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  1. Performance ranking reduces meritocracy... "Many of us have given in to “adopt and adapt” at some point in our careers, and not always comfortably. You’re sitting in front of a manager for an annual review, thinking: well, how’s this going to work? The manager in question is universally regarded as average, but he’s the one that gets to rate you, and the shortest path to a better ranking is probably to follow his advice." Link: https://cosmosmagazine.com/mathematics/maybe-you-shouldn-t-follow-the-leader Study: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsos.191255 Common gripe in the OPR / EPR threads is the strat methodology and favor given to the junior O's who conform earlier to the game. I'm not sure the authors fix, serendipity (fancy word for luck), is any better due its unpredictable nature...but it's refreshing to see a study confirming my preconceived notions. Post could have gone in the Promotion thread just as easily
  2. I think I remember seeing WIC just expanded to include GH pilots. Makes ya' wonder if/when the E-pilots will be eligible. I honestly thought the entire program was on the chopping block. Interesting times in the GH enterprise...
  3. Everyone I know who does (Twitter, Gmail, etc) is retired Army. Interestingly, I don't see the same from USMC...
  4. DP = 99.9% promoted P = ~50% promoted Doesn't matter what else is on there, P vs DP is the biggest discriminator. No matter what anyone says, it's all a guess how "strong" a P PRF is. Most O's (aircrew anyway) are well above average and Big Blue magnifies the smallest difference to be able to draw a cut line somewhere. It sucks that PRFs and OPRs are have unwritten rules only the select few are allowed to know, but honestly most non-military family, friends, future employers won't know and don't care. From presonal experience, don't get your ego wrapped up in the PRF and the board results. It doesn't define who you are as a person.
  5. Whatever... My name is GKinnear, and I'm a downvoter.
  6. You're maintaining it in the back stock at your local AAFES...just like every other Major... It's my preferred TTP
  7. Don't lose all faith. Check myPers for the Rated Command Oppotunities. It's not ROTC, but it's something... "Rated Lt Cols and (selects) interested...may also be considered for Air Education & Training Command (AETC) Recruiting (C83R) and Training (91C0) command positions."
  8. GKinnear

    Latest Movies

    (slight spoilers to follow) Generally, I dislike prequels, it always feels rushed and parts are shoehorned in. "Ooh, look, this is the connection to that other film you like!" It felt forced and the character development and emotional hook/connection with the audience is non-existent, both of which are why Marvel movies are good. It isn't as bad as Thor 2 or Iron Man 3, I'll put around Dr. Strange. However, I, the wife, and the kids all enjoyed the movie. I disagree with @17D_guy (noted above). One scene involving a random nameless background actor I thought was unnecessary. It could have been resolved the same way to advance the story without that particular dialogue (little too close to current feminist complaints of being patronized). Some of the interactions between Captain Marvel and Nick Fury felt choppy. Probably a rushed editing job and my dislike of prequels. The soundtrack was the soundtrack of my Middle and High School. "Just a Girl" by No Doubt was too on the nose though. Additionally, I don't understand some of the decisions made regarding the Mar-Vell character itself nor the Skrulls. I'll have to wait for more movies to see if thy will eventually resemble their traditional role in the Marvel canon. I enjoyed the visual theme of the hero always standing back up. It was consistent throughout the film and a good metaphor for real life. I will also caveat all that by saying that while not near as bad as it's been reported in some outlets, I thoroughly enjoyed it, there were some issues...however I don't think I would have noticed half of them if it's media relations had been handled different. Just my opinion, but the controversy is mostly self induced. It's a good popcorn flick whose faults would have been passed over had the public not been keyed in to look for them. Overall: Solid B+. Go see it as a matinee.
  9. FYSA...LuLaRoe doesn't count as "opening a business"
  10. If you're good enough to get a BPZ DP, you're good enough to talk directly to your Senior Rater or look it up yourself.
  11. For most if us still in uniform and idealize the pre-"peace dividend" USAF...why? Sent from my Pixel XL using Baseops Network mobile app
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