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  1. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    ABM (ret). Or meth dealer. Same thing really... And no desire to get behind of the yoke of anything other than a Cessna or an ultralight.
  2. Promotion and PRF Information

    It appears that this is a "forest and number of trees" situation. The Air Force isn't promoting more people to major. It will promote the same number of people. It is because people are bailing at what should be an alarming rate to the Air Staff that the percentage of those eligible is 100% on this board per the announcement. Bigger percentage of a smaller pool = same total numbers promoting. Not a net gain for anyone. Not sure if the "insecurity" thing was directed specifically, but in two more weeks I can hit the cigs aisle and Class VI with my retirement check for the month, so my dog in this fight is exceedingly small. Others do. As stated above, this is an administrative stop-loss to some. To others, it's a good thing. USAF does not seem to be addressing the fundamental issues and instead is trying different sized band-aids to stop the bleeding.
  3. Promotion and PRF Information

    Ok, understand now. Don't think the math adds up, but at least I understand what he meant. If 100 majors are promoted now and four years from now, 65 lt cols are needed, then 65% (or whatever the legal limit is at that time) of those 100 majors (discounting any variables like separation, etc) will be promoted. None of this detracts from this very visible failure by the Air Force to retain enough people, never mind of a higher quality, to fill its quota of majors, hence it has to promote 100%. Yet the beast doesn't seem to be questioning "why?"
  4. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Not even that. Or even in a uniform for almost ten years now. However, pointing out the many, many, many times that Big Blue has said one thing while doing another is a sad hobby of mine. But if the messenger is more important than the message, I can't do anything about that.
  5. Promotion and PRF Information

    How so? Blue says it needs X number of majors to do all the jobs-staff, leadership, etc.- now. To get that number of O-4s, everyone will make it on this board. The flying warrant officer idea is for dudes to just fly. I'm not arguing, I'm just not tracking.
  6. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Well, this oughta take care of anymore fly-bys... https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2017-09-14/industry-panel-weighs-rolling-back-aviation-safety-rules In other words, if you can't get Congress to do it, then getting vested interests to apply pressure is Plan B. Sounds remarkably familiar, no?
  7. Promotion and PRF Information

    Depends. By law, only so many officers can be on the rolls at each grade. That percentage fluctuates depending on authorized force strength. Big Blue saying 100% to O-4 means they literally don't have to cut anyone. (Why that fact exists, of course, is the great unanswered by Air Staff question). The number of total O-5s will also be set so the culling of the herd will occur then as well. Assuming that the herd doesn't keep finding weak areas of the fence and escape into the wild. If the numbers then are also below requirements, then the percentages for O-5 will increase. Instead of the cliché of "Will the last one leaving the Air Force please turn out the lights?," it appears that USAF is working its way toward 100% selection to general officer.
  8. Why the ZZ at Kadena?

    For another, the 12th (was part of 18th WG during my time in mid-1990s*), the 44th, and the 67th all flew combat missions during Vietnam. Guess that's not called a "real war." Might get another chance fairly soon... *AWESOME assignment
  9. First scoping questions: Are you staying where you retire? What is the market there for employment, either working for someone or for yourself? If moving, to where and same questions. Have you determined your absolute mins for income/lifestyle? Been out for 9 years now (finished out as an AGR), did defense contracting and now GS. Original plan was for wife (retired within 6 months of me) and I to run a B&B in Sedona. Turn-key place, year 'round 85% occupancy rate. Unfortunately, I was in DC and had A) kid in #1 high school in nation (Thomas Jefferson) and B) retired at the height of the housing market crash. Was over $100K upside down on my DC house and couldn't afford to walk from that AND pick up the business loan on the place in Sedona. So...switch to back-up plans to pay bills. Wound up staying in DC area for another four years. Ugh... Escaped to Omaha and now Nellis. Started out as a contractor for Boeing; switched to GS for salary and security. For profit, except for working for myself, wasn't attractive since the lay-off factor was high then as well as capricious now. I'm all about capitalism but the realities of being fired/laid off for reasons beyond my control, i.e., I'm canned not because I didn't do a good job but just because (like most people do, I realize) wasn't working for me after 20 years of a guaranteed paycheck. Basically, I consider(ed) myself institutionalized. Being stuck in DC made that an easy mode to enter. GS in agencies other than DoD, in my experience, sucks. No sense of mission, no sense of team, nothing but "I got mine." Especially nothing about the taxpayer. Don't get me wrong, I saw unbelievable waste and "I got mine" in DoD as well and it frustrates(d) me. But there was still that core of dudes/dudettes that care about the mission despite the Man. Unfortunately, for fifteen years I was at Air Staff or above levels. Empire building and not making waves are the currencies there so I wasn't happy nor considered a team player. I'm now at the squadron/base level and enjoy it much more. Even if the folks in uniform, as a rule, dismiss civilians, being a part, however small, of making the mission happen is rewarding. edited to add: Not meaning to derail the thread. Wanted to give one perspective on defense contracting and GS route as an alternative to a guy who is able to go airline and is asking for alternatives. I could not (without spending a metric sh1t-ton of money and time I didn't have to get my quals).
  10. Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    And the Sq/CC said, "Sir, you will have to do that because I am removing mine." Did he? And Big Blue wonders why people are bailing...
  11. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Negative. It is not "ok" to disrespect the flag and anthem. But that is my personal belief. I won't watch those teams who keep such arrogant, clueless individuals and I let the advertisers know of my displeasure. If enough fans of the affected teams feel that way, then the players will be kicked to the curb without a second thought. If more fans want a winning team vs. a respectful one, then the opposite will occur. Those disrespecting the flag/anthem are protesting the symbols of the very idea that gives them the right, opportunity, and vehicle to stage said protest. Not the brightest bulbs in the ceiling fixture in my mind. Going old school: don't like it, GTFO. I don't see them thriving in Russia or Cuba.
  12. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    As repugnant as I find the actions of those not showing respect for the symbols that stand for their right to perform those very protests (irony lost on those players, I'm betting), let the performance numbers of your red herrings Bennett and Beast drop like Kaepernick's and they are gone without a second thought by the team's owners. Performance = profit Flagging performance + disrespectful to most fans behavior = "would you like fries with that?" It seems that a museum celebrating the accomplishments of only one race has a political agenda and not an actual historical intent when a football player makes it prior to a Supreme Court Justice. Numerically, there have been a lot more black football players than black Justices.
  13. Latest Movies

    The Hitman's Bodyguard. Opens next week; got to go to an advance screening with wife. Predictable, a lot of over the top violence, not much skin. Absolutely great writing for the lines between Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds. A lot of funny bits, not just the usual one or two in most movies. Recommend.
  14. The Next President is...

    Err, what the poster (me) meant to say was... When the Democrats ran the Congress under Obama, they ignored the GOP. When the Republicans gained back the House, then the Senate, they did squat all when Obama ignored them and ran riot with his executive actions. Ignore Congressional subpoenas regarding Fast & Furious? Not a problem. Find the Attorney General in contempt over that? No big deal since it drew a complete yawn from the Democrats and the press. Actually use those Constitutional powers to hold in check the Executive Branch? Not a thing done. Hence my "aiding and abetting" line. Today, the Democrats are in the minority and they got the Republicans to go with the Special Prosecutor. So either the Democrats are better at that whole wielding of power thing, or the GOP is colluding with them to get Trump gone. BTW, Barry, among many things, unilaterally signed the Paris Climate Change agreement. He never submitted it to the Senate per the Constitution. And Congress did squat about that. Ditto with the Iran deal. Essentially a treaty involving the U.S. and the President ignored the Congress. And they let him. And went wild with condemnation when Trump undid at least the Paris agreement with his executive action. That list of Obama actions that were unprecedented and ran roughshod over the Congress is much more extensive. But he's not POTUS anymore so no whining when Trump eventually goes that way. Which, to date, he really hasn't. He's talked a lot, but not taken likewise unprecedented actions.
  15. The Next President is...

    I don't recall a lack of credit being placed on Obama by the media who were non-stop cheerleaders for him. Did I miss that? Did the special counsel investigate the IRS targeting political opponents and the massive destruction of evidence that followed? Or the extrajudicial killings (no matter how well deserved) of an American citizen? The cozy Dept of Energy loans to Administration-friendly solar panel companies? The election line of "Osama's dead and GM's alive" despite the executive action of literally ignoring established bankruptcy law? Leakers in the Obama administration were identified and prosecuted (in numbers higher than all previous administrations combined) whereas today they are "heroes and resistors." I don't recall the previous Attornies General recusing themselves from non-existent investigations into Fast and Furious or meeting the husband of a criminal investigation on an airport ramp. Imagine if Sessions were held in contempt of Congress like Holder was. Instead of a brief mention in a small paragraph on page C6 of the WaPo, how many days of front page, all of it, it would garner. Would that merit a newspaper putting a resistance slogan on its masthead? To name just a few. (There's a glimmer of hope that the unmasking of American citizens in NSA intercepts for political purposes might see some results, but for all the coverage on it, it might as well be moot as well) I don't recall debate moderators correcting him during various venues or even debating him instead of being impartial question-askers. Barry did all good, all the time according to the same press that is saying Trump is all bad, all the time. When, in fact, both men did some good things and some bad things. The difference is that one was aided by the legislature on both sides while one is not. Finally, and the frustrating thing about conveying ideas in short posts, is the idea that "keeping score" was my intent. Noting hypocrisy on the other hand... Which happens on both sides of the aisle. Shocking, I tell you. Shocking.