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  1. Types "Minneapolis and Portland riots..." Google: "Unicorns and blowjobs..."
  2. No argument regarding Trump's character flaws, but what specific actions/attempted actions or policies that he ran while in office did you not like or agree with? The RINOs you think would make a better candidate is not something I can ever agree with or even consider. I'd vote Hillary over one of them. At least then, I know the opposition is on the outside of the wire and not inside. But to theorize that Biden was a "better candidate" is ludicrous. But Biden is the President*, so there's that. * for now
  3. Best figure in your "transitioning" time to your USAF bailout equation... https://onemileatatime.com/united-airlines-diversity-goal-pilots/
  4. Fcukin' liberal...again expecting someone else to fix your problem instead of taking care of it yourself... I keed...
  5. But...but...the mean tweets...they had to be stopped...
  6. Oh, hell no. "Very fine people on both sides" never existed in reality, yet it became a weapon for four years. Same for "I can see Russia from my front porch." So, she said it. True or not. And she did raise money to bail out rioters. Actions being even louder than non-existent words.
  7. Double checks this statement against poster's location... Mom was right?
  8. This. I am guessing that the flow of rubles into the team is also stifling Steiner's style to unfcuking Marzipan's attitude. Hard to rip someone a new one when A) a phone call to Dad = no job as team principal and B) the two giant bald guys in dark suits, sunglasses, and suspicious lumps under their jackets are always present when kiddo is around...
  9. Form 4473: Ever used illegal narcotics? Ever been discharged from the military other than honorably? If so, please describe. (Both questions paraphrased for brevity). That wacky Hunter Biden kid and his .38 that the Delaware State Police, the FBI (why?), and the Secret Service (again, why?) all took a personal interest in when his former sister-in-law, then his main squeeze threw away in a dumpster near a high school. Poor, poor 50 year old kid. I'm sure I'd get the same considerations if I'd been caught doing, literally, hookers and blow and then bought a
  10. BO didn't exist at the time, but I believe this memory and associated song fits in with the spirit of this thread (although I wasn't drunk during the experience. Later, absolutely) 0230L LCC Alpha-Zero, 69 feet under some of eastern North Dakota's finest soil, staring at the "Alert" and "Ready" lights on the top of each column while really hoping none of the fault lights or the "Enabled" or "Launch" lights illuminated: s d That was definitely a "How the hell did I get into this situation?" Then doing it again for another 250-ish times over the next four year
  11. I know some parents buy their kid a car, but Jeeezuz...
  12. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-03-24/9th-circuit-appeals-court-panel-rules-states-may-restrict-open-carry-guns TLDR: Plaintiff in Hawaii was denied a concealed carry permit under Hawaii law in 2016 which went to 9th Circuit who upheld the lower court ruling that he was SOL. So he applied for an open carry permit. Which this ruling denied. So, no 2nd Amendment right for him. And I have zero faith that the Supreme Court will take this on. Thanks John Roberts! But I really hope they do. Let's settle this once and for all. And God help us if the decisio
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