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  1. As in you want to go to IFT? A guy in my class currently got his PPL like 5-6 years ago and hadn't flown in about 3 like you said and they told him he cant go. You can try, but it'll more than likely get denied.
  2. Depends on how the syllabus keeps evolving. 2.5 is in flux almost every day it seems. I started same exact time as the first 2.5 class here (I'm last 2.0(1) class) and I think they should finish a few weeks before us potentially. Delays happen all the time though. And 38s are delayed a bit as of current.
  3. Prepare to sweat like never before. 'Bama be hot that time of year.
  4. I'll echo this. You're on the right start, but dont count out heavies until you give them a chance and go see a squadron for yourself. I mean this in the best way, but with 0 flight hours, you have no idea what you like to do in an airplane. not that a PPL and 100 hours changes that much, but a lot happens when you start flying, and even more-so when you get to UPT and start pulling G's in the T-6, wearing the harness and helmet and G-suit. Some people dig it, others are like, well shit, this sucks. If you can, try and get an aerobatics lesson when you start flying. And like Rocket said, something is better than nothing, and every aircraft you fly for the AF will be the best damn one out there. Just go at things with an open mind in todays rushing/applying environment, but go for your dreams by all means.
  5. Stay as long as you can/like, but dont feel like you have to be the last one to leave. Let it be organic. Just get to know people and the squadron and see if you'd be a fit there. Ask guys about flying/not flying things. If you drink, dont get stupid, you gotta drive home remember. Alcohol is a good way for places to gauge people too. Are you gonna handle yourself at the bar while TDY or on a trip? Sit in on any briefings/meetings you can and dont be afraid to ask questions. At least stick around until after lunch, and if its a Friday/Saturday stick around after everyone gets let off and hangs out, if that happens at that unit. Each one is different.
  6. This may be the case right now, but its not always the case.
  7. Shotgun apps even if you dont think you'll get an interview. You may be invited you may not, but you most certainly will not if you dont even submit the application. Do what you have to in order to get some flight time, but dont get yourself in over your head either. Try to find some mom and pop flying school where they are a little on the cheaper end, even if you have to drive an hour away for it. But like its been said, a PPL is usually going to be a hard requirement these days, if not even just a soft unofficial one. With the shear volume of applications fighter squadrons are receiving now, its a weed-out tool.
  8. Yes, but you just stated you are worried about not getting a pilot slot if you go ROTC or USAFA. Enlisting can be a great way to get where you want to go, but you need to understand all facets of each path. You still need to go to school and get a degree if you enlist, and you'll have to postpone school for a little while as you are trained and spun up as a crew chief or whatever job you do. Its a great way to get to know the jet and crew like stated above, but dont enlist because you thinks its a guarantee to wings. Enlist because you want to enlist and kick ass at that job. If flying and flying only is your sole objective, options like ROTC, USAFA, OTS boards or applying to guard reserve squadrons is your best best at only flying.
  9. Then enlisting doesn't seem to be a good option for you either.
  10. Either enlist like above, or do very well in high school and play sports, then go to the Academy for college, do ROTC, or finish college and apply for OTS. Do what makes sense for you. If you dont have interest in being a crew chief or any other enlisted job, then dont go that route. If you do then by all means send it. While it can work, enlisting in a unit is not a fool proof way to snag a slot. There are many roads to take, do some reading on here about the various paths and start navigating down one that makes the most sense to you.
  11. 6-9 months.....but for real, it's hard to tell. You can tell your unit you'll accept short notice dates, but it's still all over the place.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Its a 19' speed boat, so not the biggest. I'll keep an eye out.
  13. Good to know. Uncovered is all she needs. Its not the prettiest boat on the lake, but it gets the job done.
  14. Haha cool. I have one, and its not going to do me any good sitting in a shed back in MI.
  15. Headed to Laughlin in March, anyone on here brought a boat with them to UPT?
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