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  1. My time stamp function failed. Say what time to what time pls.
  2. At the point where Twitter takes over control over these forums
  3. Self depreciating humor. Nice work.
  4. No way pawnman is a single seat Fighterpilot. I don’t believe that.
  5. Just heard unofficial MAJCOM guidance. 1st refusal = LOR 2nd refusal = article 15. 3rd refusal = get the boot Get a religious exemption = get the boot for non world wide deployable. There is no way out of it unless Congress or Supreme Court comes through with a glove save. For you guys wanting out of your UPT contract, this is the way. However be prepared for less than honorable.
  6. Nothing is absolute. Not even that statement. And maybe you should watch 10% true Huggy version.
  7. I don’t respect your opinion. Only one of these two opinions causes death. There are other ways to responsibly not have children.
  8. I’ve already alluded to my opinions. I think abortion is wrong. Why try to have kids if you know there is a big percentage chance that you will have to abort? I’m sure you know of other options.
  9. It’s weird to me how some people say they are fans of freedom of choice for women. What they really mean is they think that some women should have the right to choose to end the life of another (that’s what terminate means). Even if that child is female. Did that female have the freedoms of choice?
  10. Fetal viability outside the womb is a dumb argument. It implies the child no longer needs support past birth. Pretty sure all children would have died if people just stopped supporting babies after birth. What about all of those people on life support. They aren’t viable by themselves without aide.
  11. Guessing the military at large isn’t going to care. Guessing downsizing is coming anyways to pay for current administration pet projects. The RPA community is feeling the pinch big time.
  12. Not seeing any advertising on the App Store base Ops app. Never have.
  13. Kick out the people that are labeled obese from the hospitals and healthcare system first. Since being overweight is a a causal factor in many of the leading causes of death in the us. As well as covid deaths. We should attack being over weight and put a vaccine bandaid on those people if they choose. But being overweight is a far greater issue to this country than covid. But we aren’t doing hardly anything about it. Let’s lock down in a gym https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/282929#alzheimers-disease
  14. Science wins again. Vaccine largely ineffective.
  15. A little levity on the subject.
  16. Dates released for mandatory vax by date. Active and reserves early in November. Guard early December. Court cases have been filed for multiple reasons.
  17. Super realistic. And if you enjoy flying, then easy also. It will go faster than you think and whatever the GI bill doesn’t cover for you, you won’t regret paying off later because you are doing what you enjoy.
  18. How many covid cases weren’t reported or didn’t have symptoms enough to go get tested or no symptoms at all?
  19. Maybe we should start a 3rd chat stream on the topic to clear it up.
  20. I didn’t think vaccines stopped you from catching it or being infected. Just the severity of symptoms or dealing with the infection.
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