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  1. This is a unintentionally hilarious post! if only you knew
  2. why is congress exempt from the vax mandate for federal employees?
  3. Did I say that? You have no nuance or critical thinking everything is either hard right or left. God damn man no one holding your POV can explain the fucking data. Ironic because y’all SCREAM “follow the science”
  4. South Korea 99% mask rate. what’s wrong pawnman!?
  5. Pawnman to be clear I want you to DIRECTLY ADDRESS THE GRAPHS ABOVE
  6. Ok smart guy explain Sweden and Denmark? you’re also pretty fragile for giving neg reps to opinions you don’t like. Very navigator-esque of you! how much data do you need to see to admit you’re fucking wrong? Masks don’t work. Proven. Lockdowns don’t work. Proven.
  7. Almost like it doesn’t matter what human intervention we take….the rates change due to seasonality regardless of bullshit business closures, idiotic masking of healthy people, and vax rates…..hmmmmmmmmm
  8. Congratulations you have posted the dumbest shit I have ever read on this website.
  9. If you think COVID and polio have the same risk factors for children then you’re an idiot. I’m sorry but you are.
  10. Equating polio with COVID is apples to oranges. It’s a non starter for your argument.
  11. Pawnman serious question….what’s your goal end state look like? copy you want to vaccinate everyone, but what’s next? Any thoughts on people who still catch COVID after taking the shot? also, were you triggered by the full college football stadiums this weekend? don’t worry Chicago public health “experts” said lollapalooza didn’t spread the virus so I’m sure stadiums are safe as well.
  12. Anything that has “combat” in front of it makes me roll my eyes
  13. Vaccines prevent severe illnesses and hospitalization. They don’t stop transmission
  14. Wearing a mask doesn’t work. Nothing works to stop the virus it’s gonna spread bro everyone is gonna get it. Get over yourself and get off your high horse it’s obnoxious. glad to see you hold your freedoms in such high regard! Common decency is to let Americans move on with their FUCKING LIVES without you, the CDC, and fauci dictating to us. Scared of the virus? Stay home. Stay safe. Mask up. It’s only two weeks.
  15. In a country of 300+ million and a 99.7% survival rate
  16. COVID is over fuck can we move on with our lives
  17. I’d like to see us move away from a Q-3 risk adverse flying culture. Better way to teach lessons than just slap Q-3’s on aircrew for every incorrect decision. It builds a mindset and culture that is afraid of failure and afraid to take risks in combat.
  18. This headline about sums up the entire thing
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