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  1. Thanks for sharing! Good to hear it from another point of view. If it doesn't streamline the process by much like you mentioned, my only thought is: By getting the FC1 completed 1st, the hiring unit will know sooner rather than later whether or not I am even medically qualified to fly for the USAF. Honestly, I would prefer to know whether or not I will even pass the FC1...... I never had any surgeries or major medical history that I imagine disqualifying me (or requiring a waiver) but I do know that the docs at Wright Patt will tell you all things wrong with yourself that you didn't know you had haha My hiring unit has a low percentage of primary selects making it passed the FC1. Maybe that is why we are going this route.
  2. Question for some of you guys that have been through MEPS and have completed their FC1... I was hired off the street at a guard unit and was notified the following: "We are going to try to streamline your processing by skipping MEPS and sending you right out to get your FC1" Has anybody had any experience with getting their FC1 completed right off the bat? I assume this will get me TFOT and UPT dates sooner than later (If I pass the FC1)? Might as well start my timeline while I'm here: Application submitted: May 2020 Interview: 1 Aug 2020 Alternate Select: 4 Aug 2020 Re-interviewed w/ same unit: 10 July 2021 Hired: 10 July 2021
  3. Looks like you have great scores nice job. Get that PPL completed ASAP, but I'm sure you already know that. Are you rushing units now? If not, and you have a means to pay for the travel, do it. I wish I would have started rushing units while I was working on my PPL (although it was during COVID). Try and make personal connections with the pilots you meet and keep in touch with them. Always retake your AFOQT and TBAS (especially with the new updates that just came out). @7thokage last paragraph is on point and you should memorize that. Good luck!
  4. @Auspicious Aviator 1) As @7thokage mentioned, not important. I think its okay to not have signatures, but if you can get them signed for every squadron it would look more professional, a few of mine are not signed. I don't think it is make or break. 2) I have used Bogi Dope and the content in the e-courses are great materials to read through a few days/weeks before an interview. You get great advice from guys who went through the same process you and I are in and it has shown me things I have been doing wrong in my resume/cover letter I would not have known otherwise. 3) Ask to schedule to speak with a pilot. I came to many dead ends until I started asking to speak with a specific pilot. I found success in doing some research on the squadron, finding a pilot mentioned in their website, and requesting to speak with Maj. ### about his journey/experience.
  5. @HelpWithAFOQTMy original scores were as follows, and like you I thought I was well prepared the first time, turns out I was not: PCSM: 75 P: 87 N: 48 AA: 36 V: 17 Q: 24 With these scores, I have gotten interviews at both Fighter and Heavy units in 2020-2021. So keep applying. AFOQT/TBAS Retake: (Yes, retake the TBAS, you run a risk of scoring lower, but you also have a chance to do better, it shows that you will take a risk to be more competitive) I studied my ass off for 2 months 1-1.5 hours a night before I retook the TBAS and AFOQT. I chose to retake the TBAS first, when I did, my PCSM improved by 6 points. 2 months later I retook AFQOT and pushed both my pilot and PCSM into the 90s. Don't be discouraged, I thought I studied well enough the first time....the second go around I knew what to expect, I studied my weak areas, and got it done.. Weak on the math?....buy this book and know how to answer every single question before you retake the test: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=rrP1DwAAQBAJ&gl=us The table reading is 40 free points, don't retake the AFOQT until you can get all 40 table reading points accomplished in the allotted time and make sure your answers are correct when you practice. Want to do better on the TBAS? All I can say is be 100% on the directional orientation flashcards. Nice job on the Verbal. PM me if you have any questions, good luck.
  6. Posting an update for anyone that has a similar question in the future. Below are my new scores after retaking both the TBAS and AFOQT. INITIAL SCORES: 1st AFOQT Pilot Score: 87 1st PCSM Score: 83 @ 101-200 hour bracket....87 @ 201+ hours RETAKE SCORES: 2nd AFOQT Pilot Score: 93 2nd PCSM Score: 93 @ 101-200 hour bracket...96 @ 201+ hours Highly recommend retaking if it is available to you.
  7. You rocked the retake on the AFOQT man...thanks for sharing...I'll share my results on this thread when I retake...gunning for the end of April to give myself a month to take practice tests.
  8. @S_Einstrument I think I got them all, and I don't think I got all 40 of the table readings, I'll push to get them all done, good points man. @7thokageYou must have murdered the TBAS man, good job thanks for sharing!
  9. 1st AFOQT Pilot Score: 87 1st PCSM Score: 83 @ 101-200 hour bracket....87 @ 201+ hours Post Retake of the TBAS without a change in flight hours: 89 @ 101-200 hour bracket....93 @ 201+hours For the guys that have retaken the AFOQT and have improved their AFOQT Pilot section, what did see for an increase in your PCSM score? What is a fair expectation of my PCSM score increase if I raise the AFOQT Pilot let's say to 90 or a 95? Also any pointers or words of advice to help increase the AFOQT pilot score would be appreciated.... I'm in the process of studying for a retake and I'm open for any suggestions. Thanks!
  10. Hey man, just here for some words of encouragement. You have a higher PCSM that I do, you have more flight hours than I do, your AFOQT scores are almost identical to mine, your GPA is lower than mine however by .4 points, but you also have military experience that I don't. I was selected as an alternate at a fighter unit with numbers like you have, I think you're competitive if we are just talking scores alone. You must have done extremely well on the TBAS...I plan to retake mine in a few months so I can get a solid PCSM like yours. Good luck!
  11. Interested as well to hear about the topics of discussion for those that were on the call last night.
  12. ANG Fighter Unit Selected me to be their Alternate View File I was fortunate enough to be selected by a Fighter Unit as an alternate a little over a week ago. Just a few questions for some of the guys that may have been in this situation…. Did you eventually get the primary slot? Did you ever hear back? If so, how long until you heard back? Did having the alternate selection give you an advantage (in your opinion) at the next board of interviews if you were selected to interview again? How common is it in your opinion that an Alternate gets moved to Primary? For some that are just curious, I do not have great scores, in fact I don’t even have a 90 on anything in regards to AFOQT/PCSM. Not to say that scores are not important, making it this far in the process I am a firm believer that it is who you are as a person that matters the most (at least for the squadron I interviewed with). When I first received my AFOQT/PCSM scores back I immediately thought that I would have no chance at being a pilot with the ANG, let alone becoming a fighter pilot…… But I still rushed the unit, met everyone I could, put together my crispest package, and kept my head humble every step of the way. If your scores are sub 90s don’t let it discourage you, you can still get that interview with your dream squadron like I did. Just keep working my friend. In the meantime I’ll keep grinding and applying as nothing is guaranteed, Thank you for sharing. Submitter UPTapplicant96 Submitted 08/11/2020 Category T-44 / TC-12 Gouge  
  13. New guy on the forum here, i was recently selected as an alternate by an ANG Viper Unit. 1. Does anybody have any experience they can share about being selected as an alternate? 2. Did you eventually make it as a primary? 3. Did you get picked up on the next board? 4.Did you get hired by another unit? Thank you!
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