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  1. We should be focusing on the mission that UNITES us, not the race baiting academic trash that divides us. Diversity is not strength, unity is strength. And we’re strongest when diverse people have unity of purpose in defending our nation together, executing the mission, and crushing our enemies.
  2. You didn’t address my question.
  3. I understand you’re not fond of President Trump. However, do you honestly assess Biden as mentally competent enough to be POTUS? He clearly suffers from declining cognitive abilities.
  4. I think racial segregation is a bad idea, ultimately destructive to unit cohesion and will degrade combat capability. Also curious if washouts from this class will “wash back” into regular UPT.
  5. People wash out of a UPT experimental class into normal UPT?
  6. Thanks Kiloalpha; I had intended to begin writing a reply but IRL things come up. I don’t know why I start engaging here when I never have time to continue! Just dumb I guess.
  7. First sentence: proven this happened with the Clinton campaign. Any proof Trump campaign did this? Second sentence: the transition team is supposed to initiate back door talks with other governments. That’s how you get ready for front door talks a few months later. And by “overturn US policy” do you mean “initiate new US policy they were elected to execute?” Third sentence: what does that question have to do with anything? I’m confused at the relevance of the connection.
  8. With the benefit of hindsight, what should he have done differently? whatever your answer is, imagine trying to implement that COA in the Feb 2020 environment with the other party calling you racist for curtailing travel from China. There was so much flip flopping on recommendations in the early days, that all politics aside I’m really curious what you think was so obvious.
  9. OP: the Air Force no longer refers to 208 derivatives as a U-27, and to my knowledge you can’t drop a 208 out of UPT.
  10. I was not a fan of JPME2, but AWC online cannot produce the same learning as joint planning in a room with joint planners.
  11. That’s interesting, thanks for sharing. Is prop RPM manually adjustable?
  12. Lacks required FAA certifications. Although technically still in the running for AO the unofficial word is they’ll be DQ. Also, it sucks.
  13. Sounds like you’re an aggressive, competitive dude who is questioning your goals based on those around you. This is where BO.net excels, a mechanism for like-minded individuals to support and encourage each other. **Alibi** My conclusions are based on the limited information provided. But it appears you are not like the people giving you advice. You want action, they can live without it. You thrive on challenges, they exist never exerting over 50% of their potential. Life is uncertain. Maybe you leave it all on the field at UPT but fall short of standards and fail. Or maybe you fly first then chase another challenge (commanding a Mx squadron, etc.). Maybe you get your wings, master your craft, but get worn out and separate. Ok. All of those things could happen and life could still work out just fine. But if you don’t try your hardest for what you really want, the experience will become a mental stumbling block the rest of your life. Don’t let people with incompatible personalities advise you. Their advice will be irrelevant and distracting.
  14. Great post. Don’t go into hiding, this is an insightful discussion. Not to mention, we can all rally around telling the shirt to fuck off with petty reg enforcement.
  15. tac airlifter

    Gun Talk

    I assume you aren't talking about the lady narrating the video wearing jeans and a grey top; you must be referring the teenager wearing a black Jersey that was shot. Yup, fucking vandal for sure. He should have known to watch YouTube and dress the opposite of rioters, whatever that is. Definitely deserved it. I’m sure now he’ll grow up respecting cops.
  16. tac airlifter

    Gun Talk

    You keep saying ‘dressed a certain way.’ Aside from being irrelevant, it appears factually untrue from different angles. Evidence for your claim? As to common sense, if the police had any we might not be in this situation...
  17. tac airlifter

    Gun Talk

    I’ll dress how I please and stand on my porch how I please. Shooting taxpayers/property owners is a great way to lose community support. That’s after letting rioters run rampant for 3 days. good news: heavy handed police tactics will make firearms ownership more prevalent and acceptable. I want everyone who can legally be armed to be armed.
  18. Not sure where else to post this. WTF is going on with law enforcement?
  19. Good post. And I respect to you too. Especially because you defend your ideas and engage in the frustratingly messy act of attempting to convince others. Precisely why I’m frustrated at “experts” who had no time to explain the science behind unprecedented lockdowns, we just have to do it now!! But we have data indicating otherwise, so it’s reasonable to ask the people who insisted we obey without debate to explain how they were so dramatically wrong. Turns out being knowledgeable about infectious diseases doesn’t mean you know shit about public policy or predicting the future (FLEA said it more eloquently). Additionally, I welcome debate about my line of work. Tactical debate on execution isn’t germane, just as no one is seriously debating exactly how doctors treat patients. But overall strategic debate about the wars, our goals, etc.? I welcome a national debate, and the various “expert” generals who have lost for 20 years definitely could use the second guessing. Good analogy!
  20. Obeying the TSA is a federal law. Not sure I understand your point. I’m saying emergency decrees that we must follow the latest utterance of supposed scientific experts is degrading legitimacy of our entire system and not the legal way to govern. Perhaps I’m conflating this discussion of airline policy with the overall mandatory mask debate nationwide, and taking you out of context. I do agree businesses have rights to refuse service and set the terms of service. Which is why forcing those Christian bakeries to make gay wedding cakes was an injustice.
  21. If you want to compel behavior in a free society, either convince me or pass a law (which my representatives can debate) and force me. Rule by fiat neither convinces nor allows debate. I understand you agree with mask theory, but what happens when this same method of governance enables outcomes you disagree with? To avoid chaos, see sentence #1.
  22. Great article. Hopefully next time a great panic comes knocking we’ll delay tossing out freedoms at least until we have real data, not merely projections by self described experts. Speaking of which, now that data has disproven the experts, can we cease calling them experts?
  23. Wow. So can we all agree the nation has gone full retard embracing tyranny? Or are some of us still pretending the lockdowns and suspension of rights are “necessary?”
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