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  1. Exactly. Part of the problem with the -35 in the first place was the "joint strike fighter" moniker - Congress forced the services to get the same plane... because joint. AF wanted to replace the Viper, Navy the Hornet, and Marines the Harrier. The common fuselage design + the big VTOL fan for the Marines resulted in a bigger fuselage than needed for everyone.
  2. Talk to the wing historians - you'd be surprised at what they compile.
  3. Agreed... reworking of Goldwater-Nichols to put force providers on parity with COCOMs would be good. AFCongressman still lurking around this board?
  4. As long as it still has a steering wheel, you'd still be charged with DUI (currently can get a DUI for sleeping it off in the parking lot if you have your keys in your pocket since you're in "control").
  5. Media isn't in the habit of publishing acquittals/retractions. Doesn't get as many clicks for some reason.
  6. Agree. However, our interests are served by 1. Not having Russia control everything up to the Chunnel and 2. Access to basing for refueling / transload / other stuff to access CENTCOM and AFRICOM. The difficulty is maintaining 1 and 2 with a pull out and the advancement of Russia.
  7. https://theaviationist.com/2019/06/28/man-photographed-with-drone-in-western-u-s-military-low-flying-canyon-threatens-area-for-all/ From the article" AMC FCIF banning Star Wars Canyon?
  8. Callsign info is rolled into AFI 17-210 now :https://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/saf_cn/publication/afi17-210/afi17-210.pdf (page 21)
  9. Exactly... plus we all make fun of Farmer Bob under the MOA who calls in "the aircraft flew over my house at 50 feet!" and GPS trail reveals you were 2500' AGL and climbing 5 miles away. Would need radar / tapes / something other than YouTube to see if it was truly stalled.
  10. Is there any way to prove a downgrade is false? Had an OG/CC give an IP a Q2 that most of the IPs on base believed was false, given the facts of the incident (did not violate any TO guidance based on the indications the crew had). New OG/CC took over a few months later, believed the Q2 was BS, and reinstated the AC to IP status, etc. but couldn't pull the Q2 from the IP's record since it was explained the Q2 was 100% crew discretion. Potential out (not an OGV type) - 11-202V2 4.3.3 requires evaluators to be qualified in the areas they're evaluating. 4.4.1 exempts senior FE (NAF/WG/OG leadership) from the requirement to be an instructor, but doesn't exempt them from currency requirements. So there's a chance you could use that if the Q3 issuer wasn't current, although their countermove would be to have a current OGV type sign off on it.
  11. Android app unable to log in (says "Network error, please try again later (get_config)"). Baseops from browser on the same phone works fine.
  12. An ANG fighter pilot has a higher likelihood of sitting on an ANG hiring board. Also has 100% more success getting hired by the ANG at this point than an applicant. Following matmacwc's advice about listening will be key for UPT and follow on tactical training (surprisingly, tactics don't always include tact).
  13. I got this from the Chrome debugging tool: Also some other warnings about stylesheets, etc. being loaded from the insecure side - looks like the default of a lot of the site is to point to the non-HTTPS side for embedded things even if you go to the HTTPS version.
  14. USAFWC/CC fired: https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/06/05/two-star-general-at-nellis-fired-over-suspected-unprofessional-relationship/
  15. Youtube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxlh9Le_ckQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFO4tjsy2G4
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