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  1. Mine was scheduled in 2020...so might be a bit better now. But it was about a month to hear, then a three month wait to go.
  2. I boarded three times, applied four times. The date I have listed here was the board I got hired on. I started taking the tests while I was still in college, and didnt board for the first time until 2017 if I remember correctly.
  3. Go guard! I'm not saying straight up forget about fighters, but give the heavy units a chance. You'd likely get quite a few interviews. I'd at least give a heavy squadron a visit and see what it's all about. Start shooting out applications if you haven't already. Are there AD rated board dates out already? They cancelled a few this year, so just be aware of that.
  4. Thats a long time to pay someone who isn't providing the company anything. I get what you're saying, but also understand it from the companies side.
  5. Go for what you want. I applied and one base, because that's where I wanted to fly. If you start running out of time, then cast a wider net. The beauty of the guard is that you have the opportunity to be choosy, so exhaust that opportunity.
  6. I work for an automotive supplier, and some recent events have indicated director level management is going to be looking at increasing international travel to get more eyes on things in our plants around the world. Sometimes just having a fresh set of eyes on things makes a world of difference.
  7. Agreed. Second one was meh.
  8. The lack of a south park season, with so much happening over the last year, is sad.
  9. Off the street hire at a Guard Tanker Unit. May 2021 Update: inching closer. again....again......almost there. AFOQT/TBAS: July 2016 Board: November 2019 Hired: November 2019 MEPS: Passed April 2020 amid the 'rona outbreak. Enlistment: June 2020. FC1: September 29, 2020 FC1 Stamped Approved: November 2020 NGB approval: March 2021 OTS: August 2021 UPT: ??? FTU: ???
  10. Does this apply to guard or strictly reserves?
  11. If you live close to your base, its in your best interest to enlist and start going to drill. It counts towards your time in service so any extra you can get will only benefit you. And it's usually a chill weekend getting paid.
  12. Peter builds some pretty cool stuff. Smart dude, but too relaxed about the test phase sometimes. Hopefully there is more behind the scenes. Still cool though.
  13. I didn't think it was all that bad. It wasn't the Ritz, but not bad. The restaurant attached to it wasn't bad either. I think I got coupons to use for it from the front desk. If you golf, bring your clubs. There are courses on and near base. Something to do in the afternoons.
  14. I can agree with that. Which is why I believe it makes a damn good substitute for the time being, and even still a replacement for some people. It just depends on your location, and driving situation. Certainly not a replacement by any means quite yet.
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