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  1. Delta airlines is the latest in not requiring a 4yr degree. It's preferred but no longer a requirement. The major airlines are pulling away all the stops in finding pilots to fill the vacancies for the foreseeable future.
  2. A former Chief of Staff by the name of Gen Welsh was a T-37 IP out of SUPT. He didn't do too badly in flying fighters in his career.
  3. If implemented, will the students start out in the TH-1H or another training aircraft?
  4. From the early 1960s to the early 1990s, AF UPT consisted of a 1 track system of T-37/T-38. Helo only training from 1971 to the early 1990s. In the 1980s the military was focus on Jointness between the services. The AF decided on the Naval track system in which you could have exchange student pilots in the early 1990s. I was informed the days of the exchange program for flight students is in the history books. That being the case, should the AF return to the 1 track system regardless of EXPENSE in the T-6A/T-38C or future T-6A/T-7A? What is your opinion?
  5. Is the exchange policy still in affect in the first half of SUPT? I imagine Pensacola is somewhat better than Del Rio, Columbus or even Vance.
  6. Guard units loose their aircraft and mission on occasions. Even transfer to the Pred mission. No guarantees, sorry.
  7. Some seem to forget. The 3 additional years is for the PLANE of your DREAMS. Will you bite as a YOUNG flight student?
  8. That's the point, the student will not know the real deal but he/she got the F-22A or KC-135 they always wanted as a kid. The AF gets 3 more years at no cost and possibly saving bonus money as well. I bet more than a few students would bite in being so young. Remember, the AF has increased UPT from 3yrs to 10yrs over the years and people are still standing in line for that pilot seat.
  9. Asking you. Would you do the additional 3 years in getting your aircraft of choice if someone else took your selection without the additional 3 years. You would have priority.
  10. If wanting fighters, they must qualify. Perhaps establish an order of merit list. Based on your class ranking, you select your aircraft. If willing to do an additional 3 years, you have priority.
  11. The Army had a policy for an additional 3 years, you could select your branch. In this case, aviation in attending flight school as a Commission Officer. While in AF SUPT in being so YOUNG to the AF, would YOU volunteer an additional 3 years for a certain aircraft selection? The AF would get an additional 3 years out of you without spending one thin dime in bonus money. Remember, you're young and your dreams await you.
  12. Had no idea if a helo driver could be a T-6A IP at SUPT. The rest is a little history and future predictions.
  13. AF Helo Single track started at Ft Rucker in 1971 to the early 90s. With the new additions of the MH-139 and the HH-60W in the near future, the AF is program to train almost twice as many helo drivers annually. That being the case, a helo track only will allow more T-6A available in hopefully producing more fighter slots in the T-38C/T-7A.
  14. Since AF helicopter pilots attend the T-6A phase in SUPT, are they allowed to be T-6A IPs further along in their career? The Navy/Marines has this policy in place for their helo/VSOL drivers.
  15. Does General Flynn have a tax problem with IRS? I rather go to court dealing with the Russian issue, than IRS. They play for keeps.
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