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  1. Got it, and I assumed so which is why I said like F-15F, but it’s not a new airframe, it’s just the next iteration of an old airframe. Hence give it a new letter. Or call it the Eagle II and pretend like you developed it from scratch. Edit to add, I don’t really care, it was just more of an eye roll when I saw it.
  2. Yeah, how is it not just the next letter in the series? Like F-15F?
  3. I agree. They are just saying all 100% can be promoted instead of saying maximum is x% that can promote on a given board. Wording is a little weird.
  4. Not sure. I had pneumonia for a couple weeks in Feb 2020 while stationed in Asia that was unresponsive to antibiotics, but they wouldn’t test me because I hadn’t been in China.
  5. That was my reaction to the first shot. I had almost no reaction to the second shot except for being tired for a couple days.
  6. Yes. His IPZ was a DNP. Next year up is APZ
  7. He went down voting my old posts again today, all 26 of my down votes are him, lol
  8. Those airports or Sanford if you are trying to save some money. I’ve been a few times but flew in GA so haven’t stayed there. If you can make a friend or know someone, watching the airshow/aircraft flying in and out under the wing of someone’s plane is the best spot. Not sure what covid rules have affected though.
  9. I stand corrected! Maybe I just assumed it seemed like something the Air Force would do when the guidance came down.
  10. By that logic we can’t fly 13 star American flags because kaepernick and Nike say it’s a symbol of extremism and hate. It seems today it doesn’t matter what you intend with your symbol, words, or opinions, only what the person most offended by them thinks you meant. And I’m not advocating flying confederate flags everywhere.
  11. Air Force did the same, but in standard Air Force fashion instead of just banning that flag they banned all flags except American flags and Air Force flags.
  12. It’s refreshing seeing you talk over the last month and you’re actually saying what I’m thinking.
  13. I don’t understand why everyone keeps interacting with the troll.
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