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  1. I think we are largely agreeing. I'm just advocating that those that have a bigger dog in the fight - ready access to ME oil/Straits of Hormuz - should step up and look after their interests since it's no longer one of our top ones. France, Germany, etc., y'all love you some Persians and like sticking it to the US, please, by all means, carry on. We'll watch from our oil-rich sidelines. And I again posit that Iran is throwing this tantrum to get the West to cave to their bad behavior at best, or to strike Iran at worst. Either way, the blame for the very severe economic squeeze we've been tightening successfully since canning the bad Iran/nuke deal will be diverted to the ol' Satan, USA. Sorry, mullahs, you snookered the last nuke dealmaker and scored a financial windfall. Not this time.
  2. Indeed. And as we're selling, thought that was the point. The closure of the Straits is no longer a vital national interest of ours. It still is to others. Their turn to carry the ball. Iran is trying to rattle the world and get the economic vise grips loosened before it all goes south internally. If the West either caves to their behavior (likely) or gets the West to attack Iran (possibly), then the people will rally to the government and all is well again. Just ask Argentina circa 1982...
  3. Say, Europe, Japan, et al, we, the US are net exporters of oil/energy now. Other than the principal of freedom of navigation, the Straits are not nearly as important to us now as they are to you. We'll put a few Patriot batteries in Saudi Arabia, y'all got the rest. If it's important to you, you'll step up. We can be fine "leading from behind" on this one. The economic squeeze we are applying to the Mullahs and all the apparatus that relies on them for their cheap gas, pensions, etc, is working just fine. Sure beats us sending gazillions of dollars to Tehran via clandestine cargo planes any day.
  4. I literally was unaware that the regular season started last Sunday. So after watching the F1 race, seeing the schedule on the Direct TV guide, reminded me, "Where's Kaepernick?" Not gettin' any younger, are you Colin?
  5. Ch(Tr)ump change. Gonna set me up one of them Global Initiatives where governments can donate direct instead of earning it one crew at a time...
  6. Knew it was buzzing some random synapse in the skull:
  7. Not a lawyer and didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. I hope there is some legal remedy for this guy - civil suits to ruin those chicks who did this AND, more importantly, against the GCMCA. I don't know how the latter can be punished; contact his senators and have them apply some "WTF?" pressure to SECAF/CSAF?
  8. "One rule for me, another for thee." Supposedly, DOJ isn't pursuing Comey for this since it's "small potatoes," but going after him for the FISA warrants fiasco. On the other hand, DOJ isn't particularly known for going after it's own...
  9. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Loooooong movie. Really liked Brad Pitt's character and performance. No skin from Margot Robbie (which is a pity...) Interesting handling of the Manson murders. Unfortunate that Lena Dunham was in it (my keyboard threw up a little typing that...) Vintage Tarantino.
  10. They want younger versions of themselves. The system worked for them, therefore the system must be good. I quote again from The Talking Heads, "Same as it ever was..." The new and improved two-line PRF is a sop so that it looks like "they are doing something." And for the drones at A1, et al, it was a way to get The Man off their collective back and earn themselves one of those coveted strats. This is no different than the switch from the old weighted OERs to the new and improved "meets standard" OPR/PRF, and so on back to 1947. And before that back to the founding of our military officer corps. Largely, who you know along with luck/timing rules and always will. Make informed decisions knowing the rules of the game whether written or not.
  11. To her credit, she gets it: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7301527/Kelly-McGillis-says-old-fat-Gun-sequel-Tom-Cruise.html
  12. Army O-6 didn't A) kick him in the junk at the moment and B) didn't run screaming to the OSI/CID at the time but only after her career is tubed for being toxic? Tie goes to the runner...
  13. Remember when the GOP was against going into debt? This two year thing is an abomination. All fun and games until the bill comes due.
  14. Democrats defeated a House measure to impeach the President brought by the Democrats today.
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