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  1. Thank you for defining indifference. Edit: I have failed and continue to fail. I could be doing better.
  2. Now, we must all fear evil men, but there is another kind of evil, which we must fear most, and that is, the indifference of good men
  3. Each FSDO is different. Might be worth your time to shop around and find one that will. Would likely be cheaper for the airline flight out for that one thing than renewing all that.
  4. I thought AA has hired mil pilots with sub 1000 hours as long as you can check the fighter pilot, test pilot, or weapons officer box.
  5. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. We know what percentage of the total facts in the case? More than 0 but not much more? #metoo and believe all women has had a lot of negatives to it. As it stands, he is currently innocent. Who knows what happened?
  6. Another irreplaceable bro goes west. Here’s to Sherm. [emoji481] https://www.ksby.com/news/local-news/veteran-pilot-killed-in-vintage-airplane-crash-in-kern-county?_amp=true
  7. Agreed. Free country is about freedom of opportunity. Not equity. Equality. And there is a massive difference. Setting quotas is racist and sexist as a goal for service composition. But doing out reach and spreading the word isn’t. Good post brabus.
  8. Isn’t it impossible to make the percentages of skin color and gender when you can change how you identify at any given moment? Gotta believe that’s a little difficult. But we should spend our treasure and time to try to do it. Who cares about doing military type things.
  9. So is what you are saying we are trying to hit a random moving target with our ambiguous selection criteria because the composition of the US is changing? Nsplayer. Please explain why the military needs to match the skin color and genitalia percentages of our country? Why it matters more than combat effectiveness or capability? Also how is preferring one demographic of skin color over another or gender not racist or sexist?
  10. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2022/08/30/air-force-leaders-set-new-goals-to-diversify-officer-corps/ We don’t want racism. But we will push policies that push one race over another if we aren’t meeting an arbitrary percentage number. (Isn’t this institutional racism that we hear people talking about?) The traits we are looking for is genitalia and skin color. As long as we give the appearance of a skin color and genitalia diverse military, everything else will be good. Think about it. What person, regardless of skin color and genitalia, wants to join an organization that isn’t primarily focused on training and fighting. Winning our countries wars. But we are more focused on ridiculous societal norms of the day. Who wants to join a military (or go to college via affirmative action) knowing that they got hired not because of their ability and hard work but primarily because of skin color and/or genitalia? What about if you didn’t really know after you got hired or picked up if you never found out. If there was always a doubt above your head that you are there because of skin or genitalia and not because of how effective or capable you are. One has to imagine that isn’t a great feeling. Work hard. Dream big. Never give up. Fly. Fight. Win.
  11. Didn’t get past the third word. I was so excited. Haha. Thanks.
  12. Whole lot of it depends there. First question. What is most important to you? Continuing your career and flying on an airplane or location possibility? More to follow after you answer.
  13. Who here still remembers the spin recovery procedure from memory? Kinda like the contra 30 lives cheat code.
  14. Who else went directly to Amazon to order. Sadly I couldn’t find them.
  15. Just kind of the equivalent of a biological male or female saying that they are the opposite gender or no gender at all. Not triggered. Facts matter. And no matter how hard someone wants facts to be otherwise, they won’t change.
  16. And you’ve got altitude hold on all the time. So never touching the throttle unless your consenting to something. Wonder how you apply the bottle to throttle mantra since you likely don’t ever touch the throttles.
  17. Cool. Wasn’t expecting a low hours acceptance for fighters. What other tangibles do you guys go for? Above 85-90 in test scores?
  18. Airplane forms are in theater or with the aircraft….you just sign flight authorizations since you are not co located.
  19. Remotely Control or I pilot (lower case p) an RPA. You have an instrument qual but have not demonstrated the ability to fly instruments as required by 11 series regulations as an RPA RC’er or NAV. There is a reason that the AFSC starts with 18 not 11. Edit. Because the MQ9 isn’t capable of flying instruments. It’s like when a sensor operator says they are a co pilot. They are not. But it sure gets the ladies down on the Vegas strip. I’m not sure if your last sentence is a joke or not. I’ve not met a humble NAV. There are RPA operators that are better operators and officers than some pilots. Doesn’t mean you get to strut around and apply a micro fact at a macro level. Facts are not NAV or RPA hate. They are just facts.
  20. For what type of airframe did you hire people into? Fighters, bombers, tanker, cargo, etc?
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