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  1. brickhistory

    Hurricane Michael

    187 was enough so that we could spend the money and effort for 50 UAV CAPS was a great call...amiright, Bob?
  2. brickhistory

    Hurricane Michael

    This kinda highlights SECDEF's recent letter to USAF and USN to availability of F-22, -35, -16, -18 up to 80% by next October. Stats on article I read had F-22 at 49% or so. Explains why more than 1-2 were nonflyable at KPAM plus the much more violent hit from the storm than was expected only 36 hours prior. So the week long warning was misleading. Still needed to buy more F-22s then. Thanks Bob Gates!👍
  3. brickhistory

    Hurricane Michael

    In the same vein as Lawman's post: 1. If KPAM is a write-off - buildings, sims, etc., does it make sense to A) rebuild it? B) Move it? If B) to where and why? Separate but definitely related to B) is where politically does it make sense for the F-22/ABM schoolhouse/other KPAM missions to go? I throw the political card because the spoils for rebuilding/moving are going to benefit someone's state/districts. So who wins and why?
  4. brickhistory

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Not my place to offer advice, but... That check of the month club is not something to just write off with 4.5 left. Hurts now; pays off for a lifetime later (been there, done that). Not ever a 14N, however, there are lots of either meaningful and/or personally rewarding niche jobs out there for 14Ns. Worked with 'em lots - Green door stuff, three-letter agencies, etc. that The Man has to fill but doesn't care about. Get in there or somewhere like that, do a good job, and your post-AF career will take care of itself. The clearance(s) and contacts are worth $$. Don't just toss 'em. This isn't about The Man anymore; this is about you and your family and what is best for them. If you have post-AF plans/dreams, by all means, disregard all. If not, set yourself up now for doing well after hanging up the uniform. Big Blue doesn't care now and won't then. Hang tough; it's not personal (however much it feels that way), just numbers on a excel somewhere.
  5. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

  6. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    Fcukin' incompetent Administration: - GDP only 4.2% growth last quarter - Canada agreed to sign on the renegotiated US/Mexico/Canada trade deal that is replacing NAFTA Simply UFB.
  7. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    F'in' Jeff Flake. Votes to move the nomination out of committee but won't agree to vote 'yes' on a floor vote unless there's a one-week FBI investigation. So the committee that is supposed to do the ground work gets sandbagged at past the last minute, bends over backwards to go through this charade, and Flake votes to move the nomination to the Senate floor. This 'deal,' hammered out with the Democrats, is supposed to provide balance and fairness to the process. As if one Democrat would change their vote. Unless the FBI shows that Kavenaugh gangbanged this chick three ways to Sunday, the opposition/media will claim the investigation is tainted/rigged/unfair/incompetent. So lose-lose for Kavenaugh. And for this nomination. And giving Collins and Murkowski cover as well since it's a woman and she must be believed. (Never mind the no criminal or civil charges, just a political tactic to get publicity.) With such a 'cloud' over the nomination, Flake gets to give his on-his-way out the door middle finger to Trump and keep the issue in play in the very close race in AZ to replace him. He wants the seat to flip because it will slow/stymie/gridlock Trump if the Senate flips parties. Well played Democrats. Well played. The GOP deserves to die off.
  8. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    As they should (actually should've done it last week - "sorry, you sat on your accusations for months, Sen Feinstein. Denied." Maybe her PRC spy for an aide kept it from her?) But I refer the right honorable gentleman from left field to the stated positions of, to name just a few, Democrat senators who have publicly decided their vote prior to the next installment of the clown show: Hirono - "this isn't a court of law. He isn't presumed innocent." "Men should just shut up and step up." Gillibrand "She shouldn't have to testify in this sham hearing." "Women will die if Kavenaugh is confirmed." Harris Booker (I'm Spartacus) Schumer Haskill. In fact, with the exception of Manchin, whoever the gal from ND is, and, maybe, Donnelly from IN, all of whom are in very tight races, every Democrat has already announced they will vote no. So can we concede that politics works both ways and it's not just those nasty ol' GOP senators? Murkowski from AK is now calling for the FBI to investigate so that will give Flake the cover he needs to give a big middle finger to Trump on his way out the door. Just like McCain did for the repeal of Obamacare (He campaigned hard on doing away with it, then voted to keep it because he was pissed at Trump. So much for country over hard feelings. Good riddance). I hope to see Flake run for President in 2020.
  9. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    What does she gain by coming forward now? Undue influence on a Constitutional process with, it appears, a massive case "he did me wrong in jr. high and I'll show him." Supposedly it's a "he said/she said" thing. Except "he said, and another he said, and another named witness said" they don't even remember the party. Never mind some teenage horseplay that has become attempted rape because she said so. By raising allegations in the political arena - nothing via filing charges that is known and no civil case brought - but a victim letter now gets her a real opportunity to screw with this nomination. She gets to influence the political process a lot more than any other citizen is allowed to. I can call my senators and express my opinions. She gets to try to derail the whole thing. If or whatever happened between these two, it's convenient that she wrote her letter now (and "remembered the incident in therapy in 2012." Which is when candidate Romney had Kavenaugh on a list of his potential Supreme Court picks). It reflects poorly on the Democrats by holding the letter since July. If they want justice for the victim, why not raise it immediately or go to law enforcement then? If Ford wanted anonymity, she shouldn't have signed her name. If this actually works, and the de facto standard becomes guilty because she said so, then we are fcuked. If she testifies on Thursday, I expect her on the talk show circuit on Friday, with a book out by next week, followed by a pilot for a talk show. Then utterly forgotten by the Democrats and history. The GOP has been nearly completely rolled on this one. I give the Democrats props for designing and executing the strategy well. The ultimate goal is to defeat Trump and his pick. Didn't matter who it was. Mid-term elections is the goal line. Secondary goal is to delay beyond 30 Sep since tradition has it that a new justice doesn't join a Supreme Court session already in progress. Interesting to know what cases are on the next docket. As noted earlier, if RBG kicks the bucket, and/or Sotomayor succumbs to her diabetes/high blood pressure/whatever, those nominees' reputations will likewise be tarnished merely by some heinous allegation. //signed// The Duke Lacrose Team
  10. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

  11. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    Hey! Who's turn to make popcorn?
  12. brickhistory

    F-22 Pilot's comments after flying the F-4

    Wouldn't that really depend on the crew chief?
  13. brickhistory

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Isn't the Air Force trying to grow it's way out of a pilot shortage? No, don't get up. I'll show myself out...
  14. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    Say, how much for a beer in Oslo?
  15. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    What?! Someone other than the individual decides how resources are to be used/allocated? And if you disagree with that state decision, you are SOL unless you up stakes and move to, say, the US where you can decide for yourself? Shocked, I tell you. Shocked.