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  1. That's finance, acquisitions is responsible for bigger successes like the F-35 and KC-46
  2. https://www.afmc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1821664/air-force-to-establish-weapons-school-for-acquisition-officers/ Not sure if they could get anything done in the 6 month WS class timeline
  3. Your APC should put the card in mission critical status - upsets Citibank a little, but prevents them shutting off your card, etc. and the other actions normally associated with late balances
  4. Got mine from http://www.wings-and-things.com/, decent job
  5. SF86 guidance for foreign investments says diversified/public funds that happen to have foreign stocks need not be reported - it'd be logical to extend that to weed stocks. Caveat - requires logical govt behavior
  6. In India (and other countries using the RAF rank structure) the "wing commander" title is their O-5 rank, O-6 is "group captain" (flipped compared to our ranks). +1 on getting him home and the situation deescalated though.
  7. Try disabling protected mode in Preview (if that's an option) - that error is most frequent in Adobe when opening a form from the internet in protected mode.
  8. Many European countries have the 20%ish VAT, but on top of the 40%+ income tax - worst of both worlds.
  9. Some bombers can do 540 knots at 200 AGL, close enough. Thought about 100' but that gets sporty with a wingspan > 100'
  10. It's possible... It's called flyers downrange on 180s, or 120s.
  11. Call it an instructor paper since they usually write/rewrite 69% of them anyway.
  12. At least our functional was honest... looking for 365 volunteers said "list your top 5 follow on choices and we'll try to get you one of them"... would work as long as options 1-5 are Dyess.
  13. magnetfreezer

    Gun Talk

    Yep - those other two conflicts POWs had to endure a lot, but at least had a chance to make it home vs immediate beheading or burning alive in a cage.
  14. Wow. Is it a reaction to the idea of GS pilots specifically? Since the train of GS you can't take disciplinary actions against left the station decades ago. IIRC AFMC has GS test pilots and the CSO training T-1 pilots are also GS.
  15. Probably because it takes an investigation to determine if the failure is bad mx on that jet, part failure, widespread defect, etc.
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