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  1. Simply pointing out that executive branch members, including military officers, serve "at the pleasure of the President." He/she can hire/fire anyone he/she wants anytime he/she wants. It's not unprecedented, a threat to the republic, or a fraying of the national fabric. Unless Trump does it, of course. Then each and every one is nefarious.
  2. Gerald Walpin agrees with you. The fact of why he was removed is important.
  3. Wow, a political appointee fired by a politician. Shocked, I tell you. Shocked. v/r, Gerald Walpin
  4. Enjoyed today's F1 powerboat race.
  5. Didn't even phrase it in the form of a question? C'mon, man!
  6. Recounts likely, so it ain't over. If Biden wins, it's vindication. If Trump wins, it's shenanigans. Have i got that about right? Oh, and fcuk Pierre Delecto...epitomy of the GOP and why Trump arose.
  7. So who's on the schedule for the cash flights to Tehran?
  8. I, too, picked Trump to take 300+ electoral college votes, so I, too, was wrong. Pity that... Still some drama to play out and the witch isn't dead yet, so we'll see how it goes. GOP retains the Senate, adds a fair number in the House. Enough to probably cause Pelosi to not be elected Speaker of the House next term since her party wants someone other than thousand year olds running things. But, and this a biggie for me, the best thing of this year's election cycle has been that it wasn't Hillary running for re-election. And with that, I'm reasonably content. v
  9. Obama isn't (directly) on the ballot...
  10. So I put this here vs starting another thread that likely wouldn't be that long. Sean Connery died today, aged 90. The best James Bond ever. So suck it, Trebek!
  11. Well, it would be Trump's considerable bulk as a target vs. shaky Joe's cognitive ability - "No, Joe, you don't lick it, you point it..." As an amusing real-world aside, Biden introduced Harris' husband as her "wife."
  12. Rather depends on who he shot and why.
  13. My vague distaste for Hamilton is probably more for Mercedes absolute dominance for the past several years. Can't blame 'em, beat the competition then keep 'em down is a good strategy. But makes for unexciting racing. But Hamilton's story is exactly what I want in a driver, one who advances on ability, not a big sponsor/daddy's checking account. So, I can't have it both ways. Good on him for earning his Mercedes seat and using it ruthlessly to achieve his success.
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