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    “And this section right here lists all the girls I took on dates but never slept with”
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    Where is general Chang when you need him?
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    HarleyQuinn? Or whatever your name was, is that you? Sure seems very similar... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In case there is any question about whether or not the whole system is fucking rigged. And yes I'm just bitter that my fund doesn't do anything that would get us free money from the Fed. "One potential solution is to lend cash directly to smaller banks, securities dealers and hedge funds" https://www.wsj.com/articles/hedge-funds-could-make-one-potential-fed-repo-market-fix-hard-to-stomach-11578997801?reflink=e2twmkts
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    If you have received a European tour you have won the lottery. Think of it as the AF paying for a ### year vacation. I am an old guy and my first assignment out of UPT was a 3 yr Germany tour (RF-4C) and we extended. Close nit squadron with reunions still happening some 30 yrs later. No other stateside squadron came close even though we had great locations ie Austin/Tucson. Have been going back to Europe every year for the last 20 but its been on our nickel.
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    Reference the salary post on APC under majors. Lots of good data points.
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    Thanks guys. They finally got my paperwork done and it’s paying out this week. It was an absolute mess and the incompetence at my base was astounding. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Last month they said invites would be sent out mid January so it should be any day now. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Wow, I’m late to the fight but have to throw in my 2 cents. I worked directly for Combo during her time as the ATG/CC. I never heard a raised voice or saw any of the issues you guys cite. She was a competent, professional leader of a very diverse group. I’ll also add to the comments that combat time is occasionally a function of timing and luck. When the war kicked off, my squadron was being shut down and we were denied any opportunity to deploy. I volunteered again in my next two squadrons, but the CC wouldn’t let people go - it would have left him short handed. I got to augment the Army and picked up a BSM, but no air medals.
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    I think you've kind of answered this one for yourself? Being that you've interviewed at a guard fighter unit I'd say your shot is pretty good? Just follow their advice and be yourself and answer honestly. The interview is for them to get to know you better. They basically get your package and the interview to figure out if they want to fly with you for the next 10-20 years. Getting the interview is the hard part. That means they are seriously considering you, out of all of the applicants. Which for a fighter unit, is typically very high.
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    Non-rated AD Air Force to AFR C-17 unit. FC1: November 2017 Reserve Hiring Board: April 2019 Hired: April 2019 Palace Chase Application Submitted: May 2019 Palace Chase Approval (Jan 2020 separation): July 2019 AFR Pilot Board: September 2020 (met and accepted) Separated AD: January 2020 Gained at 340th: February 2020 SERE (maybe): March 2020 UPT: April 2020
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    Yeah, I don't know, but I've made my peace with it. Got some great advice from my then Group CC, that I've taken to heart. Straight up told that I probably wouldn't get an opportunity to command (wasn't really gunning for it anyways, and that wasn't a surprise anyways), but because of that, I don't have the pressure to play the game, so go out and find what makes me happy and do it. If I want to just fly, just do it, the pilot shortage isn't getting better. If I want to get out, the airlines are hiring. If I want to do something else, shoot for it without worrying about career progression. Lots of options still out there. And that mindset has given me some great opportunities since. I've found little niches where I can make make my corner of the AF a better place doing something I enjoy, so it ends up being a win-win for me and the AF. If I retire as a major, great, I went out doing what I liked to do. If I make lt col, great, that retirement paycheck will be bigger. My self worth doesn't rely on what's on my shoulders.
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    I didn't see any part of his post that said you should do ACSC in correspondence to make yourself more competitive for in residence. I did see in his post that you should do ACSC if you want to get promoted. I did mine as early as I did not so that I would get picked up for school, but because I knew after not getting picked up off my major's board, the odds of getting picked up on subsequent boards was slim to none. In my community especially, it seems the less time you spend flying the B-1 and the more time you can spend doing literally anything else, the better your chances for promotion are.
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    That's about it. Crap happens, glad you have been fortunate enough to dodge it. Probably hurt having a long casual LT period (not by choice, ~1 year) followed by training with the Navy (last choice on my dream sheet, ~15 months because of how the AF prioritized classing up for training, so I sat casual again for several months), followed by a UPT contractor strike. So bad timing all around early in my career, and essentially 1 Lt opr short of what I should've had. Flew the line, 2x flying deployments + 1x non flying deployment, C-17 IP, airdrop AC, UPT IP. Played the "if I deserve an award, my supervisor should take care of me" game, so only had 1 quarterly award. Only real strat was from the OG as a top 20%-ish flt/cc on my top opr for the board. Nothing spectacular, but not bottom of the bucket. PME done, Masters degree done, no UIF or PFT failures. No missed end of tour decorations, no referral OPRs, no NJP/LOR/LOA. The only thing the promotion counselor had for feedback was not enough awards. So yeah, crap happens, better lucky than good, timing is everything, etc
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    https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19810010485.pdf Nerd it up. Could have saved ~$1-2B by now. My other favorite stupid decision is the continual failure to re-engine the BUFFs, but I digress.
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    Congress hasn't been in good faith for over a decade. Just look at the requests for Obama to have a new AUMF for the ISIS fight. Nobody on either side of the isle wanted to put their name on a "vote for war" that may end poorly like the one for GW II. It's easier for them to not do anything and blame the Executive rather than actually do their job and legislate.
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    Not related to a commander getting fired but I was on Talent Marketplace looking at Ops Officer billets. Have some OSS leadership billets always been sourced from Airfield Ops in the past? My little corner of the USAF (AFSOC) I’ve seen nothing but rated folks. I guess it makes sense because where else is a 13M going to command?
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    My brother’s a Boom there and loves it.Great squadron.
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    I extended to 4 years (married, 2 kids at the time) while I was at EGUN ... awesome opportunity and the squadron was great. This was in the age before Amazon, but even then there weren't many American thing we did without. I was ready to go back to the states after 4, but was sad to leave.
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    My data on Mildenhall is dated (2013-2016) but the vast majority of people, single and married wanted to extend our tours. Most of us and our families would have gladly stayed as long as we could. A few of the bro’s wanted to get back CONUS ASAP but I’d say that was the vast minority. Also, first assignment dudes had a very different perspective than second of third assignment guys. A lot of the young CPs and ACs thought they were getting worked pretty hard Ops wise. It is true things got really busy, but I’d take EGUN busy over McConnell busy. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Ok...gay ‘athletic endeavor’. Better?
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    Yeah pretty sure it’s him (previous Shazam too). He’s over in the Promotion thread posting his awesome strats and wondering why he didn’t get picked up for O-5. Any over/under on how long it takes before he goes full retard again and gets banned?
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    Let me give you non-flying USAF life advice: Enjoy where you are at, pause, realize you are getting paid to do an awesome job while traveling the world. Surround yourself with good friends and have fun. You’ll only be young once. Don’t always look for the next thing thinking it’s better than now, especially if you think that your career or what you fly will determine your overall happiness. Advice I’d give 25yr old me now that I’m old with 3,500+ hrs spread across 4 jets and I realize some of my fondest USAF memories was flying the worst jet of my career in the worst location of my career with some of the greatest people I’ve met making the best of our circumstances. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    I cross-flowed from the KC-135 (RAF Mildenhall) to the B-1. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. There are pros and cons to every airframe. You have an awesome assignment. You’ll “deploy” to Europe and TDY to over a dozen European countries. You’ll get tax free flying in the Adriatic Sea. You’ll fly all sorts of high priority missions to include aeroevacs, human remains, SecDef movements, and more. It feels cool to directly support the fighter/bomber that dropped bombs on the bad guys. Enjoy it!
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    Maybe it's on a sliding scale but one that is not linear, we know when the curve goes exponential and I suspect they do too. Single digits and killed in an indirect fire incident will probably not get Kharg Island or Tehran turned to rubble but it will get something destroyed of value with the intention of killing Iranians in the process, both sides know that this is a function not equation. As to consensus, yes required for major, on going actions; responding in kind or some multiple of it to punish, dissuade, preserve honor and reestablish deterrence, no. Congress is necessary in the overall scheme of things but not where the direct action needs to happen. The pax on the jet can tell the pilot about the ride but ultimately the pilot is in control, duly noted. Now when the jet the lands the pax don't have to buy another ticket and without that the jet doesn't go, they have an input just not at every moment. LOAC does not prevent destroying civilian infrastructure if said infrastructure is used in war making / supporting activities, for the attacker it is a matter of how many degrees of separation from said war making activities you believe are required before you consider it off limits. Mosques used to shield fighters are legitimate targets, hospitals with AAA guns on them are legitimate targets. POL facilities that support directly or indirectly war efforts of an enemy (state or non-state) are legitimate targets if you trace the economic output of them to the enemy inside of the range of separation you deem appropriate for military action. Will respectfully part company with you on rando chest thumping on the internet, you approach the problem from the angle as you wish it to be rather than what it really is. You've mentioned on BO that you sit on the left side of the isle, fine you're choice but the problem with the Western left is that it incorrectly believes everyone else in the world in charge of other non-Western countries wants the same things for their people, has some common values with the West or can be reasoned with based on what will bring them material gain. None of those things is inherently true. There are vast swaths of the world that don't want their people to live to well, that are not interested in peace or normal relations with the rest of the world as they need external enemies to distract their populations from the incompetence and corruption of their rule and do not in anyway respect or want to live in the "rules based order" that the West thinks is/has to be ascendant across the globe. These people respect power and act on fear. Fear they will lose their power and/or lives. Occasionally kicking the shit out of them when they get too frisky is just an unpleasant fact of life if we wish to have a presence in their area of the world and or keep them from getting leverage over too much. You're right we do have lots of options as a superpower but make no mistake, no one respects a strong dithering pussy. A big strong guy that allows a weaker, aggressive, loud bully to push him around doesn't actually have anyone's secret respect, they (the crowd watching) are just waiting to see what happens and to go with the winning team. I'm not saying to just willy nilly throw power around and act like an ass around the world, but when it is time, just do it and state it was in our interest to resolve the matter favorably to our interests. No apologies, no over analyzing it. Victory is a rationalizing force all it's own.
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    My Guard unit is always looking for guest help to sit alert. Title 10 orders, full AD pay, BAH, BAS, etc... 10 days work/20 days off per 30 day orders, full per diem, lodging paid for, TAMP 180, not to mention time off of your guard retirement age. My plan is to keep doing this off and on and get an Active Duty retirement while still keeping my line number at the airlines. Best of all worlds. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    For all the gonnabe's out there looking over the fence at the greener grass, those first two words are mucho important. The grass is still greener even if you wanna move back home to your farm in central KS, but most of the epic tales are from guys living in base.
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