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    As someone who went through UPT with a marriage on the rocks, my advice to you is this. If you are convinced that this is a marriage that’s not going to work, it’s not worth the stress you’ll endure trying to keep your marriage afloat. 12-14 hour days plus home study isn’t conducive to building or fixing relationships and is difficult for even the strongest of marriages. That being said, if you think there’s something to be saved then by all means make your marriage the priority, fess up about your situation to your CC, get the marital help you need, THEN worry about UPT. UPT is only the start of your new career. Your marriage is your life.
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    most people have issue with this because the AF isn't solving a defined problem set. problem: pilot retention AF solution: enlisted pilots huh? i think a lot of us are skeptical that the AF is shooting for angles behind the scenes and not showing all the cards they're wanting to play and a lot of us are calling bull shit on their actions. big blue has a history of bluffing with 7 2 and now they're getting called by senior pilots holding A A. which makes me think this isn’t about enlisted pilots but something else.
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    My ops group has stiff-armed the majority of bullshit additional duties out there. The officers are all concentrated on primarily mission-related duties as well as flying. There is so much (worthwhile) work to be done to improve our platform and way of doing business. We couldn't afford to have a "flying-only" guy that doesn't help out with that. Pilots don't just pilot. Flying a plane is hard, but regular Joes can be taught. Learning all the technical shit is doable. Handling EPs is tougher. Formation is tougher. Doing all that in a jet is tougher. Doing that in the middle of the Pacific is tougher. Being responsible for multiple aircraft doing so is tougher. Add in weather. Add in GBAD and air threats and their intent to employ against you. Oh yeah, employment, that's why we're here. What, where, why, when and how will we use the thing? Meld that with everybody else's plan in real time. Who figures all that out and takes the responsibility for doing so? Who figures out how we're going to do that tomorrow and in ten years? The pilots (and navs). It sure isn't some mystical puppet master, and if it is, he's a pilot. So yeah, I want somebody with the ability to graduate fucking college first.
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    With that resume, you'd be fine today. In three years, airlines will be even more desperate.
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    Not to scare ya but I have seen these types (of what we know) relationships tube students at UPT, IFF, RTU and even WIC. You are right, get a resolution before you start.
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    I'm sorry for the situation you're going through. While I'm off Active Duty now, I have some advice as well. I'm at the tail end of divorcing an alcoholic and it has been brutal. Our marriage problems started two months after we tied the knot when she cheated on me, with a former groomsman, while I was away TDY. I forgave her and we had three sons together, even though the cheating continued. Even though the divorce is emotionally tough and financially draining, I'm honestly happier than I've ever been. My advice: 1. Always think about the children's best interests (if you have kids), and never make it about you or your ex or your problems. Never badmouth the other parent to your kids, because they will figure it out in the long run. 2. Push for 50/50 custody (legal and physical) of your kids if you can. Kids raised with equal time are far less likely to have substance abuse problems in the future. I'd be happier if my kids were primarily with me, but I'm very fortunate, as a man to have my kids week on week off. 3. Realize that money and stuff is just money and stuff. I gave the ex everything on the list she wanted, but I am fighting tooth and nail to prevent alimony. What I mean here is that you will likely blow through all of your assets and be in debt at the end of the divorce. Even worse if you have to pay alimony and child support. 4. This really should be number one. If you are thinking about divorce, I guarantee that she is already twelve steps ahead of you. Document everything and have witnesses who will testify to your character as a parent and a spouse. See if your STBX is willing to move out and go to rehab. I told my ex that if she didn't go to AA, then I was leaving her. Her parents could also be one of your biggest allies if you play your cards right. This is a slam dunk for custody. 5. Start listening to every podcast (dadsdivorce, etc.) or videos on youtube. You also need to understand how the law works in the state you're in. 6. Hire a private investigator if needed. The thousands of dollars I spent equated to cinematic gold that will be shown in the courtroom (I live in an at fault state). I could put about 1000 things on this list, but you can PM me for any more advice. Best of luck to you.
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    So pics of both former fraus then
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    We probably need pics of this Senior Airman to make a judgment on the matter.
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    I had many memorable days in the Reaper that were more exciting than this, probably will never make live leak.
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    So fired with a pension at a rank that most Officers never see? Must be rough.
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    Failure is not an Option - Gene Kranz. Saw the guy talk at KOSH last year with all the Apollo astronauts, it was great, he still drove the conversation and was the clear leader, when he spoke people listened. Hero of the Republic.
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    Didn't have a clue back then...young, dumb, and just having fun...many friends bagged one or more in Her. Now just mentoring new owner/operators in their business jets. And looking over an old -1...my how things have changed. But I still miss Her.
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    Pilots and drafts don't go together anymore. We'll be out of airframes long before the draft selects the first pilot for whatever training is left to be had.
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    "Oh I had to tap min burner."..boo hoo. Brother try a gunpig in AFG during the summer, hookup at 10K AGL and Toboggan down to 2K to get your gas.