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  1. One begins to understand the street respect Corn Pop paid to Joe...
  2. You're doing it wrong According to noted self-defense expert, Uncle Joe, that if the firing of your shotgun in the air doesn't ward off an attackerrr, all you have to do is shot him/her/it in the leg. That center-mass thing is all wrong. I think someone should notify the Geneva Convention that we can now maim as it's more "peaceful." That's the kind of bold, inspired thinking I believe we all have been searching for.
  3. Another NY Post news story today about Hunter Biden's shenanigans and again Twitter outright blocks it, bans those that try to comment on it/share it, etc. To include the WH Press Secretary, the GOP Senate's account, as well as numerous others. Because the information came from a "leak." (Actually, the laptop was abandoned at a repair place and never picked up. Became the owner's per law). But the leaking, as just one example, of Trump's taxes was fair game. It's good to have wingmen.
  4. Back in the day, the networks used to run this short educational cartoon-like public service announcements on things like how a bill became a law, what a conjuction is and how it's used in a sentence, and how reading is fundamental, a RIF, as it were. I miss those...
  5. New York Post has a pretty big story regarding that crazy irrepressible Hunter Biden and his dad, Ol' Joe. https://nypost.com/2020/10/14/email-reveals-how-hunter-biden-introduced-ukrainian-biz-man-to-dad/ Which won't matter to nearly any voter one way or the other - you either think the Biden family did bad things or you don't. What is of more interest, to me anyway, is that Facebook and Twitter - neither of which do I personally participate in - have either restricted (FB) or prohibited (Twitter) the sharing of this story since in Twitter's words, "It might be harmful." To whom? And why do they make that determination? But proven to be false Russia, Russia, Russia/pee tape/FBI/CIA/we've got him now stories for 3+ years were just fine. Sure seems to make the case of those companies being in the news/publishing realm and not simply an IT method.
  6. As well as a life-long bromance with Neil Kinnock as well. Just sayin'... As to positions or policy, what are Biden's positions or policies? His "you'll find out when the election's over"schtick seems to be aided and abetted by the liberal media since they don't pursue these evasions, but rational voters do seem to want to know what they are signing up for. Except for the "anybody but Trump" voters. It could be Satan Hitler and they'll happily pull the lever. As I did against Hillary in 2016.
  7. Not quite as bad as forgetting, you know, The Thing...but then Romney is a pretty forgettable character.
  8. brickhistory

    F1 Thread

    Sunday's race was another "meh." If it weren't for bad luck, Bottas would have none. Well done to Hamilton for the win and the tie in the record book. Also to Kimi for most starts ever. And to Hulkenburg for another no-notice race with points this time. Hope he lands a seat next year. As to an all electric F1, not my bag, baby. Loud engines and aerodynamics are the blunt force instruments of choice. For me anyway. For all the instant acceleration of electric, tire noise being the loudest part of the vehicle is a shame.
  9. brickhistory

    F1 Thread

    Several next generation F1 wannabe's were supposed to get practice drives this weekend but were rained out on Friday. If you are one of the drivers who isn't under a contract for next year, that's gotta be a crappy feeling having to sit out from "your" car while Jr. gets a shot at replacing you right in front of you. As to Honda leaving to concentrate on 'lectrical stuff for the future, next year will be another kludge on top of the kludge left over from this year. If/as manufacturers go the electrical route, and since Formula E is already a thing, does that mean Formula 1 goes back to being pure gas technology only? Or something more exotic like hydrogen fuel cells, etc? One idea, not mine originally, would be for F1 to go back to entertaining the petrolheads that is their core audience and bring back V8s or V10s. Or something like some super-duper efficient 4 cylinder that produces eleventy-million horses. Or they can continue to become woke and go broke quickly at the rates they go through cash.
  10. Genus: Russianitis Species: Schiff
  11. So does "triggered" come into the realm of "phrasing?"
  12. If I wasn't/haven't been clear, my apologies. The misuse of national agencies for domestic purposes isn't about "my side" or "your side." My intent, on every post related to this topic, is that if bad things occurred and were directed by the very highest in an agency or in the White House, then there needs to be accountability and punishments for those proven to have committed crimes. Otherwise, it will only continue and become worse because underlings will see that no harm came to leadership that misused the system, so why shouldn't they when they move up in the food chain. If Obama and Company did it and walks with no consequences, then most likely Trump, his successor, and future Administrations are very likely to do the same. Which is against many, many laws designed to safeguard my, and your constitutional rights for merely being an American citizen. An unpunished misuse of national power against our own is not ok and should be punished, regardless of what political affliation. But the same media that was leading the anti-Trump charge, often times at the behest of those same Administration officials who were doing shenanigans, are either ignoring these revelations or actively downplaying/spinning them differently. You do not see much coverage of this on the networks, or the Post, or the NY Times, or the LA Times, ad nauseaum. Mud slinging in politics is one thing. "Orange Man bad" vs. "Sleepy Joe" is fine if stupid. Mr. FBI/CIA/NSA man doing things against fellow Americans for political gain is not. edited to add: I don't think Hillary is to blame for this fiasco. As much as I think she should've been prosecuted for her server complete with multiple TS/SCI/SAP/STO email traffic to/from her, the misuse of the FBI/CIA, probably others (remember ADM Rogers went to the FISA Court during this. What he reported hasn't been made public, but the Obama Administration mounted a campaign to fire him, then backed off suddenly), was at least at the Director of various agencies, if not the White House. Remember Susan Rice's infamous last day in office email to self, "The President directed that everything on this matter be done by the book." BTW, I don't belong to any party. I quit the GOP in disgust in 2016.
  13. The then Director of the CIA briefed the then President, Vice-President, Natl Security Advisor, White House Chief of Staff, et al, about how US intelligence agencies had picked up Russian communications about Hillary using a phony report to discredit Trump and deflect from her home-brew server issues. The then Director of the CIA and then Director of the FBI used that phony dossier as the basis to literally spy on a duly elected President. Scandal-free Administration... Imagine if the current Administration had done things like that. It would be 24/7 non-stop just as it was when Trump was on the defensive about the fake charges. But now? Crickets. So the GS12 of today, not seeing any of the higher-ups do a perp walk after misusing the instruments of national power for direct political gain, draws the lesson of "there's no consequences." And becomes the SES/SIS of tomorrow and does it even worse. All fun and games when it's used against the "other side." Not so much when used against you. A nation of laws or not. Pretty simple equation.
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