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  1. The Vista (crossflow) and Pathfinder (ID MAJCOM shiny pennies to send to staff as midlevel O-3) programs seem to be borrowed from AMC as well and will certainly be a roaring success.
  2. magnetfreezer

    Questions on broken bones

    Nice try OSI...
  3. magnetfreezer

    Border crisis

    Subcontract immigration and deportation management to the Qataris - problem solved
  4. magnetfreezer

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Was told by a cop once that civilians would be denied from base... Mil article 92 or something similar for "failure to obey the instructions of a sentry" or something similar. Not a JAG but sounds sketchy for forced consent. They do have the right to search for force protection per the standard base signage but unknown how that interacts with the search/consent/admissibility deal.
  5. magnetfreezer

    Info on flight boots

    Two piece will probably never be authorized for ejection seat aircraft, so unless they make ocp coveralls you'll probably always have bags in the supply system.
  6. magnetfreezer

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Maybe they can do an ORE on how to be on the same tower frequency as the rest of the base first
  7. magnetfreezer

    Raise Taxes, Fire up the Draft.

    Service guarantees citizenship...
  8. magnetfreezer

    B-1 (Bone) questions

    And there's the problem, people think sniper/litening pods are good for CDE scans. Real big picture sure, but FAR from the fidelity/accuracy of scans accomplished by the guys who actually are meant/built for such a thing. A buff should never be doing those scans, and its overselling capability to say to the Army a sniper/litening can effectively accomplish scans (especially to the level the army wants/expects). Again, we need to tell the Army to off and play each asset to what it's for, not try to make everything persistent ISR...those assets already exist. And recognize the realities of war.. plenty of unavoidable CDE to win Mosul and Raqqah. Funny how rolling back ISIS accelerated when we focused more on tactics to kill people vs how to not kill people.
  9. magnetfreezer

    B-1 (Bone) questions

    Yep.. sniper/litening is better coordinate accuracy than most of the ISR type pods. Which is why the assertions above (previous pages, not your post) about a sniper equipped aircraft not being suitable for BOT are a little strange.
  10. magnetfreezer

    B-1 (Bone) questions

    Agree that the crew should be pulling/maximizing SA, just pointing out that focusing on a strobe/pod mismatch as the major cause does a dis service in deriving lessons learned and preventing it from happening again. Tarnak Farms and multiple other OIF/OEF/Desert Storm incidents reinforce that we all need to train/focus on it as a CAF.
  11. magnetfreezer

    B-1 (Bone) questions

    Read the report. Not saying the aircrew were faultless by any means, but based on the chain of events the same outcome could very easily have happened in daytime. Adherence to JPUB by all members of the CAS team is the best way to prevent this.
  12. magnetfreezer

    B-1 (Bone) questions

    Never seen anyone do it.. and the B-1 isn't a DV airlift platform
  13. magnetfreezer

    The Next President is...

    Is a credit rating considered personal property? If so, ordering military personnel to contract with a private company (and put their credit rating on the line for govt expenses) raises some issues. In addition, with your credit score often being lowered for too many accounts open, it could affect their personal credit even if no issues paying it off - any personal finance gurus know the point at which this would occur?
  14. magnetfreezer

    Airline ticket without DTS

    The key words are additional cost to the government (like you had to stay an extra day and got the per diem, etc.) I believe if you get bumped with no additional government cost you could keep the $ but then couldn't claim delay-related expenses.