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  1. Dude, what the fuck are you doing?! Thin ice, mister...
  2. Maybe my own bias got me. When I see "deployment" and "CT" in the same sentence, I immediately assume the sandbox. I'll add a caveat that the AF fights the JS on CENTCOM deployments...sometime successfully, sometime not. Why are they fighting going to the desert, so they can go to Europe and Asia. I guess the things change, the more they stay the same.
  3. You'd be surprised about how much HAF/ACC actually pushes back against the Joint Staff...but we all have a boss, even at that level. JOINT is spelled ARMY so we're fighting a cultural battle in some regards.
  4. Do nurses also take the Hippocratic oath? "Do no harm" is an overly simple summary of the oath, but the post in question seems at odds with the professional standards. What may have been at first well intentioned is giving people delusions of grandeur.
  5. It's the watered-down JP-8 they're selling...surprised the engines can achieve ignition
  6. Here's the Stripes article on it: https://www.stripes.com/news/us/stop-movement-orders-for-troops-civilians-to-extend-past-may-11-esper-says-1.626069 Money quotes: "However, the defense secretary said travel restrictions and other measures implemented to mitigate the virus’ impacts would be reviewed every 15 days. That will allow him “to see if we can curtail it sooner or if we need to extend it further,” he said." “June seems to be about where we’re going to level, and then July and August look to be — potentially — recovery months,” Goldfein said April 6. “I could be totally off, but that’s what we’re planning for right now.” We're all trying to pace ourselves at my location...I've got an Airmen who's single luckily caught up in his PCS to a NATO assignment. All his goods were shipped the day before the STOP MOVEMNT order dropped. At least we're in a small housing market so his house hasn't sold yet and he's banking per diem.
  7. We skipped the O-4 board for an entire year in 2014 or 15. Command selections may have to be rethought, but we've already set the precedent to delay a pole-year milestone. Also...I think it's now at 28 years
  8. So, what's the over-under on when all Summer PCS moves are canceled? Slight disagreement with Bashi...shit's already retarded
  9. Tank, check the date...April Fools was 2 days ago
  10. Hopefully the out-and-backs for lunch at Freebirds aren't stopped
  11. The Human Performance Team (HPT) in the MQ-9 enterprise is a great support mechanism for the Pilots, SOs, and Intel. It's modeled similar to Medics and Psychs in the SOF world. The mental and spiritual pros are have the same clearances as the operators and make regular walk-thrus during ops for site visits. You can see the visible change in someone when they realize that it's ok to talk to someone, that they can find a room in the SCIF and just really open up about the stress to someone.
  12. What's the status of the $5 beer word for the Hon. Senator from Arizona...still a thing or nah?
  13. Point of order: RPAs aren't disposable aircraft. However, I acknowledge that a downed RPA has a different set of secondary/tertiary effects. If policy makers slap the table, I'll salute and march out smartly.
  14. Performance ranking reduces meritocracy... "Many of us have given in to “adopt and adapt” at some point in our careers, and not always comfortably. You’re sitting in front of a manager for an annual review, thinking: well, how’s this going to work? The manager in question is universally regarded as average, but he’s the one that gets to rate you, and the shortest path to a better ranking is probably to follow his advice." Link: https://cosmosmagazine.com/mathematics/maybe-you-shouldn-t-follow-the-leader Study: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsos.191255 Common gripe in the OPR / EPR threads is the strat methodology and favor given to the junior O's who conform earlier to the game. I'm not sure the authors fix, serendipity (fancy word for luck), is any better due its unpredictable nature...but it's refreshing to see a study confirming my preconceived notions. Post could have gone in the Promotion thread just as easily
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