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  1. not sure what was in YOUR aircraft during the LATER years of the war BRO chill
  2. kind of like our "afghan led" raids...that had a pipe hitting force of rangers with two afghans handing out with the GFC...they can say anything and qualify it you know that!
  3. you're lucky she was cool about it. know a buddy who answered honestly and it didn't stay between him and the flt doc...
  4. bro he lives in nashville he LOVES it! every other city has got to be just like nashville what are you even talking about bigot?! /s
  5. democratic corruption with the mob and unions. easy answer. NEXT!
  6. you're unwilling to engage in a logical debate and blinded by your ideology. jacksonville?! lol. ok dude. continue to evade the obvious.
  7. are you really this dense? point to me republican cities that are absolute shit holes. i can show you numerous democratic ones. wanna connect those dots for me? jfc dude. you literally admitted you don't support the local SFO policies. a city run 100% by democrats. but then you argue you're happy with democrat policies and will continue voting for them. you make zero sense.
  8. hmmmmmm i WONDER WHAT IDEOLOGY THOSE LOCAL LEADERS HAVE?! god damn you just made my point. thanks nav!
  9. you keep talking about nashville....bro...like i said tennessee isn't the bastion for liberal thought/politics. the places where the democratic party is ENTRENCHED are not doing well. it's not open for debate. it's amazing you can support obviously destructive social policies. also housing shortages and refusing to enforce the law are hallmarks of democratic socialist policies so thanks for proving my point.
  10. tennessee is not a state run by democrats. nice try. i'd submit portland, san francisco, chicago, nyc, msp, LA, etc keep living in ignorance my friend.
  11. proof is in the pudding. most major democratic cities are in serious decline. it's not an argument. it's not about you either. it's about the policies overall harm to society. glad you're doing well but the majority of americans living under democratic policies are not.
  12. how do you support policies that are obviously destructive to cities, families, and individuals? serious question.
  13. we don't need pride month lol. not even in the slightest. and no gays are not pedophiles...in fact a lot of them are pushing back hard (sts) against the trans militant movement. pushing the pride agenda on children is a bridge too far for most Americans and inappropriate
  14. There’s nothing to hide honestly. It’s just your pride that’s hurt no one else will care or look at you like a second class citizen. You gave it your best shot and it didn’t work out! No harm no foul…you’ll look back in 5-10 years and be amazed at how everything played out for the best. and you’re gonna be a great mentor/resource down the road for future young guys who struggle. Just be honest and it won’t get weird. The times I’ve looked at guys sideways are when guys try to pretend they were something they aren’t.
  15. Flawed!? How DARE you speak of our Ukrainian brothers like that!
  16. It’s the same few toxic leaders who were wing and group commanders 15 years ago. They just happen to have stars now.
  17. His book is extremely well sourced. But you haven’t read it so you’re just a fucking blowhard
  18. Ufb. I’m sureeeeee someone will be held accountable/s
  19. The US security state has grown out of control. Well beyond any constitutional boundaries.
  20. The FBI has been corrupt from the start. Hoover ran it from 1935 - 1972 and he was corrupt to the core. It needs to be dismantled. The upper level of the FBI are traitors to the constitution.
  21. and like the Afghanistan debacle, no one will be punished and no changes to the organization will be implemented. amazing stuff really. they do this with zero consequences. makes me really think the deep state is untouchable
  22. becoming a DO these days is akin to a frat boi playing "last man standing" at a college party
  23. that's pretty fuckin outstanding
  24. do not make any additional commitment for a bonus. the ability to make money in the airlines will rapidly out earn any "bonus" you take
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