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  1. Separate but related: If you joined the service in Texas, and subsequently live in Texas post-service, the Hazelwood Act provides for dependent tuition if said dependent attends a state university. Since both my wife and I are in the we can use the GI Bill for ourselves but not transfer the benefits to kids category, this was an amazing find. God bless Texas!
  2. Pack your stuff yourselves, hire a carrier to deliver. Cuts costs dramatically. Either smaller companies can move you that far or a larger company will have a truck(s) with some room that will go to waste if they don't pick up some stuff somewhere. Moved Vegas to Texas for $4,000 plus lots of sweat equity. YMMV.
  3. Respectfully, no. Low SA on her part to not recognize her current operating environment and honoring the potential threats. Working with civilians whether GS or not, IS different than a pure uniform environment. Plus, for DoD, many of those GS' were former military and A) realize they aren't powerless if someone gets out of control and B) are wily enough to know how to do strike back, whether it's running to mommy IG/Congresscritter, etc., or engaging the infamous 8-point slow roll until said 'leader' is gone. So perhaps I negated my own argument. But there is a better way to lead/manage civilians than the brute force method. No sympathy for this fired officer.
  4. Worse. And is a STS required for the above line in reference to this movie?
  5. At first, I thought this would be a cliched movie; brash, hotshot 2Lt Benny Jones graduates from Army flight school in 1969 and gets selected to fly the hot new AH-1 Cobra gunship. Arriving in-country, his gray-haired squadron commander recognizes himself in the young pilot, but knows that the stakes are for keeps in the 'Nam in 1969. So the arrogant Lt is paired with the grizzled CWO4 Snake McArthur as his co-pilot/gunner in the lethal Cobra. At first, the confusing chaotic situation of troops in contact, smoke, haze, humidity, fast jet movers overhead also dropping ordnance, all seems too much for young Jones. But he quickly gets the hang of it all under Snake's tutelage; maybe too well. Snake soon finds himself in situations that are hairy even for him thanks to his a/c's willingness to hang it all out for the grunts under the gun on the ground. Soon, Jones' finds his favorite weapons are the various flavors of rocket pods that can hang from the stub wings. In particular, the 2.75 HVAR and the flechettes are his favorite. His skill is such that he can fire singles and, more often than not, score a shack with that shot. He's become "Rocketman." Which would be a much better movie than the ode to over the top celebration of the homosexual life combined with the age-old story of rock star comes from nothing, gets famous, goes through every drug known to man, gets used by the hangers-on, then sobers up, and Oh, and his daddy didn't love him epic that is the Elton John biopic of the same name. Which I had promised my wife and artsy daughter that I'd take them to. I need whisky and a couple of hookers to get my man card back. Just...no...
  6. Mueller served the country well in previous guises although Steven Hatfill might feel otherwise. That service does not negate the facts of his selection of his team - his deputy not only contributed to Hillary's campaign - not illegal or necessarily disqualifying - but attended her victory party in New York, an invitation only event (Wah wah…). Weissman also has a history of playing fast and loose with prosecutorial standards with numerous subsequent overturns of his convictions because of his methods. Numerous of Mueller's other subordinates were literally employed by the Clintons and/or their foundation. Nor in his investigation, did he look at the sources of the charges - the dossier, the unmaskings of US citizens' communications, etc. Hmmm, "go investigate the President but don't take a hard look at the things that make us think you should investigate." Bold move to do so without checking the veracity of the claims it seems to me. The appearance of justice is just as important for an informed citizenry to accept a legal system as fair-ish as the pursuit of justice. With his personal selections of his subordinates, Mueller disregarded that appearance. If the same sort of team had been raised against Obama, or more specifically, YOU for something, would you be ok with the seemingly inherent bias of such a team? Prior service by anyone is not carte blanche for subsequent shenanigans. One assumes you are ok with the investigation into the investigation? Should the actions of Comey/Brennan/Clapper/Powers/et al be looked at or were they the a bit suspect in their actions? Investigations are good, no? If there's nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear. At least that's what I've told over and over for the past two years by Congress/Media/liberals (but that's redundant). And if they did nothing wrong, then the investigation(s) will so find and show the original investigation into Trumpworld was on the up and up.
  7. Which it didn't do. Mueller - former head of the FBI and personal friend of fired Comey - and his team - literally lawyers who represented Hillary and/or her Foundation - didn't turn a blind eye toward anything Trump. And found nothing to charge him with, DOJ finding about indicting a sitting president or not. Not one charge was substantiated, only "not not substantiated." Which means what, exactly? Pretty sure that "innocent until proven guilty" is still a thing. Mueller's endgame was to tee this up for the impeachment crowd. Bring it. I'll buy the beer. I look forward to the investigations into the infamous Dossier, the Comey/McCabe?Ohr/Strzyk/Page/Clapper/and especially Brennan's roles in this "matter (see what I did there?", and the 300+ unmasking of AMCITs' communications in the closing days of the Obama Administration.
  8. "Say SECNAV/CNO, That sure is a nice list of promotions you got there. Sure would be shame if something were to happen to all of them...: Said every current Democrat senator. Minimum, the CAG is fired. Maybe the boat skipper. Might take up to the numbered fleet CC to appease the mob.
  9. Soooo, does this mean that various AOC patches are also "bad?"
  10. Maybe/probably. But IF career IC/LE folks are found to have broken the law and used IC equipment and resources against American citizens, that's a bigger deal than political shenanigans. Further, IF some folks do a perp walk as result of what I suspect will be found, then today's GG14/15s, and junior SES might think twice before emulating the tactics of the senior crowd responsible for this abuse. Otherwise, sure as sh1t, it'll happen again and worse. Maybe by an R or by a D, but it will happen again. I'm agin that.
  11. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2019/05/14/barr_assigns_us_attorney_to_review_origins_of_russia_probe_140321.html
  12. Bob Gates. Just sayin'...
  13. Political opinion essay: https://spectator.org/listen-to-joe-digenova/ contains some very interesting facts to make it's case: 1. 2. 3.
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