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  1. brickhistory

    Concealed Carry

    Errr, I was not the complainant, but the USAF uniform Air Staff guy responding/writing the "fcuk off" letter, hence my familiarity with the genre. USAF XX May 19XX Pentagon, Washington, DC 69690 Dear Treehugger, On behalf of the United States Air Force, let me thank you for bothering us with your complaint about the jet noise you experienced while consulting your chakra (or, more likely, male calf) in the Spongataxdollar National Preserve on Thursday, XX April 19XX. Upon investigation, the noise was caused by a USAF aircraft; specifically, an F-16. It was part of a mission where four F-16s practice aerial combat against four F-15s in a scenario we call dissimilar aerial combat (DACT). Similar to you wrestling naked with a member of the female gender, our pilots practice against dissimilar aircraft so that they have to learn to react to and defeat an enemy who likely flies a different airplane than our forces. But, although the culprit in your complaint was an F-16, it was flying against the F-15 who's crew force has become one of the most inclusive communities within our Air Force. In fact, the special "closeness" of one F-15 pilot with his enlisted crew chief has made his unit, er, sts, the pride of the burgeoning LGBT industry. We expect such closeness to only increase in the years ahead. So rest assured, your United States Air Force stands ready to protect you and your deviant way of life without judging you. We are sure you will do the same for us. Again, thank you for your interest in national defense. Sincerely, Maj Brickhistory, USAF outside rower, galley 4D971
  2. brickhistory

    Concealed Carry

    So, recently became a TX resident since we bought our forever home in the Hill Country. Job on Kelly. CCW verboten. Wrote TX Senator Cornyn since Ted was in the midst of a close election and his opponent would've been anti-gun. Asked why since DoD Policy allows installation commanders the option to allow CCW on their base and other bases in Texas, i.e., Dyess do allow it, why does JBSA, led by a USAF one-star, decide differently? Got my "thank you for your interest in national defense, i.e., fcuk off" letter from JBSA. I'm familiar with them since I've written dozens of them myself back in the day regarding jet noise. I argued that the policy denied me my 2nd Amendment right to self-defense during the rural and less than great urban environment I have to drive to/from work, as well as the thousands of other JBSA personnel in similar circumstances. JBSA's response turned that argument on it's head saying, essentially, "with some 89,000 personnel affected by our policy, we have to not allow carry." So, to all you TX residents, holders of CCWs recognized in TX and stationed in the JBSA megalopolis, I encourage you to write either Senator Cornyn - so that the same drum beat gets made again and again and some staffer finally gets the clue that a lot of people are interested in the topic- or your local gun-friendly Senator/Congresscritter to ask why your 2nd Amendment rights are not worth it to one base commander as well as the effect on thousands of other law-abiding citizens who work/travel on JBSA. DoD Directive 5210.56, Section 4, allows individual installation commanders the decision to allow CCW or not. AFI 31-01, Integrated Defense, can restrict the DoD instruction, depending on how the base crafts its self-defense plan. It is this "gotcha" that JBSA is hanging its hat, saying only LEO can carry. If enough affected folks are irritating enough, maybe, probably not, but maybe, the asspain will cause a change. If not, there's some satisfaction in causing The Man to waster admin time/brainpower in responding to each Congressional inquiry received. You can make your Congressional request via e-mail/phone, etc. Takes maybe 10 minutes. Worth it to try and stir the pot.
  3. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    https://lawandcrime.com/columnists/heres-how-trumps-tax-plan-delivered-quite-a-blow-to-obamacare/ Fairly big deal. Interesting to see how RINO Chief Justice Roberts keeps it this time. And how it will play out for 2020. But a very good thing to have happen. Finally.
  4. brickhistory

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    But to point out - Robin Olds had to force his wing to support the operational mission. Which means they weren't prior. So today's attitude isn't new or going to change or be changed by those "hoping to make a difference."
  5. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    Jeezuz, not the machine that goes "bing!" I thought that was locked up in the warehouse with the Arc of the Covenant?
  6. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    There are worse things involving government than gridlock. Besides, I'm led to believe that a large segment of the population is just fine with a President ruling with "a pen and a phone." As to House Democrat investigations starting next term, I'm also led to believe that the same segment of the population is just fine with an Administration utterly ignoring House requests/subpoenas, etc. Just ask Eric Holder.
  7. brickhistory

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Didn't think you were at Laughlin? Too soon?
  8. brickhistory

    Tanker to Fighter

    During the great 'Nam adventure, the advent of the F-4 in Big Blue and its policy of it being a two pilot airplane made the Oprah-like "You get a fighter! And you get a fighter!" cry a reality. Many, many dudes were voluntarily and involuntarily taken from their heavy to the mighty Phantom. YMMV for results.
  9. brickhistory

    China & Chinese Shenanigans

    Already accomplished, b1tches...maybe it'll be one of the new plus-up squadrons...
  10. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    Stock market has taken a nose dive in recent days - lost everything for the year so far. If Trump was responsible for the upslope, then he owns this. No big whoop, just out there... Mueller Special Counsel team having its ass handed to it when one defendant fights back: https://www.redstate.com/streiff/2018/10/24/muellers-team-continues-humiliation-hands-russian-oligarch/ Admittedly, RedState is a right side of the aisle outlet, but the messenger does not change the court transcripts. And certainly the tame media isn't going to cover anything that makes Mueller's team look buffoonish. Senate - GOP up by 2-3 with no losses. House - from maaaaaybe the GOP holds to a slim Democrat majority. She's baaaack:
  11. brickhistory

    Hurricane Michael

    187 was enough so that we could spend the money and effort for 50 UAV CAPS was a great call...amiright, Bob?
  12. brickhistory

    Hurricane Michael

    This kinda highlights SECDEF's recent letter to USAF and USN to availability of F-22, -35, -16, -18 up to 80% by next October. Stats on article I read had F-22 at 49% or so. Explains why more than 1-2 were nonflyable at KPAM plus the much more violent hit from the storm than was expected only 36 hours prior. So the week long warning was misleading. Still needed to buy more F-22s then. Thanks Bob Gates!👍
  13. brickhistory

    Hurricane Michael

    In the same vein as Lawman's post: 1. If KPAM is a write-off - buildings, sims, etc., does it make sense to A) rebuild it? B) Move it? If B) to where and why? Separate but definitely related to B) is where politically does it make sense for the F-22/ABM schoolhouse/other KPAM missions to go? I throw the political card because the spoils for rebuilding/moving are going to benefit someone's state/districts. So who wins and why?
  14. brickhistory

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Not my place to offer advice, but... That check of the month club is not something to just write off with 4.5 left. Hurts now; pays off for a lifetime later (been there, done that). Not ever a 14N, however, there are lots of either meaningful and/or personally rewarding niche jobs out there for 14Ns. Worked with 'em lots - Green door stuff, three-letter agencies, etc. that The Man has to fill but doesn't care about. Get in there or somewhere like that, do a good job, and your post-AF career will take care of itself. The clearance(s) and contacts are worth $$. Don't just toss 'em. This isn't about The Man anymore; this is about you and your family and what is best for them. If you have post-AF plans/dreams, by all means, disregard all. If not, set yourself up now for doing well after hanging up the uniform. Big Blue doesn't care now and won't then. Hang tough; it's not personal (however much it feels that way), just numbers on a excel somewhere.
  15. brickhistory

    The Next President is...