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  1. I hope the F-35 can fully retire the F-15.
  2. When does Homstead hold their boards for UPT? And does anyone have gouge on the fort worth unit reserve group?
  3. Good for you guys, I don't give AF what you say or think. I'm going to get picked up to either fly the F-35 or F-22 and prove you wrong. What you think of me doesn't matter, your snowflake opinion is worthless to me. Have fun complaining about me on here, looks like that is the only thing going on in your lives! Pathetic you took that much time to reply to me on a Saturday night. Don't have any better plans? Whatever. Have a good life people, your opinion has no bearing on my future. See you in UPT.
  4. Yeah so I would wager you all voted for Hillary Clinton in the election cause you all sound like a bunch of whipped liberal leftists. If I knew any better than I would say you guys probably aren't even fighter pilots and pose as them on the internet to seem cool because you missed out on the dream. You all are a bunch of self entitled pricks who are extremely negative and extremely discouraging. Why would I even want to be your wingman? You all seem like God's gift to the world. Enjoy your lives! If you're living the dream then you certainly wouldn't be spending the enormous amounts of time on this website spreading horrible negativity and spend more time studying how to fly fighter jets better. I wish you all the best and I hope to never see you in real life, that would be a huge disappointment.
  5. Does anyone know when the Ohio F-16 will hold their next board?
  6. Looks like there are hurt feelings on here. It's an opinion, I don't want to live in the south.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I wouldn't be applying to Louisiana just because the location is not nice but I do completely understand that in my circumstances I cannot be picky. I am actually considering the active duty route now because of this uphill battle. Maybe it would behoove me to grind it out in UPT and secure the fighter slot instead of the guard as of right now. Transfer back into guard or reserves when I have more experience. I'm afraid you may be right. Although fighters was a lifelong dream of mine, I might have to consider that I have a different calling. TBH there are other really cool platforms that aren't fighters as well. I'm going to seriously consider all of this and weigh my options. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  8. Have you really? That gives me a lot of hope, though I feel as my age is really the biggest limiting factor. I'm hoping it can be overcome though.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm looking out on all fighters websites and contacting them to visit. I'm not letting anything get past me and hoping to put my best foot forward for each and every unit. I've already taken it twice so I've exhausted that option. It is really risky because even if I took it again I'm never guaranteed that I would score higher. I've been told my PCSM, pilot, and GPA can thrust me through my other bad scores on the AFOQT. I just want to show up humble and ready to explain I'm ready to learn anything and everything and give it my best. My lower scores certainly don't define me as a person, I just hope I'm able to explain it well enough to get an interview!
  10. Time to join the club. I'm still waiting for that coveted fighter interview! I know if I can just get one then I can sweep the board off its feet and get hired. Just one chance. Here are the scores Age 31 P 92 N 66 AA 45 V 68 Q 33 PCSM 99 Flight Hours 73 - PPL GPA 3.67 Germanic Studies LORS A sergeant in the Army, a Lieutenant in the Air Force, and my supervisor. I'm working real estate right now but I really want to serve my country, but only in a fighter. It might sound bad but if I don't get fighters then I do NOT want to be in the military, I would find another way to serve my country. My scores are pretty strong and GPA is really good but my age is the weakest part of my package. Do I stand a chance? Are there any particular units who are sympathetic to older guys such as myself? I just want one shot....
  11. Tell your boyfriend he can post for himself if he wants advice.
  12. Is Duluth sending cascading interview invites? I would say if you haven't heard from them, but people are getting rejected, then we are on the list for interview invites!
  13. Well good job getting hired. Looks like most of us will be lucky to even step foot into an interview...
  14. Well in his profile he said he got picked up so that's kind of what I was assuming. A-10s is a sick gig!
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