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  1. USAF Dr/Col, "You guys suck now, you have sucked, and you will continue to suck!" Big Blue, "BUUURRRRPPPP!" also, good thing our very own AF congresscritter is investigating important, meaningful things...
  2. Guess everything "combined arms" will need to be updated.
  3. If she's your representative, then fair enough. If not, then yes, you are singling out a vaguely nutty rep as opposed to particularly heinous ones regardless of political party. As well as slamming those constituents who have a different opinion than you. Seems a bit high-handed to substitute your judgement for theirs. As well as pointless.
  4. But nary a word regarding: -Maxine Waters -Ilhan Omar who - AOC - Jamie Pressley -Jamilla Prayapal - etc, etc, I'd say those congresscritters, in particular, are more destructive than 2nd Amendment advocate Boebart. Huh, interesting, I guess...
  5. Generations past, to include those who came here prior to us being us worked hard, tried to make it better for their off-spring. If the off-spring don't appreciate it, but rather blame their parents (which every generation has done), then who really is to blame for outcomes? But, what the hell, get the vaccine. You'll be GTG in life.
  6. Always somebody's elses' fault. Convenient. Try harder or smarter. Not feeling one bit of guilt.
  7. As long as he's got his Kung flu 'vaccines,'...
  8. Wrong think. You will be assimilated.
  9. C'mon, Haas! There should have been some serious points Sunday. Do better.
  10. Saw Top Gun: Maverick today. Solid A- approaching A for an entertaining movie. Enough of the looking back to tie it in, but good enough to stand alone. Amazing what a haircut and a 'stache can do to an actor's appearance. Rooster/baby Goose was spitting image of the deceased RIO in the film, but nothing like him in real life. Some minor quibbles, but overall a good flying and entertaining movie. Kick ass music to go with the flying. On the bittersweet side, I watched the original in the theater when it came out. I was newly commissioned, awaiting active duty start. I was also newly married to the A-model wife. Naive and motivated, I couldn't wait to join (even on the non-flying side) "we few, we happy few" of the 1986 Air Force. It was gonna be all doing a meaningful job with the bros and drinking at the O'Club. Watching it today was the opposite bookend. Much older, fatter, balder, and with the B-model, I recognized the military as being more the drone admiral's vision than that of the bros. Sigh... And back then, Kelly McGillis' Charlie would've been the choice. Today, the Jennifer Connolly/Penny would be the age/looks choice. Good movie.
  11. Last Sunday's Monaco - other than being on my bucket list for a place to see world class "talent" due to all the money, was yet another cars on parade event. Tradition is fine, but not when the fat hippo cars can't pass on the narrow streets. Sounds like McLaren is pointing to the door for Riccardo.
  12. Ricky Gervais' new comedy special on Netflix is pretty good; not gonna make the alphabet people happy...
  13. You do you. I'll take the one with better t1ts...
  14. I want Hillary to go to jail for any of the many illegal things she's gotten away with over her misbegotten career. To show that justice works for both the little people and those "too big to fail." I want some convictions, in particular, over the Russian collusion fiasco because I want the executive branch to know that it's not ok to pick sides. I do not want to see the continued weaponization of various federal agencies along with their resources to absolutely fcuk over peoples' lives. I want the various GS13s-15s/SESs' to understand they will face consequences for doing illegal things in pursuit of partisan political objectives or to fight against those policies with which they disagree. I do not want more rogue CIA/FBI/IRSI employees. I do not want jumped up Lt Cols who think they should set policy and not those elected officials. A few perp walks might make someone reconsider for the next time.
  15. Trustee, FPC Montgomery would be nice.
  16. Yep, that's on me. I was unaware of the NATO press conference. So it's only been two months. That's much better since not much has occurred. But it's interesting that the timeframe for a Biden press conference, or lack thereof, was the takeaway from my post and not the court-admitted fact that Hillary herself is responsible for the Trump-Russia collusion fiasco that took up several years of our nation's time. Different priorities, one supposes.
  17. Hillary's campaign manager admitted under oath that she, personally, gave the go ahead for a false Trump-Russian bank story (Alfa Bank). Her lawyer admitted that the campaign paid for the false information. The former FBI chief of staff testified that the other lawyer on trial, Sussman, specifically represented that he wasn't representing a client, i.e., lied to the FBI. Also, 100+ days since the vegetable in chief held a press conference. Sure seems like some pressing topics to discuss - Ukraine war, inflation, gas prices, baby formula shortage, overwhelming illegal immigration, leaked Supreme Court draft ruling, etc. I dunno, you'd think he'd have some thoughts...
  18. M2, you ol' dog! (The rail bent...) And slightly on topic, the hundreds of billions of dollars the federal government pays on interest for various loans doesn't seem to be contributing to anything positive. I'm a caveman on these matters, but that's a lot of cash paid by taxpayers (or borrowed from future taxpayers) that doesn't seem to benefit anyone, now or later.
  19. Good idea for a thread. Hope this entry counts; if not, please put it in a more appropriate one: Government often fcuks things up, including NASA. However, the insane engineering of the soon to be operational Webb Space Telescope is something they did right. Besides the big brains for the concept and building the thing, the actual employment of the telescope involved some 300(!) single point of failure operations to unfold the solar shield, the mirror, etc. Any one of them crumps and another $10B is literally up in smoke. They nailed it. https://phys.org/news/2022-05-webb-telescope-explore-solar.html Well done! And I can't wait to see what this thing finds.
  20. The Outfit. Mark Rylance plays an English tailor to 1950s Chicago mobsters. On Netflix now. Pretty good, not what I expected. Solid A-
  21. Vettel's exit strategy for when he's not offered a contract next year: https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/12611765/sebastian-vettel-admits-climate-change-makes-him-question-formula-1-role
  22. https://www.yalemedicine.org/news/coronavirus-vaccine-blood-clots How many discharges for refusing to take the Kung flu non-vaccine and/or medical injuries and subsequent loss of deployable personnel have occurred vs. if the virus had been allowed run its course in nearly the least affected demographic in the nation? Seems a large own goal, but totally worth it, right? But sketchy orders are orders... Surely no correlation: https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2022/01/21/air-forces-enlisted-recruitment-pipeline-is-drying-up-general-warns/
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