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  1. https://www.flyingmag.com/air-force-strategies-chipping-away-at-pilot-shortfall/
  2. I think he’s asking for specifics of what those USERRA issues are.
  3. I don’t think that’s technically true. There is a form your CC can fill out and approve outside employment. But it’s not required. Just as long as your other job is on a non interference basis and doesn’t have a conflict of interest. Meaning you can’t do a job that is directly related to your mil job. Because that would create a bias. Otherwise as long as you don’t have a bias and you are doing it on your free time or leave that has been approved, there shouldn’t be any legal issue. With regards to the airlines, I have no idea. But I’ve known people flying for the majors prior to terminal. And on active duty or guard or reserve.
  4. Very few countries are morbidly obese like the US as well as those countries that are that obese don’t have any where close to the population we do. It’s an underlying problem that causes so many health issues that doesn’t help with recovering from a sickness. Let alone covid.
  5. How nice would it have been to have the undergrad and grad or even some of the student loans paid by the AF….. oh well.
  6. Then why do civilian pilots get so mad when people drop long term mil leave?
  7. My “change my mind” was made in jest or sarcasm. Notice nothing from anyone in support.
  8. If everyone got the VAX and wore their masks Covid 19 would cease to exist. Change my mind.
  9. Actually unvaccinated people who are sick are less likely to get others sick because they are aware of their issue and can take action. Those who are vaccinated are the bigger and untested (because no symptoms) of covid spread. See the difference? Masks are for vaccinated and sick. Not the unvaccinated and symptom free. Follow the logic?
  10. Let’s assume for sake of argument you are 100% correct pooter. Take the next step in thought. What if anything should be done about it? If people who are aware of the vax and choose not to get it die, is that bad? Then apply your answer to the major causes of death in our society and issues of health. Heart issues. Over weight issues. People choosing to end the life of others medically without giving them choice, cancers, smoking, drugs, etc. are you going to make choices for those people or take away health care for them or charge them more insurance because they are exercising their opinions? It’s a really big open question. Sorry. Allow me to break it down or retort based off your answer.
  11. Yeah. There needs to be more data on WTF is going on with that
  12. Whoppie got it. And she was shocked because she said she did everything right. https://www.foxnews.com/media/whoopi-goldberg-stunned-testing-positive-covid
  13. Agree to completely disagree. And your points don’t hold water. Like the answer to the pilot crisis. Add more water to the bucket with holes. Don’t fix the holes. We can always deploy forces and choose to dis regard or come to a different agreement with host nations. It’s them we are going there to support. And not doing things like that is a sign of weakness that democrats routinely do. The military is full of exemptions and waivers. If we didn’t have any we couldn’t function period. Your argument doesn’t hold water.
  14. I bet there are those on this board that think yes, it was worth it and good riddance. The same people that applauds the degradation of the military in the name of inclusiveness, diversity,and equity. And it started at the top. Thanks fingers Goldfien! Science and diversity only matter as a verbal defense for stupid decisions not actually supported by true science or diversification. Enter Pawn or Prozac reply to why it is important to weaken our military and country in the name of Covid defense even after the great and powerful Fauci flip flops on society closure and requirements for those who get covid. Which is ok now because he has no defense for why those who do “everything right” per his instructions are still getting covid. His only defense is to pretend it’s new information and that people haven’t been saying don’t shut down society or make mandates for almost 2 years now.
  15. Mr Mayor. Point of order. I’d like to open feats of strength MWS version or super drink off as options here. [emoji481]
  16. Case can be made that some religions instruct you not to violate your conscious. In a RA type of way.
  17. I’d like to meet any service member who has a religious or anti religious belief that adheres to everything captured in their belief system. It doesn’t happen. For anyone. Everyone on the face of this earth or has been on the face of this earth is a hypocrite in some fashion (with the exception of Jesus if you are a Christian). So that I believe is a straw man argument. Go ahead and knock it down.
  18. How so? I’m not even sure you understand what my claim means. So go ahead and explain it and produce your sources of “history”
  19. If abortion is to happen it would be better to happen in the underground and other countries. More lives would be saved that way. Edit for clarity. More innocent deaths would be prevented that way.
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