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  1. DEVIL

    F1 Thread

    Max's social media post was also pretty whiny. I'm pretty put off at how they bitch and whine, Toto isn't much better. Was discussing with the frau during the England/Italy game what it would be like to be a woman married someone who flops around and pretends to cry, or whines on social media about a first lap crash...from Max's Instagram "Watching the celebrations after the race while still in hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior but we move on" thats some passive aggressive high school girl stuff right there.
  2. @HuggyU2 what was it like learning to fly in the T-6 Texan 1?
  3. Does this mean that @AZwildcat is your own personal LPA @HuggyU2?
  4. DEVIL

    Latest Movies

    I revisited Days of Thunder recently, and I'm not sure if it's just nostalgia, but I really like how that movie looks.
  5. DEVIL

    Latest Movies

    Highwaymen on Netflix was pretty damn entertaining. Costner does a really good job at being an old dude with a gut, and the ambush scene on Bonnie and Clyde is freakin aggressive.
  6. Exec Summary: The Dragonlady community and it's leadership is fantastic. These LTs are going to have to show up, hold the standard and keep it high without the traditional UPT overwatch. Beale and the 1RS is a tremendous opportunity in an awesome community, there is no doubt about it. I understand the world is a new weird place with innovation officers and VR (of which the 1RS has a really cool set up for teaching the deuce) instead of UPT sorties, so I'm not surprised that they're trying some new things here. Really, they'd be the first to do anything, thats what makes the U2 community so great, it's small enough that their hand-picked guys get to affect change, with leadership that trusts from top to bottom, unequivocally. The tough part for these Lt's is that their job at Beale is to hold the standard in an A Model -38, in a community of professional pilots with thousands of hours, not within the constraints of a highly controlled UPT environment. It will not be easy to do that as an Lt, it wasn't as a Capt. They're going to have to be self reliant, and be ready to hold the line. In terms of staying in the community, having a home grown U2 guy come up through the ranks sounds great for everyone, if the dude doesn't want to stay (and he/she wasn't a total waste) Beale takes care of it's people. Whether it's a sarcastic ass with a mustache, or any number of folks who got hired and couldn't make it through training. They try and get people to where they are going within their sphere of influence. I'm the wrong guy to answer what any of it means career wise, I had plenty of opportunities to check off job titles, and even lead some awesome airmen. I could see a future with some hybrid of this program, kind of a 2+2 type deal. UPT gets it's pound of flesh, the 1RS gets more seasoned guys who have more years to learn about the Deuce and want to commit. If anyone knows these cats and wants to push them my way with questions, feel free. Hail Talons
  7. www.planeform.com ^ These bottle openers kill.
  8. This nerd Rogoway’s touching himself to the idea that he got this O-6 to have to close the loop with him.
  9. What I hate about this situation is that he was professional and reasonable in the statement that came out from Shaw, didn't mention any reasons for doing so, and who knows, spared her some embarrassment by just leaving it at that. Hopefully it doesn't come down to someone saying, "He isn't a bad leader she did X, he had no choice", and now her sh*t is in the street also.
  10. Annnnnnd there it is... http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/26479/commander-that-fired-zoe-kotnik-from-f-16-demo-team-made-this-crass-video-15-years-ago
  11. Long story short: Go fly with an instructor once or twice, build a rapport with the place you'll be renting. All that certification stuff is great, get your mil comp, etc. But I know plenty of dudes who went into flight schools or FBOs like a big swingin' dick with their new wings and have almost killed their family, or been asked not to rent from the airport again. If you didn't start in GA or haven't flown GA in a while its really worth it to humbly go fly with an instructor for a ride or two, and just listen to them. The whole time you might be making fun of their multiple knee boards with information on the closest 69 airports, or the way they make radio calls like their flying AF1, but it'll be worth it in the end. UPT doesn't teach much about VFR flying with the rest of the civilian populace, and if you think you can take a rental airplane on an IFR adventure in the weather, I'd strongly advise against it. Not a holier than thou type of speech, it's just embarrassing to go rent from somewhere and hear from the school about all the AF guys who said they knew what they were doing and subsequently did not.
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