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    How long do you think it’ll be before the really psychotic threatening posts start?
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    Same poster as the banned HarleyQuinn account. Same weird ing rants. Do a search.
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    It's like watching a bunch of homeless people fight over a ham sandwich that someone threw in the trash.
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    Seems like a story calculated to impress, but it's actually full of shit. "My WG/CC gave me a P, but then he had to shake my hand because I won an award. Then the MAJCOM/CC said I was one of his best officers and said my WG/CC was a doofus. Then everyone clapped"
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    If he had to give you a P because you were the only eligible, why the heartburn towards the Wg/CC? Lots of people have refused to do ACSC now a days. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Is that good or bad? BREAK BREAK In my little corner of the AF, I didn't think DOs should compete for quarterly awards because they don't in flying squadrons. Until my CC made me submit a package after being on station for 5 months. I was going to defy my CC and not submit one, but she didn't forget. You compete against other DOs period in the Group and Wing. I was like game on after learning that information. Just put it to you guys this way. Nothing like looking the WG/CC in the face to accept an award after he had to give you a "P" (only eligible in Wing) and you refuse to do ACSC. My Chief who is a damn beast told me to walk up there and wait for the award before my name was called as the winner. I wasn't going to do that and give the wings a bad name. People already hate on us enough. But damn, you got to love a Chief with balls!
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    I have a bud who was #1 of whatever FGOs while deployed. I was the #1 CGO. That strat propelled him to Lt Col in the eyes of his boss who was a Colonel I believe. Now he is a full bird. He just got hit with a 365 at his HQs job. I'm was like no thanks bro. Another bud just pinned on Lt Col in November. His deployment window opens in July. I told him to be ready for that 365. His longest deployment was 2 months his entire career. ACSC + 365 = Iraq👎
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    Haven't gotten anything yet either
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    https://www.businessinsider.com/air-force-plan-to-revolutionize-pilot-training-2019-5?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EBB+05.07.19&utm_term=Editorial+-+Military+-+Early+Bird+Brief&fbclid=IwAR3gx6O-yrw7QphGG9TME3z3GsHqNgQ1J0FDMQ_-a9gEQuHpiBsWrpNaF7M in a nutshell: The trainer fleet is aging, funds are drying up, aircraft are prone to breaking, weather sucks, the only good range space is in the South Pacific, and pilots are leaving because they are dissatisfied and lack of sense of purpose. The answer is virtual reality flying.
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    I found teaching in AETC while at the -135 FTU more enjoyable than I ever did my three previous assignments in AMC.
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    Need to second this. There is a lack of mission focus in AMC that you won't realize until you do a tour in PACAF or USAFE.
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    I'm not angry at the guy. He hasn't done anything to me at all. I just said I got to look him in the face for the second time since receiving my PRF. Now, I have never seen a WG/CC have all award nominees do push ups after a ceremony. People complain about Wing PT. Him barking orders and not doing the exercises. I don't have to go so it doesn't bother me. We did a Wing exercise and it was just him trying to get his star. It was pointless and people who never deploy trying to run the show. There must have been some flyers bravado circulating because lots of the names submitted to participate had already PCS'd. Most people didn't show up anyway. Too many Chief's, and not enough indians was a complaint as well. You are not going to storm or take any ground in the AF while deployed, but they did it. I did get to speak to my WG/CC boss who is a Maj Gen during a TDY. I was in the room with other leaders and didn't even ask about my WG/CC. I was discussing training and changing course for what we are doing to prepare personnel for the next conflict. The Maj Gen said I need to get someone in there who shares my vision and said my WG/CCs name. Shots fired! I almost died.
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    Tried today, but the CMS trail already deleted since it's not an "active case" anymore...I'll actually log into CMS tomorrow and post each step it went through on here.
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    I expect to be #n/n-1 I/APZ. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Contrary to the opinion above, I would recommend retaking the AFOQT. Most fighter apps will have higher scores across the board, so getting those up will only certainly help. It’s one less thing in your application to have to “explain”, at least.
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    I totally forgot to post this following my interview back in Feb and for that I'm sorry for lack of detail, considering how well this thread helped me. I was the only civilian at mine so not sure how my interview compared to the Officer/Enlisted guys in the unit / Enlisted from another base. Got word that i knocked it out of the park and I believe its because i compiled all the questions from the threads and spent the time answering them. Casual interview environment with some joking, but I can't overemphasize how cool it was and the advice I got. Girl from another base said she was given a plane down scenario (at her home unit's interview) and basically had to answer in a timely manner how they'd deal with potential hostiles approaching a downed plane. Sounded rough compared to my experience at this other unit. Remember to have good thoughtful questions to ask them too by the way. Evaluate how they treat you and if the unit interviewing you (chances are you'll work with them all) has the leadership/atmosphere you'd want to spend your life working at. 1. Tell us about yourself. 2. What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do? 3. In what ways are you a leader? What type of leader are you? 4. How would your friends describe you? 5. Who were some role models in your life and why? 6. What do you know about the whole process? 7. Have you considered the time commitments / where will you work and what you will do besides the Reserve (seasoning will make it hard to have a job for a while after you're back at the base from training)? Deployments and TDY? 8. Some questions about my hobbies and personal interests. 9. What questions do you have for us? Attached the list of questions that I went through and answered. Ended up being about 7 pages of text but it was worth the time. Interview Questions Blank.pdf
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    As a former flight test guy, I’m appalled that anyone would have thought the MCAS system as designed was a good idea. If Boeing doesn’t get their shit together rapidly, they will be out of business in a very short timeframe. The rampant FOD problems and the design decisions on the 737, KC-46 and 787 paint a terrible picture. Not or a fan of the NYT, but received this from a friend this morning. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/20/business/boeing-dreamliner-production-problems.html
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    I spoke with a guy who was a retired Hurricane Hunter. He said that if one were to go ANG fighters, you wouldn’t have the number of hours required to fly for an airline on the side until 10/15 years. Is this accurate? He said to go tanker/transport if I wanted to go airline.
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    Excellent points. He said other things like you have to be related to someone, I wouldn’t have much of a chance, etc. I’m starting to think he may have a friend in a heavy unit, and is trying to help him recruit. Thanks guys!
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    Be sure to check the benefits of your state if you plan on using them in school. There are also new rules for the GI Bill. Other than that, serious kudos if you can pull it off.
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    I didn’t get an invite

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