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  1. Lol wrong is wrong, glad to see that AFSOC went with a solid contender.
  2. I don’t know man, how many threads on Baseops lately have devolved into garbage political pissing matches. Was kinda nice to have one dedicated to other funny shit.
  3. I’m in no way, shape or form associated with AO so I can’t speak to the capes of the aircraft. I can say that this guy’s reasoning/data analysis on why he thinks it’s gonna be the AT-6 made a lot of sense to me. Official announcement is supposed to come by the end of the month.
  4. Had a discussion with a guy who’s supposedly in the know on this yesterday; he’s pretty sure it’s gonna be the AT-6.
  5. Hopefully this is HIMARS continuing to get shit done.
  6. Possible results of HIMARS action.
  7. Good to see HIMARS getting work done, hopefully they’ll start accurately putting Russian pigs in the dirt.
  8. https://apple.news/Aihp0C36kQ1aTjWfBO2UYCg also looks like we’re pushing the Ukrainians more HIMARS, which I think is very positive, wish we would’ve done this far earlier in the war.
  9. I for one am glad that my tax dollars are directly contributing to Russians burning to death in exploding combat vehicles. Example above, St. Javelin doing work.
  10. Actually most of it centered on how much the requirements are severely limiting the pool of potential applicants (several people/retired guys said they’d happily move to XL if this was a GS-13 gig). And also how much the pay would suck. And they standard wheels coming off/dumpster fire/this will work as well as the dryers downrange type stuff.
  11. Just saw an advertisement for this on Facebook, the comments underneath were amusing to say the least.
  12. https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/6/15/ukraine-to-us-defense-industry-we-need-long-range-precision-weapons Good article/interview laying out the challenges the Ukrainian military faces regarding distance, fires, and logistics.
  13. Another Hind getting schwacked.
  14. Good video of some Russians getting blasted.
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