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  1. OPR: Brig Gen Goodwin https://gazette.com/military/air-force-academy-removes-commandant-of-cadets-amid-investigation/article_7d20dc86-6aae-11e9-83cc-2b0168fe8995.html Too soon?
  2. Question: in today's market, how does a recently retired USAF fixed wing pilot NOT get hired by a major? I assume, assuming all basics - ATP, etc - are in place that it either comes down to the interview or a version of a black-ball from someone who knows the candidate. Follow-on questions: - How does one blow (sts) the interview? - If some form of a black-ball, how does the company know of such? Are potential hires known/announced? Is it word of mouth? My curiousity is because a former commander very recently was turned down by a major. Not sorry as the individual would very quickly let everyone know he/she was the smartest person not only in the room, but ever. But that news led me to wonder the above. Might help those pursuing such a job.
  3. brickhistory

    F1 Thread

    Brazil race was reasonably entertaining. Wonder how Sainz felt being awarded 3d well after the fact? "Yea, congrats, but the champagne and the podium have been packed away." Cannot believe the damage caused by the seemingly light touch between the Ferraris. How do explain that one to the boss...? RUMINT is that Haas might bail after next year since their team points are so low. As to Grojean, I kinda like the unpredictability factor. Some days he's very, very good. Others, he's a kamikaze. Which makes it sporty for the rest of the field.
  4. A tasty, if dry, cocktail prior to the main course FISA report being released supposedly around the first of December. https://oig.justice.gov/reports/2019/a20009.pdf Senate hearings on the FISA report are scheduled to begin 11 December.
  5. You give Ivan much more credit than I. The current divisiveness is all 'Merican. It's good for ratings/clicks and feeds the outrage machine so the coal keeps getting shoveled into the respective angry machines. (Not a green metaphor I admit. Greta would not be amused...) And my previous post related to the current outlook for the 2020 Presidential election is not denigrating one side. If I'm one side, I'm feeling pretty optimistic. If I'm on the other, perhaps not. Except for the comment about the undead Hillary. That was meant literally. I abhor censorship.
  6. Stock market up again in multiple days of record territory. Low unemployment including historic lows for unemployment for various minorities. Killing of a really bad guy overseas. Historic number of judicial placements. Unprecedented deficits and federal debt which is getting very little attention. Seems alargely offensive position. Literally partisan impeachment inquiry. Indeed, the only tiny bit of bipartisanship was against proceeding. John Dean, convicted felon and disbarred attorney again saying something is worse than Watergate (only in America can you make a career off that). Philosophical wondering of if Trump's 'crime' was seeking political dirt against a rival, then how can political rivals be allowed to sit in judgement in the Senate? Second wave of Democrat presidential candidates ashore, wading past the rhetorical bodies of Swallwell, O'Rourke, and whoever else quit thus far. Seems a defensive position. But they did have the threesome gal there for a bit, so some sexiness. And Hillary, who is still not President, squawking about running again. It just won't die...
  7. Recommend the book "The Escape Artists" by Neil Bascomb Essentially the World War I version of the The Great Escape. Which I also recommend that book if you haven't read it. Author was Paul Brickhill, a RAF Spitfire pilot who was in the POW camp at the time.
  8. brickhistory

    F1 Thread

    Watching the practices thus far, the "bumps" as they're being called are rocking the cars pretty good. Near speed-bumps would be another term that would be acceptable. Gonna make the actual race interesting as it might tend to throw the cars around and in a crowd. Looking forward to it.
  9. Indeed. So you assume he's doing the right thing. "Maybe" is all I can get to. He's got his views regarding US policy towards Ukraine and, according to reporting, "expressed concern that the President's policy differs from the interagency's." Guess who's "opinion" matters in that case. He either gets a medal or a court-martial in the public's eyes. Which means it's political. Which is a bad thing to associate with our military.
  10. And there's the rub. His job or his opinion regarding American foreign policy. There's debate about which he's testifying to. As a minion, he's supposed to carry out the legal wishes of the elected President. If he does, in fact, think POTUS did something illegal, then he has an obligation to step forward. If he simply disagrees with the foreign policy of this Administration, which according to the limited, available press reporting, then he's a partisan in uniform. I don't question his patriotism even if it's the latter case (which is what I think). Pretty sure Big Army would have preferred he not be highlighting his uniform since it greatly contributes to the view of politiciization of the military.
  11. brickhistory

    F1 Thread

    Thanks. I live between Austin and San Antonio but am traveling during this race. Thinking about making a weekend of it next year.
  12. brickhistory

    F1 Thread

    Are you really going? Have you been to one before? I have not. Is it worth the time/expense? Not being able to see the entire course and race leads me to be a couch spectator. Is it good in person?
  13. So an Army LTC appears before the House inquiry today in full dress uniform despite him working in civvies in his job at the NSC. And his apparent testimony is that he had "concerns" about President Trump's phone call to the Ukrainian President and what it might do to bipartisan relationships between the US and Ukraine. Is that how it works now? O-5s get to make/wreck national policy? Wish to sh1t I'd known that... edited to add: Remembered Marine LtCol Ollie North of Iran-Contra fame and also of the NSC after I wrote the above, so I answered my own question.
  14. Meanwhile on the Congressional side, a few interesting characters that don't seem to be getting enough attention. Rep Illhan from MN was reputed to have married her brother in a citizenship scheme; then was found to be technically married to two guys at the same time (we were divorced under Islamic law!), and has numerous children between the two of them. Now is named in the divorce proceedings of a DC- based Dr. who claims her husband is sleeping with Congresswoman Illhan. And paying him $250k + in "consulting fees." Congresswoman Hill from CA has admitted to an on-going threesome relationship between herself, her husband, and a female staffer. Which broke up during the current, on-going divorce proceedings. Which include her, the Congresswoman, sleeping with her male Chief of Staff. And I thought deployed shenanigans could get weird...
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