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  1. I can second that I’ve heard similar rumblings in my corner that this may be coming down the line soon, though I haven’t seen specifics.
  2. Everyone has an opinion, but I’ve found USAFE/PACAF leadership to be way better than AMC leadership. I’ve also found 603rd/613th AMD to be way better to work with than the TACC machine despite their issues.
  3. A lot of it is, but help yourself by studying hard, being respected in the airplane, and most importantly being a bro in the squadron.
  4. Special planes, not special people. The gap is really just way less red tape because risk is acceptable vs. AMC 0 risk tolerance as well as AFSOC keeping hold of cooler missions. Letting slicks do it partly defeats the purpose of AFSOC so I don’t ever see them giving anything up without a fight. Both of those things are big pluses, but the slick world is slowly getting better. If you go slicks though, priority one is escaping AMC and going PACAF or USAFE.
  5. 90% the same, slick tends to travel more and MC tends to get cooler missions. Both have good and bad bases with similar over seas options. Only caveat is it’s possible to go slick to MC, but once you are MCs you are pretty much AFSOC for life.
  6. You’ve already figured out how to be good at pilot training as a cadet. The Air Force could really value your insight. Please help your instructors with their rack and stack when you get to Sheppard.
  7. Career wise? Don’t disagree. Good cadets tended to have decent careers. More of a correlation. Abilities as a pilot? I saw almost 0 correlation between cadet ranking in my fellow ROTC cadets (my school had about 150 in my junior/senior years) and how they did in pilot training. PCSM seemed to be one of the few things that did correlate. Obviously this is just my point of view and there are always exceptions, but it was a fairly sizable group.
  8. No, a good PCSM from what I saw was just a decent indicator. Plenty of dudes with bad PCSMs picked it up quick. My point is while even that may be an indicator there is no cookie cutter perfect every time UPT student, and a lot of what you think is important to UPT as a cadet doesn’t translate to automatic success in UPT.
  9. Your score on whatever the hand eye coordination test thing was, and previous hours in an airplane. Abilities as a student? Mostly irrelevant. It shows a drive to succeed. Lots of “bad” cadets are great in UPT, and lots of “good” cadets are terrible.
  10. What if one parent isn’t a citizen, just a green card? That effects more than a few people.
  11. My wing hasn’t had a historian for close to 2 years
  12. The global hawks here at my overseas base are parked next to the base aero club hangar...
  13. Then go be a mx Officer. All you have to do is not quit to command. Higher risk reward in the flying world, but at the end of the day you get to go crew planes and put warheads on foreheads. Do you really want to go back in time to commissioning and choose a non aircrew path to command? Not doing anything wrong does not a good commander make either. It just means you took care of what you can control, but it doesn’t mean you’d make a good commander. Not that you wouldn’t but one doesn’t necessarily equal the other.
  14. Obviously they flipped 1 and 2, but I’ll forgive them. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/g28612977/badass-planes-ranked/?source=nl&utm_source=nl_pop&utm_medium=email&date=080719&src=nl&utm_campaign=17709519&slide=24
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