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  1. Now, if you'll excuse me, you're blocking the aisle of the Class VI and that sale on Sailor Jerry's isn't gonna last forever...
  2. So, Mr/Ms/non-gender specific form of address squadron commander, Tell us how much time you can devote to, you know, the mission in your DOC statement and how much on such silliness?
  3. brickhistory

    F1 Thread

    Ok, this Wuhan Flu/SARS II The Revenge/Walking Dead escaped virus sh!t is getting serious. The Chinese have delayed/cancelled their F1 race in April. How else am I going to see how the pretty people blow (no sts) hundreds of millions of dollars/yuan in a communist country?
  4. Hey, look at this way; Hillary and Romney are still not President. All in all, a good use of three or so months of gubmint time and effort.
  5. Was the action worthy of firing a commander? Or more worthy of a closed door one-way conversation? Does the firing contribute to the next guy being inflexible to mistakes that don't bend metal or hurt anybody? Either way, DAL/AA/UAL/SWA, et al gain.
  6. I'm not a movie fanatic nor a particular movie critic; I like what I like. I don't like being "woken," I don't like being lectured to, I want to be entertained. If stuff blows up, beautiful women are scantily clad yet somehow classy and available, and the writing is good, I'm in. The James Bond films before he got 'woke,' are in my comfort zone. I like semi-historical films as well. I have not seen, nor planning to see, most of the nominated films for this year. 1917 was a good solid movie. Well done, authentic in the details, interesting story. But to answer your question, Tarentino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" was a better, more entertaining move to me. The characters, the actors' portrayals, the writing, and the weird ending entertained me.
  7. A good, solid, well made war movie. Don't regret mixing with the riff-raff which is one of my criterion for movie-going. Best picture award winner? Nope.
  8. Probably not particularly helpful, but I remember vividly the briefing for my one and only ejection-seat equipped jet (the mighty AT-38B) from 20 years ago given by my utterly disinterested charioteer: "Don't touch nothin'. If, after this briefing, you hear the word "eject," pull those two handles up and squeeze the triggers. If, after the third "eject" you have not done so, you may start logging solo time. Questions?" Concise and obviously memorable.
  9. My crew and I were on patrol under the brown flat waves of a remote part of North Dakota when Just Cause kicked off. We had just brought the USS Echo-Zero up to periscope depth to arrange a VERTREP (Amn cook coming down with heated up microwave meals) when CNN brought us the news. Salute.
  10. Ok, boomer. See? It works on several levels here... I'll show myself out...
  11. https://www.totalprosports.com/2019/12/11/commissioner-roger-goodell-says-the-nfl-has-moved-on-from-colin-kaepernick/ I imagine this will also affect his post-NFL employment so instead of asking him to bring my BMW around, the venue where he's likely to be employed would better suit my Ford 4-wheel drive... Say, Nike, how's the shoes working out for ya?
  12. OPR: Brig Gen Goodwin https://gazette.com/military/air-force-academy-removes-commandant-of-cadets-amid-investigation/article_7d20dc86-6aae-11e9-83cc-2b0168fe8995.html Too soon?
  13. Question: in today's market, how does a recently retired USAF fixed wing pilot NOT get hired by a major? I assume, assuming all basics - ATP, etc - are in place that it either comes down to the interview or a version of a black-ball from someone who knows the candidate. Follow-on questions: - How does one blow (sts) the interview? - If some form of a black-ball, how does the company know of such? Are potential hires known/announced? Is it word of mouth? My curiousity is because a former commander very recently was turned down by a major. Not sorry as the individual would very quickly let everyone know he/she was the smartest person not only in the room, but ever. But that news led me to wonder the above. Might help those pursuing such a job.
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