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  1. I don’t have a picture of it but I was sent to Beijing when I was refragged after show time and had to deal with a high level pax. Of course the J model is not GPS approved in China so now I’m the only aircraft shooting the non GPS arrival and it is about 15 step down segments in meters switching between headings, multiple VORs and NDBs and various speed restrictions. It was a little chaotic. Add to that gusty winds so I’m supposed to fly a 144kt approach speed, but I overspeed my flaps at 145kt. Most of the time it’s when you are going into a field with no radar service using procedural deconfliction, probably some place like Africa or the Balkans, and you look at the approach plate and even after years of flying think what the hell is this. Luckily you usually can look over the approaches the night before but not always, and ATC seems to be good at getting you to join the arrival/approach in the one way you weren’t expecting. The more experienced you get the less this happens and the more you laugh at/teach the young guy struggling, but as the young guy going into some interesting fields in the middle of no where at mins, it’s everything to keep your SA up. I’ve shot multiple circling NDBs at mins after I was told in pilot training NDBs were going away and I’d probably never have to shoot a real one. I’m sure there are plenty of other guys on the forum that have had some ridiculous foreign approach sprung on them at the last second.
  2. I agree with you. Also, there should be a fully qualified AC or IP in the seat in a heavy every time with a copilot, so take advantage of it. I usually let my copilot fly a complex approach until they are overwhelmed and then take it if I need too. Instruments aren’t hard but they will definitely kill you. If we don’t trust our ACs then either extend time to upgrade or don’t just upgrade everyone “because it’s their time”. You can get the majority of instrument experience in the sim just fine, and the rest as a copilot on the line. Tac flying on the other hand, which varies airframe to airframe in the MAF, needs ass in seat time. On that same vein though, I think a lot of MAF leadership focuses on “sexy”, “cool” training that they can claim they prepped the fleet for instead of getting the crew force good at what we would actually be doing, wasting our training opportunities. Just my opinion.
  3. The timeline is published by AFPC. No PSDM though so it’s not super helpful except to make everyone write their PRF. Luckily it’s only 2 lines so if some end up not on this board it’s not as much wasted time as it used to be. As far as writing the 2 line PRF, no one really knows what right looks like yet, but you can’t use any info already in a PRF so it sounds like yours may get rewritten. What I’ve seen (which may or may not be normal) is top line a statement about why your experience makes you good to this point, and bottom line is your push line of strat or no strat and why you’ll be good in the future. Honestly though I’m sure everywhere is doing it slightly different based on their own interpretation.
  4. No idea. Rumor here is 1BPZ is the new first year IPZ, but for all I know someone made that up.
  5. Yeah they gave out timelines with no PSDM. None of the wings have anything more than a timeline, which makes it hard to do PRFs. Your wing probably did what ours did and had people write PRFs so that there was something to hack on once the PSDM dropped. The way it was explained was there will be no more APZ/BPZ. 5 years of IPZ and when you get promoted you aren’t tagged differently regardless of what year in the zone you were. Everyone getting looked at is supposedly treated the same as well. Without the PSDM though we don’t know for sure, and we don’t know which years are going to be the new IPZ. Basically that means we aren’t really sure who is meeting this board. I know for you that would mean a decent chance of another IPZ look if this all happens this board. There is also a chance they push it to next board, but I doubt it with this much delay. EDIT: if a mod wants to move this to the PRF thread I’m not opposed
  6. PACAF commander told our base that at an all call last week. Also PACAF staff thinks that’s why the PSDM for Lt Col is 2 months late so far. Sounds like they are trying to switch to the 5 looks in the zone with no BPZ starting now. In another thread it sounded like someone on this board is a lot closer to the source and was confirming this as well. no idea on how this will affect specific year groups.
  7. I can second that I’ve heard similar rumblings in my corner that this may be coming down the line soon, though I haven’t seen specifics.
  8. Everyone has an opinion, but I’ve found USAFE/PACAF leadership to be way better than AMC leadership. I’ve also found 603rd/613th AMD to be way better to work with than the TACC machine despite their issues.
  9. A lot of it is, but help yourself by studying hard, being respected in the airplane, and most importantly being a bro in the squadron.
  10. Special planes, not special people. The gap is really just way less red tape because risk is acceptable vs. AMC 0 risk tolerance as well as AFSOC keeping hold of cooler missions. Letting slicks do it partly defeats the purpose of AFSOC so I don’t ever see them giving anything up without a fight. Both of those things are big pluses, but the slick world is slowly getting better. If you go slicks though, priority one is escaping AMC and going PACAF or USAFE.
  11. 90% the same, slick tends to travel more and MC tends to get cooler missions. Both have good and bad bases with similar over seas options. Only caveat is it’s possible to go slick to MC, but once you are MCs you are pretty much AFSOC for life.
  12. You’ve already figured out how to be good at pilot training as a cadet. The Air Force could really value your insight. Please help your instructors with their rack and stack when you get to Sheppard.
  13. Career wise? Don’t disagree. Good cadets tended to have decent careers. More of a correlation. Abilities as a pilot? I saw almost 0 correlation between cadet ranking in my fellow ROTC cadets (my school had about 150 in my junior/senior years) and how they did in pilot training. PCSM seemed to be one of the few things that did correlate. Obviously this is just my point of view and there are always exceptions, but it was a fairly sizable group.
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