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    We should have listened to those 90 year old sim instructors who said this was going to happen when we got rid of the “fix to fix” Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Can't speak for those fellas, but one of the now-F-15E squadrons wore berets at one point back in the day, too: the 492d "Madhatters". They picked up the squadron nickname from having adopted the headgear local to where they were based (and the unit moved around quite a bit in the postwar/interwar years) and that included berets while in France. Since they're UK-based now, it is a British bowler hat currently.
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    I’ll feed the troll, it’s both. From a CAF perspective we have already seen what cutting the F-16 B course syllabus does to the CAF units, they call and bitch about the new graduates ability, some even FEB’d. When these students hit the non-UPT world, they are going to be thrown to the wolves. Lacking proficiency in the basics? Wash out of IFF or the B course. Somehow get to a CAF unit and do something dangerous? Have fun in your FEB. It isn’t these students fault they are part of this “experiment” but the bro’s aren’t going to let them kill anybody much less themselves. It simply isn’t the CAF’s (or any combat unit) responsibility to teach what UPTN is skipping or leaving out. There will be some success stories I’m sure, but some students will be a joke. I give this another few years before the USAF is on to some other “good” idea. The CAF isn’t going to lower their standards because AETC did, the whole thing is a bad idea.
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    Jim is a retired F-111 WSO, so he doesn't know. He's asking those who do, since it doesn't seem to make sense to someone with plenty of military aviation experience but who has been away from the game for a while. I can see why, from his perspective, it seems like a very stupid idea.
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    I don’t think you’re hearing me.
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    More with less is not a thing when it comes to training aviators. VR does not replace ass in the seat.
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    Just curious, any whiting mafia guys online? No stand up when I went through as a stud at VT-3, but definitely a table top pretty much every sortie and a simulated EP to a HAPL/LAPL/PEL in the jet. That mentality seems to also build solid aviators. Any one have a different experience with navy trained pilots? I think the problem might be just pencil whipping or rushing EP training. Seems like when I was a T-6 IP a lot of instructors would rush through table top discussions, signing off exposure to EPs 6-9 at a time in about 10-15 min. Sure, it keeps the schedule moving, but does a disservice to the stud. But the pressure is there with increased student loads.
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    Heavy guard guys have gone before. It al depends on NGB and where they have slots available. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    - Unsafe decisions/actions (the type that come from a lack of airmanship that should be overcome somewhere around the first 1/3 of phase 3 UPT). Things I expect a 69 hr PPL to make/do, not a winged military pilot. - Can’t multitask, which contributes to the above. - Basic aviation GK that applies to all airplanes lacking (doesn’t understand portions of instrument flying, let alone basic aerodynamics...when you have to discuss why an action leads to a stall in the operational AF, enough said there). - Physical flying ability immature...this I attribute simply to low flight time in the training pipeline. Not something that won’t come over time, but now the AF expects kids to get these crucial, early career hours in operational assignments instead of T-X in a benign AETC environment. The risk of death, injury, breaking jets, and mission failure is far higher. Those are the big picture ones. The list could continue with more specific items. The common contributing factor is much lower amounts of flight time and skipped/rushed training events due to sliced syllabi. It’s not that young guys are less capable/smart than their predecessors, it’s that they’re getting very shorted on training opportunities combined with a far lower standard in AETC (so guys who should never have had wings have them, and guys in X jet should never have been within 6.9 nm of said jet).
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    My neck...my back...my pu*** and my crack -khia
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    Are you in AFSOC? They have chiropractors just a phone call away as well as human performance people that can help with neck issues.
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    No... getting any sort of gear like space suit parts and spurs was pretty tough, though I didn't really try that hard. I had always threatened to go get a pair anodized gold and wear those on all of my sorties. Again, never did it. Herkbum: yes, they attached to cables on the seat, and they would retract your feet when you pulled the handle. The ones for the 104, U-2, and SR-71 looked nearly identical (the U-2 and SR-71 ejections seats were pretty much identical).
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    I guess put me down in the minority. Signed the bonus this year since I've just got 7 more years to go to retirement, and have made the decision to push for retirement. Probably going to be a terminal major, so it's refreshing as the VML comes up to focus on finding some interesting flying vs trying to play the game. It's still interesting work, and the flying is still good. Plus life's much better when you stop caring about promotion and just try to make what you can better while notching the BS.
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    Anyone in charge here? This article does not mention promotion, but these concepts should be considered as we're about to overhaul the system. Take note. "To find a solution without letting unvalidated assumptions dictate design, we eliminate solution-oriented language (e.g., "I need a car") and substitute problem-oriented language (e.g., "I need to be at work every day" or, even more simplified, "I need to accomplish work"). This is how we discover the value-basis for what we’re designing." https://thestrategybridge.org/the-bridge/2019/7/8/keeping-off-the-grass
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    This doesn't directly help your issue, but i was in a lot of back pain recently and discovered some at home techniques that helped relieve quite a bit of the pain. I sent this on to a doctor to confirm that it would be safe, and they validated that this was a good technique. I hope this helps while you get all the other stuff figured out
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    Why would I not just sign a 3 year bonus and then sign another bonus in 3 years when it has possibly gone up? Is there something I’m missing?
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    When does Homstead hold their boards for UPT? And does anyone have gouge on the fort worth unit reserve group?
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