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  1. Okay, done some searching, but I haven’t found anything. I don’t think my search function is working properly because every time I put in geobachelor/geo-bachelor/or any other possible way to spell it, I get zero results back every time. Here’s my situation: had to do the geobachelor thing for a PCS that was supposed to only work out to about 10 months of training and my son is a senior in HS doing one of those programs where he’ll graduate with a couple of associates degrees, and moving the family would have messed that up. We’re doing an OCONUS move, and I spoke with TMO before I went to DC when they told me it shouldn’t be a problem to get movers at my location in DC and the family’s location, as long as my family’s address on my orders was listed as the separate location. Anyone done anything like this in the past, or know someone that has? Anyone familiar with the regs on this? I am coming up on the move time in the next couple of months, and I just want to be prepared with some SA before I walk into TMO and the guy at this office says something different than the guy in the other office. With covid, and the other craziness going on with the move, I didn’t ask for anything in writing. I have it in emails, but I want something more firm. Thanks in advance!
  2. You make some pretty good points in here, but I think you still easily dismiss the hard evidence that goes counter to your narrative. Affirmative action, I don’t have a good answer for you there. I think we’re on similar ground on that one. I think where I take issue is that you’ve narrowed it down to “fixing their problem”, basically putting it 100% on them. “Well, if they’d stop stepping out on their women and maintain a nuclear family, they wouldn’t be in this mess...” That ignores the massive amounts of policies that have existed in the US to make it more difficult for them to take out loans, buy houses, biases (since you guys all have a fear of the word racism) that prevented them from getting jobs, treated as hostile suspects, I could go on, and it’s all been laid out here a million times. Even Trump didn’t hide it back when he was heavy into the apartment game. Trump instructed them to label applications from black people so they knew who to deny. I’ll even give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was due more to bias than racist beliefs. Socioeconomic factors that have been created by decades of wrongheaded policies based off fear and/or ignorance have created the situation we’re in today. Couldn’t be further from the truth. I can’t control the family I was born into, just like I couldn’t control the country I was born into. I lucked out on both accounts! Very greatful for it. Does that mean that if I see something we could fix I shouldn’t say anything? I should just sit there with my mouth shut to make others feel more comfortable? Acknowledging that something like having priviledges others don’t have simply because of the skin color I happened to be born with doesn’t mean anyone is racist. It means we still have work to do to overcome decades of overtly racist beliefs that led to covert ways to keep others in check, given different names or justifications to make those around them feel comfortable. I realize, I’m not convincing any of you with anything I say. I‘m not saying it for you. I don’t think you’re racist either. Just so easily offended by the notion that there are still problems in the system that benefit one skin color more than another. I’m opening myself up to the dreaded criticism from the internet for those that are just lurking, maybe aren’t sure one way or another, and actually consider reasoned, logical arguments. What a bunch of people on an internet forum say about my online profile won’t keep me up at night...
  3. The amount of demographic and social evidence that has been presented just here over the last year that you conveniently ignore when you present your "nothing is wrong here" picture is laughable. But if you keep ignoring it, you can feel comfortable.
  4. I'm curious why you'd feel that way. Plenty of people are way worse than me, but I don't tow your party line, so I'm condescending? These are legitimate topics and concerns and if you don't feel like participating, feel free to hold your peace. Also, if there hadn't been so much defending of racist actions in here I wouldn't even waste time posting it. Not calling you racist at all, just saying there's a ton of apologist action made by many people posting in here.
  5. Palmer on Apple TV was a decent watch.
  6. Pentagon figuring out how to deal with extremists in the ranks Reuters put this up. I'm curious if this is just going to be disregarded by some of the people in here that deny there are any problem. Or, are some of you going to just say this is leadership gone wrong, pandering to the SJWs?
  7. So, I’m absolutely torn on this because I absolutely can’t stand Greene, and as McConnell said, she’s a cancer on the Republican party, but I fear the Dems don’t understand the Pandora’s box they’ll open if they remove a GOP member in the minority straight down the party line. They’ll really regret it once/if the Republicans ever take the majority back... Greene sucks and McCarthy should have censured her, held a vote to internally handle her dumpster fire in the making, but the Dems are making a mistake if they remove her.
  8. Dude, Seadogs, you made bail after the riot?! That was crazy man, crazy... In what way does anything I’m saying hinge on my skin color? If I’m black it’s legit, if I’m not I should stop talking?
  9. Sure thing... Black people should not be afraid of the police. Copy. They have nothing to worry about. Parents should stop having "the talk" with their kids. Oh, sorry, I meant black parents because white parents don't do that. Nobody is cherry picking anything. The unending amount of supporting data showing that the protests (a small handful devolved into riots which are bad in any quantity) over the summer were anything but BS. You and others saying they're BS won't make it so. Maybe I should have been more clear. I wasn't calling you out for down voting things you disagree with. You've never, tht I've seen, done that.
  10. You gave other options, and I’ve written in names in past elections. This was an election where, potentially, every single vote could have made a difference. I feel like writing in some other name would have been akin to throwing it away. I wanted to ensure Trump didn’t make it in because I didn’t do my part. With McCain (American hero, no slight on him there), I didn’t like his politics, but I sure as heck wasn’t voting for Obama. McCain had no hope of winning anyway, so my write-in didn’t hurt him. You comparing the Capitol riots to riots (not excusing them or calling them good) based on demonstrable and verifiable social inequalities is laughable. You’re way above this too man. You’ve put out so many intelligent points over time, that it is weird you’d drop that out there expecting it to land. Riots=bad. We all agree. Capitol Riot was nowhere close to the same thing as the legitimate unrest caused by decades of mistreatment. Go ahead, staunch defenders of the white faith, give me your downvotes. You have very intelligent, die-hard conservatives in here echoing my exact points on what is happening with race relations in this country. I haven’t seen you downvoting Clearedhot when he disagrees with your view that all is right in the land of social equality...
  11. Are you saying Trump represents conservatism? Let's not mince words because that is the implication made here by your statement. Considering him a vehicle for conservative policies, I could see that. Calling Trump conservative is a stretch. He clearly flipped sides to where he thought he'd get the most mileage. There's a difference between showing a career politician who's positions have evolved a flip-flopper, and a man who one second espoused views 180 out from the next second. Trump, for those keeping score falls into the latter category.
  12. Pretty sure his response was not simply stating a "fact". But YMMV.
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