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  1. Oh the Air Force has been amplifying this message loud and clear for years now. It’s not just one single question/answer. Fortunately pilots have been voting with their feet in droves.
  2. Bothers me? They have mental disorders. I love how it’s been man/woman for thousands of years and in a short 2-3 year timespan we’re the assholes for not using they/them/zer give me a break. It’s a mental health issue.
  3. The genders/pronoun people need to be mocked relentlessly
  4. Narrative is collapsing. Lotta posters on here need to eat some serious crow. it’s only gonna get worse for the COVID crazies in the coming years.
  5. how people don't see this is mind blowing. if you provide a pathway for illegal citizens to become citizens without a secure border...more will come. it's common sense. the democratic party understands this actually. they just don't say the quiet part out loud. those illegal citizens become votes.
  6. the democratic party IS. that's the problem.
  7. people need to go to jail. defense contracting industry is (and has been) out of control for a long time
  8. Strike while the hiring iron is hot NOW. Keep a foot in the door with a guard/reserve job as economic insurance. you’ve got the next 30 years to plan for and seniority is a huge QOL multiplier.
  9. Here here I am triggered by your micro aggressions huggy! 🤭
  10. DC. Mask “required” for single stall bathroom.
  11. uh there was a giant conspiracy. look at the emails that were sent internal to the CDC and the memos sent to big tech to censor opposing ideas. that's factual my man. the fact is the CDC and federal government conspired with twitter specifically (and big tech in general) to censor and ban private citizens and doctors dissenting opinions. the email chain is there. alex berenson has the email screen shots. (reference joe rogan episode #1864) its bad. and there's gonna be hell to pay. and no, alex berenson isn't some right wing nut job...you can look him up. as far as pigeon hole....well seems like biden's done that for me. you either voted for him or you're "extremist" and a "threat" to the republic. in regards to pigeon hole related to the pandemic...there's only two sides. you either approve of how FL type states handled it...or you approve of how CA type states handled it. there's no middle ground. you're either for individual rights and choices or you're not. that's not a pigeon hole or strawman. i'm amazed at how many citizens blindly trust their daddy government and will never hold it accountable for gross violations of their constitutional rights.
  12. Woke until if affects your city…then OOPS!
  13. yeah cause we want the chinese to be embedded at the core of any nuclear power generation in the US...good move on the Trump admin's part.
  14. would you feel the same way if the government closed your business and drove you into bankruptcy? i'm genuinely curious. because that's what happened to hundreds of thousands of your countrymen. you don't think there should be accountability for that? or for firing people from not taking an experimental vax that has been proven to not work and/or cause deadly side effects in some people? you also think it's "Ok" that the white house used twitter and facebook to censor and ban doctors/citizens who had options contrary to the CDC? Opinions that turned out to be 100% correct. you think it's "ok" that doctors who spoke out against mandatory covid vaccinations and mandatory masking had their medical licenses revoked by their states? you're good with saying "eh... fuck it let's move on"? i think you're missing a lot. this isn't over. not by a long shot. lawsuits are just now being filed and the truth is starting to come out.
  15. ah yes lets talk about cost/benefit. your side is still masking toddlers....tell me about that cost benefit. also in some cases still mandating and definitely still pushing a vax that does nothing to stop covid. get out of here with your cost/benefit gas lighting.
  16. Ah so like the federal government telling big tech what to censor? like barring people from going to church for "safety"? or even singing in church? government shutting down private businesses indefinitely for "safety"? all of those actions were WILDLY unconstitutional. it's not even up for debate. freedom of speech massively violated. freedom of religion massively violated. it's starting to all come out now that the lawsuits are flying. you don't actually think the egotistical fauci WANTED to resign this winter do you? why would he do that? hmmmmmmm
  17. is that what the constitution and bill of rights says? must have missed that. but sadly you are correct that certain states prioritized "safety" and "health" over liberty and freedom. good luck putting that genie back in the bottle. the covid narrative is crumbling fast
  18. don't look now but the narrative you subscribed to is crumbling...and quickly. the truth is coming out.
  19. i made the exact same decision.
  20. if a guy is a neurosurgeon i DGAF if he can "operate" (pun intended). i want him to literally operate. we need COT or whatever they call it to get talented Drs into the service ASAP
  21. All of the spending is ridiculous. it’ll bite our ass someday in the near future…
  22. White House asking for 13 billion more for Ukraine. enough.
  23. there he is the great uniter!!!
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