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  1. So that's the secret to Huggy's long U-2 career...
  2. Curious as to why the firing went all the way to acting SECNAV. There's a slew of military chain of command (you know, the one Crozier was relieved for ignoring) admirals who could've done the deed. Why did this go up to a temporary political appointee?
  3. brickhistory

    F1 Thread

    This could either here or the WTF thread https://f1-insider.com/en/formula1/exclusive-ecclestone-becomes-a-father-again/
  4. Big Gray/Green/Blue does not like to be embarrassed.
  5. It's just this kind of thinking and can-do spirit that got us through the Great Depression, Dubya-dubya two, and now the Black Death...
  6. So prisoners are being released due to the crowded conditions in a jail increasing the spread of this disease yet... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/to-enforce-coronavirus-distancing-police-say-arrests-are-last-resort/ar-BB11XppY?ocid=spartanntp
  7. Can confirm you are good to go. Closed today at the 2.75% rate.
  8. Betting average Texans are better armed and better shots than average Californians. But this brings up an interesting not quite so philosophical question as it once was: If the military is activated to quell domestic disturbance(s), will it? Would you if still in uniform and/or a Guardsman under state orders? Setting up field hospitals, running logistics and the like, sure. Knocking on doors for 'trespassers' or ultimately firing on fellow Americans who don't take much to having their Constitutional rights infringed upon for very long? Define 'lawful' order under those circumstances. And to those coming to Texas, welcome! But why, oh why would you then start voting to make it exactly like where you fled from? Where you gonna go when you f it up here?
  9. Going for levity, not making fun of your other's illness. Hope she gets better soon.
  10. My humble appreciation for those deployed and were supposed to come home soon. Nothing is a bigger kick in the morale junk than to be extended at the last minute. Sorry, dudes/dudettes.
  11. Riiiiighht…. https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-coronavirus-testing-new-york-state-20200322-zvzog4p2yvh4bpvhbd5p5nxlly-story.html https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/mar/24/steve-sisolak-nevada-governor-bans-malaria-drugs-c/
  12. Since "latest" movie isn't really a thing, thought I'd throw a few out there for our various quarantines. Just watched "The Highwaymen." A loosely based true story of two retired Texas Rangers saddling up for one last time to track down Bonnie and Clyde. Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson do a good job of it. For you youngsters, if you haven't ever seen "Cool Hand Luke," I highly encourage it. Top 5 on my all time list.
  13. False position. The question is what is the determining point? I'm not anti-vax nor do I damn the rest of society. But we do need to discuss actually having a society when this is over. If our economy is to become solely Big Brother and we serfs are dependents, I'd sure like to have a say in that. As I have stated, I don't have the answer, but my spidey-sense says literally crushing our economy is worse than this virus in the long term for our nation.
  14. Erm, no. But if the economy is literally wrecked, there's no society to come back to. And all those nice diseases that the First World thought it had licked (no pun intended) really will come back with a vengeance. Then you'll see death toll. China and Russia are continuing with their economies. I'm betting they haven't contained this thing either. Meanwhile, I dig the advice above. Good article.
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