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  1. Streamed long before the news broke about Hunter's laptop. Hunter Biden sex tapes coming soon
  2. I had a single episode of atrial fibrillation earlier this year that was caused by low magnesium and dehydration. Labs and ekg confirmed that a-fib went away, and I had low magnesium. I was on medication for a month, but was taken off under the direction of my cardiologist. I otherwise have a healthy heart, as confirmed by an ultrasound of my heart. I haven't had an episode since, and I just go back for a checkup in about a month. I know I'll have to disclose it to the FAA, but would the AF look at this physical? Any advice for moving forward would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I a
  3. 2030: Units exclusively made up of transgender women of color
  4. BLM would be taken seriously if they would disavow the lies. Take Michael Brown, the gentle giant, for instance. Most BLM proponents still believe Hands Up/Don't Shoot, and choose to not believe the forensics. Forensics prove that every element of the initial story was a lie; that his hands were up, he was running away, etc. Not to mention his friend went on live TV and lied, then lied to the FBI and never got prosecuted. The other issue is that if you look at FBI crime statistics, you'll see that there's a group that's responsible for a disproportionate amount of violent crime co
  5. Is it really worth it to risk losing the 99 pilot score?
  6. ..........Have you been to Knob Noster?
  7. The 131st BW wants experienced pilots. You should take a look
  8. Please elaborate on the commitment for enlisting. I assume you can't go to OTS until your enlistment is is over?
  9. I read a theory that because Iran's economy is doing so poorly, striking Saudi oil facilities and causing an oil crisis would encourage countries to buy Iranian oil in the face of sanctions.
  10. I know. I’m wondering if he trained in an optimal/supervised manner or if it was unsupervised. See attached study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14736129
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