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  1. Yes, he did. Probably, but that is the price one pays for accepting command. If he, and you using your argument, are willing to take the kudos when things go right, largely because of your subordinates, then the reverse should be true as well. You are responsible for the actions, particularly the duty-related ones, for those under your command. Why did people under his supervision lose a box of grenades and why is a weapon missing? In North Dakota? Especially the gun. Those are accounted for so many times it's not even funny. Yet this one wasn't discovered until another goof caused an inventory. If his people didn't either respect, best case, or fear, worst case, him and do the things they are supposed to do, then that is on him. He did not lead/train his subordinates who, in turn, let this happen. Gutless AF leadership? Yep. Wheels are round as well. Throwing people under the bus? Said bus uses those round wheels. Nope.
  2. Or padding for mission justification - manning, budget, etc. Check sarcasm detector; reset lamp...
  3. From the article: The 90th Civil Engineer Squadron is part of the 90th Mission Support Group, and provides civil engineering support to more than 29,000 active duty and reserve service members, family members, and retirees at the missile wing. I did not realize that I, as a retiree, or those of you still in can have your family members, can get civil engineering support.
  4. brickhistory

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    What could possibly go wrong? https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/todayinthesky/2018/05/17/tsa-keeps-list-combative-travelers/619527002/
  5. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    Does anyone find it curious that the same media outlets that did their utmost to publish damaging material about the CIA, FBI, etc previously are now their staunchest defenders? The other side of the coin fits as well. Conservative media trashing those same institutions. My bias shows in that the damaging information being revealed now is the overtly political activity against US persons. I'm agin the federal government being used that way.
  6. Add a SAW to that missing list. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/disappearance-of-weapons-at-air-force-base-prompts-investigation/ar-AAxul89?ocid=spartanntp
  7. brickhistory

    F-35 Lightning info

    Brits were calling it "Dave" a while back. Dunno currently.
  8. brickhistory

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    And this is why we can't break nice things... http://dailycaller.com/2018/05/17/air-force-sorry-tweet-terrorists/
  9. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    So much for comity. (See what I did there?) And as I stated, it is interesting to note how the same facts can be looked at and two different conclusions drawn. I look forward to the current Ambassador to the UN requesting the IDs of multiple US citizens as the last one did. I look forward to the current DNI lying under oath to Congress as the last one did. I look forward to the current FBI director providing government-owned and classified at the time (per the DOJ IG) memos to a 'friend' who also happened to be an FBI special employee who in turn leaked that information to the press. I look forward to the next NIE being produced and reviewed by the current CIA director's hand-picked analysts by only the FBI, CIA, and, if memory serves, one other instead of the entire IC as is the SOP. To which the then director of the NSA disagreed with the findings, but the dissenting section was also omitted unlike every other NIE. And other facts that are known. So conspiracy theory? I'm not thinking so, but I do know that those on the other side of the spectrum would be lighting torches in the street if the roles were reversed. And they are going to be if those who abused, or allowed to be abused, the instruments of national power for partisan political advantage. Politics is a full-contact sport. No problem with politicians engaging in mud fights. Professional, executive branch institutions and individuals are not supposed to knowingly help one side or the other. If those who have done so aren't punished now, it will only get worse.
  10. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    If you have classified e-mails on your personal server, you can be charged under the Espionage Act of 1917 among other USC violations. Numerous examples from the previous Administration that didn't involve handing over secrets to another country, just had classified where they shouldn't have. As to the rest of your post, I disagree I stand by my interpretation of the facts/info that I know of to expect government powers to be misused even more often and further. edited to add: Interesting to note that two reasonably intelligent (an assumption regarding both) people can read an article and draw largely different conclusions as to the important points. 🍺
  11. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    FBI/DOJ's story on the when and why they started investigating the Trump campaign continues to unravel. See NYT for poorly written article. Informative because it states, including exactly when said investigation began, so to me, that implies the leaker was involved in order to know such details, and that involved a small, unofficial group of FBI agents, five or less. Who happened to be part of the same group who were on the Hillary e-mail/espionage investigation. Poorly written because it contradicts itself by stating mid-way through the article that the senior DOJ Nat'l Security lawyer was involved and that then Deputy DOJ Atty Gen Yates said they were low-key efforts. So she knew about it. And that Comey, then Director of the FBI was briefed occasionally on it. So he knew. So, sure, I probably need to apply a fresh coat of peanut butter to my tinfoil hat, but here is another piece of the powerful law enforcement and/or IC institutions of government being used for political gain or intel in order to acquire gain. Sure as sh1t, the right will do it as well. No complaining when it does if heads don't roll now. -Unmasking of numerous US citizens who just happen to be opposition party -FBI Director leaking classified to the press -FISA warrants obtained using opposition research etc etc etc/
  12. brickhistory

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Agreed. Although the author stated a cogent truism as noted by the "17 years of careerists captured in one sentence, Big Blue has been given numerous intel tippers and target markings. But the institution always has and always will simply shrug with a "It's not me, it's you."
  13. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    Whether you think it for good or bad, Trump does seem to be actually doing things. Including one that his predecessors of both parties said the US should do, but always held off doing so. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/united-states-opens-its-israeli-embassy-in-jerusalem/ar-AAxfV7K?OCID=ansmsnnews11
  14. brickhistory

    The Next President is...

    So Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President Barack Obama has taken to making derogatory statements about the current Administration's actions in public venues. Today, two former Obama NSC staffers published a NYT editorial recommending that European countries expel US Ambassadors (I know, they should be dead ones, but I digress...) over the US' withdrawing from the Iran deal. Because "if the US doesn't live up to sacred agreements, then this is expected action. " You know, the deal signed by one guy but not a binding treaty and unsigned by another guy as if it never existed.
  15. brickhistory

    Iran Lied . . . No One Is Surprised

    It was a bad deal to start with. Not to mention the second most egregious example by the previous Administration to do an end run around the founding contract of our system of government - the US Constitution. Any formal agreement (treaty) between the US and any other country that binds us to any action or behavior isn't valid until it is presented to and ratified by the Senate. This J-POS as well as the even worse Paris Climate Accord were done via Obama's infamous "phone and pen." And just as easily undone (except for DACA for some reason espoused by one lower court judge) by the next Administration. If it were such a good deal for the US, then why didn't Obama present it to the Senate? Because he knew he couldn't get it through, so he simply ignored them. And they let him. They voluntarily abrogated one of their basic responsibilities. Which disgusts me even more than the J-POS did.