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  1. Tried today, but the CMS trail already deleted since it's not an "active case" anymore...I'll actually log into CMS tomorrow and post each step it went through on here.
  2. PC approved. Initial submission was on 21 Nov, and as I look back at where everything sat it was the Wing and a Group that f*cked around with it all the most. Completed package got to AFPC/PC on 12 March...so, give them 2 months to process everything and you should be fine...don’t let the Group/Wing sit on stuff and hopefully everyone is smoother than my process. After all the delays and change to my requested DOS, ended up only being about 2 months off my UPT adsc. Good luck all.
  3. BADFNZ: No, I check in CMS. I called yesterday since the last update I heard was "10 business days" but lo and behold 10 business days later they said again "should be to the next person by the end of next week." herkbier: I submitted on 21 November and am only asking for 3 months off my ADSC...so submit as soon as you can, because even mine (which shouldn't have to go to SAF/PC) has taken this long. They already told me I'm going to have to push my DOS back, so now it'll only be about 1.5 months relief from my ADSC.
  4. Finally got in touch with someone useful who asked around and got a response on my package... ”we are working 236+ cases this week that have come back from assignments and will get to it as soon as we can...hopefully will get to it by end of next week, provided their systems don’t go down. They were down yesterday and wednesday...” and then the standard “please work through your ISR if you have any questions.” Then they told me my 18 May separation date clearly isn’t going to work and that will be worked when I submit the final 1288 after tentative/conditional approval...and it has to be at least 45 days after I submit that final 1288 so they can process that one as well. So, me asking for 3 months off adsc is now going to turn into 45 days for additional processing of the 1288, then 45 days of terminal. I’ll be lucky if I can PC even a day.
  5. Are you checking the status in CMS? If it’s been there with no movement I would call and ask for a status check. All they are supposed to do initially is verify your eligibility then send to AFPC to get manning numbers. otherwise if you’re just checking in the application itself it may only say “referred to palace chase opr”
  6. Since 22 Mar? Mine got there 22 Apr, and they said expect to hear something within 10 business days. If yours has been there since 22 Mar I’d call them up and get a status check.
  7. I’m in the same boat...it’s circled back from AFPC and is sitting with PC since the 22nd. i called last week and they said I had to allow them 10 business days to process...so I’m hoping by the end of the week, but it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve been a little off in their timelines.
  8. Just passed 5 months since submission, asking for 3.5 months off of UPT ADSC and 1 month off pcs ADSC. I’ve gotten “recommend approval” at every level, so should be adjudicated with the O-6...but still a painful process. The most recent comment in CMS from AFPC officer assignments states “in line with HAF/A3 guidance (ADSC curtailments of 6 months or less typically supported), DP2O recommends approval.” So it looks like there’s HAF guidance out there, not sure where it originated or who/what it applies to though...
  9. The Wg/CC is refusing to sign it? I thought I remember that they had to take action on it within 14 days... I'd send up the AFI with the references through your Sq/CC up to the wing and see if your boss can convince him it's probably best to do what's required of him...
  10. Currently sitting with the “duty afsc” guy at AFPC that’s supposed to input the Manning numbers. “Core afsc” guy took about 2 weeks to input, and it’s been on the current dude’s desk for 2.5 weeks now. According to the uploaded “dual transmittal” sheet, after him it goes back to the PC office for recommendation then to the O-6 for final decision. my current logic is that since my buddy had his approved for end of Apr that maybe within 2 weeks they’ll get to the mid-May separation packages. I’m at a loss for how this whole thing has played out...
  11. Guy I know just had his PC approved. DOS is end of Apr, and got word a few days ago....I think his requested time off adsc was less than 6 months...he’s a 12S my requested DOS is mid-May and haven’t heard anything...but it looks like they have no qualms with waiting until the last minute to approve packages...I’m getting close to being forced to just change my DOS on account of terminal leave, and I’m only asking for 3 months off adsc as it is, submitted last Nov, and have had recommends at every level so far. Frustrating process, but glad for a bro out there that found luck...
  12. I’m pretty sure that’s only for enlisted, not officer Palace Chase...it’s listed in the separations guide.
  13. it’s called the separations program, personnel services delivery (psd) guide. page 62 is the flowchart.
  14. there’s a document on myPers that has a flow chart and lays it out really simple. I think it’s called the separation program guide or something like that. I’ve got it saved, I’ll let you know on monday when I’m back at my computer. I’ve referenced and attached it as supporting docs when my css or the wing didn’t know where to route stuff. i believe after the HR review by sq/cc and Wg/cc it went to the palace chase office to verify eligibility, then it went to AFPC separations for routing and manning checks. I think the first office code was DP2STM and then they sent it to DP2O...I only remember that because I was stalking for names/numbers on global based on the office codes I could see in the CMS status page.
  15. Actually, looks like you don’t even need CMS access to view that sheet. Go to vmpf>self-service actions >separations >voluntary sep >view my application then scroll down to the documents attached to your app. It’s labelled “new SAFPC transmittal” it’s a consolidated sheet that has the sq/cc rec, Wg/cc rec, afpc’s afsc #s, pc’s rec, and most importantly at the bottom it lists who will be the final adjudication. I think if “afpc adjudicate” is selected then it doesn’t need to go up to sit at SAF/PC for 8 weeks. That’s my understanding, and it jives with Goat’s earlier comments.
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