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  1. 2 additional problems 1- Support functions haven't implemented it properly yet. Email MPF trying to get a document fixed, auto reply "this inbox has a 72 hour turnaround due to covid manning". Sounds like less work being done 2- No good way to call someone. Sometimes you need info/action immediately, sometimes it's just easier to get the point across over voice. Putting cell numbers in Global would pose the issues in Flea's post; some companies and agencies can forward desk phones to a cell.
  2. The Navy model eliminates most MX officers; the AMU type MX is in the flying squadrons with a chief in charge. Aircrew are division officers (FLT/CC equivalent I believe) for admin of powerplants, airframes, etc. There are a few MX Os but at the equivalent of base backshop or depot. Would this be a better model to improve morale - airmen feel more empowered to approach officers and avoid the toxic O/SNCO situations ProSuper and Pawnman mentioned. Was in an AF squadron like this - small, maintenance handled by a SMSgt who reported to the SQ/DO. Morale was high, and any issues that came up were handled appropriately (minor QA fail=recert the next day, not crush everyone). We made most of our dental appointments too.
  3. Understand at the micro level (allow those making min wage to better afford products). At the macro level, do you see a way to avoid this becoming a positive feedback loop and raising inflation (restaurants raise costs since their labor is more expensive, demand for good goes up since min wage earners have more disposable income)? Anecdotally, friends with small businesses in areas with higher than average minimum wage end up offering fewer min wage jobs the higher the wage goes. Since many min wage jobs have been entry level (teens or others who don't need the min wage job for years) in the past, is finding a way to ensure upward mobility better than continuing to raise the bottom wage?
  4. The North Hollywood bank robbery shootout (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Hollywood_shootout) and subsequent encounters with criminals with higher power weapons/body armor drove the need for rifles in patrol units. Most patrol units keep the AR in the trunk unless needed/increased threat condition, so that will reduce perceived militarization during peaceful encounters while ensuring individual units quick access to firepower when needed.
  5. Wearing nametags helps develop rapport/relations in less confrontational situations. When danger increases like in this case, removing them increases OPSEC. AF paints over crew names on aircraft (AFI 21-101/105) before deployment and crews often remove nametags; doesn't mean there was no accountability for who was flying a certain sortie. The agency will know who they have assigned on a particular patrol, dispatch records, etc. and can use interview and investigation to find the rest.
  6. Several other articles such as https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/06/30/were-mark-and-patricia-mccloskey-within-their-rights-to-point-guns-at-protesters/ mention the entire neighborhood was private property (gated). If that is the case the protestors were still trespassing when they entered the neighborhood streets.
  7. (Smart) neighborhood patrols seemed to work out in Minneapolis, according to the Washington Post (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovtLTPrB2MA)
  8. I think the ejection seat tested version was the same as 2PFDU... negative feedback from at least 1 ejection seat test platform (didn't play well with vest, harness, etc).
  9. Taking your username off your application could help too
  10. Nice try OSI. Or spammer.
  11. Good summary. There's definitely a mismatch between science and policy (uncertain/changing science to rigid policy). Perhaps a better approach would be 1. Support / enable health functions (PPE, ventilators, licensing rules, contact tracing, etc.) and normal constitutional functions (immigration/customs processing). 2. Bring in experts from all areas, not just public health. While Dr. Fauci may be an expert epidemologist, his expertise in economics may be limited - we could optimize for zero disease anywhere, but would not produce an overall optimum result (increased economic damage/deaths from same). Similar to the initial entry flight docs who (perceive) no incentive to add to AF flying manning, and every incentive to prevent future med risk, so will go full deflection to the conservative call. Just like DIME can produce better results than military-only approaches in conflict, a whole of disciplines approach is needed (https://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2020/03/61900/) 3. Instead of statewide policy by fiat, public health experts continually update guidance / risk communication / reasoning based on the latest info. Similar to the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dispersed_knowledge dispersed knowledge problem in economics, central policy makers can't know the specifics of everyone's relative health risk / situation / economic risk https://fee.org/articles/covid-19-and-the-trolley-problem-you-re-on-the-tracks-and-the-government-is-controlling-the-switch/. Instead, updated recommendations would allow everyone to make their optimum risk/reward balance.
  12. Looks like it expired a few weeks ago, also the login username/password form is not HTTPS for some reason
  13. Funny, but good area for the VR/UPT/UCT-whatever developers to ponder. Assuming tech can eventually produce grads with decent muscle memory, scan, systems knowledge, etc. how do we use it to develop the intangibles (experience with weather, EPs, etc.) and attitude? If a guy/gal gets to the ops squadron, and acts like they're hot sh*t just because they're MQT complete but have 0 combat experience, that won't work either. Not a UFT-next problem exclusively (been declining over the past few years).
  14. A number of states have or are about to implement the no-dine in rule for restaurants in general.
  15. 2015: For you young A-10 wannabee pilots, I suggest scratching the A-10 off the list. It is on the retirement chopping block. Not a done deal but I wouldn't go to Vegas or even Atlantic City and put any money on any future new Reserve A-10 pilots.
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