcohol allowed can someone confirm?
  7. Hate speech if you say “Chinese virus” in San Antonio.
  8. serious. SOF MQ-9s are the heat. I can get their feed instantly. talk to them on the redline. MIRC them. que them instantly to my SPI. and they have 18 hours play time. and highly accurate weapons. some of the shit i've seen that community do is insane. insane.
  9. Tac Air nailed it. From my experience I’d say it was the LOS comm w the GFC and my ability to look out the window which added the biggest benefit. lost link is a big detractor. Jamming. Etc. RPA icing restrictions can hamper a lot as well but I’d take a MQ-9 in the stack over a two ship of anything.
  10. i see what you did there 😉 and SOF dudes do care.
  11. Multiple. but good points made above irt good idea fairy going wild at RND. but I’m sure there’s no lack of AD UPT IPs that would go to rnd. RND manning wouldn’t be an issue. You should def pay dues at a real UPT base in your specific jet before teaching IPs at PIT. That’s just common sense.
  12. best course at PIT was a ground course called "IP Fundamentals" taught by one of the sim guys (who isn't there anymore). learned a TON about learning theory, etc etc etc. then walking across the street with IPs who never flew the jet in UPT with real students telling you nothing but "that sucks do better". lol. fear, sarcasm, ridicule are out and no one that i saw openly taught that.
  13. https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article242198781.html
  14. but did they study bandannas? or neck garders? i bet those are pretty darn effective.
  15. seriously. three weeks ago the surgeon general was telling us to NOT wear masks. faucci has been wrong multiple times in the last few months. not faulting those dudes for course correcting, but fucking spare me if i refuse to throw away the united states constitution because the "expert government people" are telling me to comply with a new directive. they'd have a lot more credibility if they refused THEIR paychecks until we open back up. Sure is easy to hide behind the government check cashing every two weeks...
  16. careful with this one. "USO's Benchmark is the near month crude oil futures contract traded on the NYMEX. If the near month futures contract is within two weeks of expiration, the Benchmark will be the next month contract to expire. The crude oil contract is WTI light, sweet crude oil delivered to Cushing, Oklahoma. USO invests primarily in listed crude oil futures contracts and other oil-related futures contracts, and may invest in forwards and swap contracts. These investments will be collateralized by cash, cash equivalents, and US government obligations with remaining maturities of two years or less." -http://www.uscfinvestments.com/uso "Since all futures contracts have an expiration date, the United States Oil Fund must actively roll its front-month futures contract to the WTI crude oil futures contract expiring in the next month to avoid taking delivery of the commodity. The fund primarily holds front-month futures contracts on crude oil and has to roll over its futures contracts every month. For example, if it holds WTI crude oil futures contracts that expire in September 2020, it must roll over its contracts and purchase those that expire in October 2020." https://www.investopedia.com/articles/markets/081116/uso-good-way-invest-oil-uso.asp full disclosure i've lost about 2k on this fund cause my dumbass threw in a bunch of money at "oil" in march. guys on cnbc have warned against retail investors jumping into USO....basically said it's a fund for more advanced institutional investors from FORBES: "The solution here is for USO’s fund administrators to dissolve it, as happened with XIV. Those administrators made a minute change in the fund’s composition last week—shifting holdings to the second- and third-month contracts instead of fully rolling over from the front-month contract to the second-month contract two weeks prior to expiration——but that was merely the proverbial shifting of the deck chairs on the Titanic. USO has outlived its usefulness, if it ever had any." https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimcollins/2020/04/20/the-us-oil-etf-uso-is-the-culprit-behind-oils-massive-plunge/#2de48ed524e8
  17. it's rich that the people screaming "STAY HOME" the loudest are the ones with the steady paychecks continuing to come in like clock work every two weeks https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/20/amid-pandemic-unemployment-checks-can-take-longer-to-arrive.html https://medium.com/@jbgeach/changing-the-goalposts-four-more-reasons-it-is-safe-to-open-america-560cfc0ab4c3
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