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  1. @yervis is spot on. Got hired with a guard fighter unit in June and have yet to get a MEPS appointment. It is truly at a snails pace right now, unfortunately...
  2. No way? When did they change the standard? Awesome info!
  3. Honestly dude, when your title says “just got picked up, people jealous?” You cant expect it not to rub people the wrong way. We’re all stoked for you, but as said before, who cares if they’re jealous? Doesnt sound like people you’d wanna be around anyways... imo
  4. Recently got picked up by a fighter unit. This thread was incredibly useful during my preparation so I wanted to return the favor. Here were some of my questions: 1. Tell us about yourself. 2. Are you okay with the possibility of shooting down a civilian airliner? 3. Why should we choose you over all the other qualified applicants? 4. Convince me you wont wash out of UPT? 5. Have you ever been in a fight? 6. How will you interact with the enlisted personnel on base? (Asked by enlisted member) 7. What if you’re in UPT and failing, what would you do? 8. Wh
  5. Has anyone else heard from the 144th in CA? Got an email the other day asking about interview dates but haven’t heard anything else.
  6. Thanks, I appreciate it! Good luck going forward as well. This forum has a great community and I’m very fortunate for it
  7. Thanks and not at all, very laid back and more of just a conversation!
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