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  1. That oughtta take care of anymore fly-bys...
  2. Hmmm: -Need new nukes and delivery systems - Need a new tanker which is finally, and slowly, being delivered. - Need new C2 and ISR - Need new and more fighters - Need infrastructure replaced/repaired All the bills are coming due now despite literal decades of senior leadership being told of the upcoming financial iceberg. And people of all AFSCs are voting with their feet. Somebody tell me more about this Air Force leadership expertise?
  3. Indeed. Perhaps I was also wrong about a statist ideology not being popular since the "innocent until proven guilty" thing seems to be out of fashion as well.
  4. Interesting times we live in: Hillary is investigated for a few months by one FBI director, now fired (as he, like all Executive Department officials, including us in uniform, serve "at the pleasure of the President"), for mishandling classified and found no basis to indict since the "intent" wasn't there even though the felony was. (That the statute doesn't read that way or care about "intent" is beyond this post). He fully clears her and those around her who were given immunity and never charged with any process crimes - lying to the FBI, financial shenanigans, etc. Trump is investigated for two + years by another former FBI director for a crime that isn't written down, i.e. "collusion." And says there was none. But he does get some scalps for process crimes unrelated to the central charge of a crime that doesn't exist, "collusion." He doesn't charge Trump with obstruction yet doesn't clear him either. Which isn't what I learned about our criminal justice system, you either were or you weren't. Tie goes to the defendant... So another 18 months of "he's a criminal tyrant" with a good portion of the judiciary thwarting his executive actions even though many of them are simply undoing the executive actions ("I've got a pen and phone") of the last guy. Another instance of that not being what I learned about the Constitution, i.e., any action taken by one President not passed/approved by the Congress, can be undone by the next President. Yet DACA, et al, are being cited as though they are law of the land. Those rulings eventually seem to get overturned once it reaches the Supreme Court, but how much time is lost meanwhile? So, the courts, in many cases, seem to being not adhering to Chief Justice Robert's "we don't have Obama judges or Trump judges." Funny that. I look forward to an impeachment trial as it will slow the left's craziness in the Legislative branch to a crawl and let Reps. Occassional-Cortex and the Mad Mullah-ess get lots and lots of airtime. Separate but related: I think the Democrat slate for Presidential candidates is more than a dozen with more expected. Trump, once he defeats former Governor Weld (who?), will win again. What will be the excuse then? Surely, it can't be America rejecting an ideology, it must more of that racism...
  5. Took me several tries and I was about to ring the nurse for my meds when I got it...
  6. Say "Uncle Joe," besides not being quite so handsy, I might also recommend not being caught on video bragging about strong-arming a frenemy's prosecutor. Especially when your son, briefly of the US Navy also thanks to you, is being investigated by said prosecutor for some, perhaps, shady dealings in said country. Technique only. Feel free to keep going... https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/436816-joe-bidens-2020-ukrainian-nightmare-a-closed-probe-is-revived
  7. Love these parodies. They fit so many memes... Best one I've heard for future Dear Leader AOC is Alexsandria Occasional Cortex. Made me laugh anyway. And regarding pervy Uncle Joe Biden: Seems odd that the fuzzy memories of a 15 year old some 30-40 years ago must be believed even when details or any proof is lacking, yet the on film groping of Mr. Biden is finding essentially two camps - 1) That's "just Joe." or 2) That's "just Joe" but he shouldn't run for President (from the legion of already declared candidates mostly. But no denials. Except from him. Even though multiple escapades are on tape.
  8. Soooo, if two of the group's squadron commanders were fired and a commander is responsible for the actions (or inactions) of those under him/her, why wasn't the group commander also fired?
  9. With so much crow being served with a very dry Mueller 2019 AND this https://sports.yahoo.com/michael-avenatti-indicted-for-alleged-extortion-attempt-of-nike-175159373.html all I can say is:
  10. Best early Sunday morning coffee time I've had in a very long time. Magnificent.
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/18/us/politics/foreign-lobbying-gregory-craig-manafort.html Dated 19 Mar 2019. "She's fast enough for you, old man..."
  12. https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/obamas-former-white-house-counsel-lawyers-up-after-mueller-probe-referral/
  13. Mueller Report delivered; no further indictments (and just to remind, the ones handed out were for unrelated and/or fibbing to the FBI, not "muh Russia" charges) to be filed. Will be interesting to see what the thing actually says so it's too early for a "wah, wah" yet. Little reported in 'Merica is Ukraine has opened an investigation in the Ukrainian government trying to interfere in the US election for Hillary. To include some shenanigans from her State Department and those suspected bits of the Ukrainian government. Still, at least it doesn't involve uranium...
  14. Damn, I am sorry to read this. As so many have testified in this thread, you aren't the first to have it happen, but it still hurts intensely personally. So, mostly my advice echoes what's been offered: 1. Lawyer 2. Freeze assets 3. If you can stand the loss, cut your material losses and let her have it. Eventually, you will get new stuff and she'll have the by now old stuff that breaks and is utterly not your problem. 4. Lawyer for any communication if at all possible. Even if this is "amicable," using a lawyer can help prevent another last minute surprise as like what set this sad thing in motion. 5. If you can afford it, and this sounds like the absolute worse time for it - starting airline pay, temp Guard time, etc., offer big on child support in return for reduced or no spousal support. She can get a job as her newly acquired license shows. And if she does become successful, there's nothing that prevents you from seeking spousal support in a community property state. 'Sacrificing' now for and with the kids will eventually end and you are shed of her and any further commitments to, for, and around her. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, you'll be free at last. 6. If possible, I might disagree with the staying in the house stand. Too much opportunity for her to say you lost your temper and she needs more compensation. If you aren't there, and you both are gonna have to sell the house anyway (1/2 the sales cost is on her, btw), it doesn't really matter. And keeps you in the use a lawyer for any communication mode. That 1/2 of all bills/expenses from her execution day forward should be split in a community property state (Ask me how I know...). That's a fact that she may not be expecting; some substantial debt starting now vs. the pay-off she might've expected. That's leverage for you - "I'll take X amount of debt now in return for no/smaller percentage of spousal support." Again, some pain and money out of pocket now and a cauterizing of the financial/emotional wound fairly soon.
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