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    This is probably what A1 is thinking...
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    Huggy, we talking about the airplane or about you...?
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    For any UPT students interested in tracking AFSOC or just interested in what AFSOC does/is all about there will a SOF Roadshow hitting all the UPT bases this week 21-25 March. We'll have pilots from most of AFSOC's MDS there to interact with/ask questions, AFSOC CAG will being presenting the official AFSOC mission briefing, and we'll have static MC-130J and CV-22 aircraft. PM me if you have any questions.
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    Its CNC plasma; I occasionally get some access to a laser as well. Definitely looking into more options to improve the products graphically. On a side note, you guys might like this:
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    Ha ha. Exactly. Not sure, coffee and back rubs maybe?
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    They keep pitching this as a fix for retention problems. They can't keep an enlisted sensor operator on AD to save their life, but they can't see that somehow it will likely be the same.
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    Actually, I'm amazed how many pilots only fly to further their careers while their true passion lies in making rank/power. I know some of the "wrong" types only went to WIC because that was one more way to climb. When people fight to be exec, I get worried at our system. Meanwhile, I've seen those same guys after climbing the ladder as leadership look down on hi-time fliers. We'll do ourselves a favor when we make promotion/assignments about skill vs progression thru the square filling. This goes for flying upgrades as well as jobs. When a squadron devotes 50% of its IP resources to get people spun-up for WIC and patches only groom patches, there are issues and I've seen it.
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    We can and do already do that with other systems. Like I said AFATDS (Advanced Field Artillery Data System) pretty much takes the calculating and decision making out of the human discussion because that's where the greatest probability of induced error exists. Every time you lengthening the chain from the customer to delivery you create one more place somebody to question an error but also for a grid to be miffed or target location to suddenly change CDE/etc. If we spent more money into those systems there is nothing that would stop them from including some kind of "Arsenal drone" into a system like that. Just the cost to develop the software and the dedication in training to teach the guys how to implement it effectively. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No it wouldn't. It's a completely nonviable paradigm, but it's not because enlisted guys are somehow incapable of doing the job.
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    CBM sent a handful of T-1's to augment the down jets and mx said they'd have the jets fixed quickly (relative to the storm)...it shouldn't be a major issue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Confirmed. Your minimums (for any commission) are 15 Verbal, 10 Quantitative. On top of that, for Navigator/CSO you need a Nav composite of 25, a Pilot composite of 10, and a combined Nav + Pilot composite of 50.
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    Okay, I re-read that particular sentence and I agree that Chang meant Sq/CC EA jobs and not Sq/CC jobs. Since these jobs are open to O-4s, you are essentially sending the message that you better get your Masters knocked out early to be competitive for one of these "opportunities." And this takes us right back to the pre-Gen Welsh days. It makes sense for an IPZ O-5 applicant to complete the AAD beforehand but not for an O-4 applicant. And if you are a Major who gets selected to be a GO Exec, you are more than likely to get a school slot later and a Master's along with it. So this is really not an issue, unless you just wanted to see how devoted someone is to climbing the career ladder.
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    Seen a number of IPUGs rammed through in min time, only to watch the newly minted IP go up to wing and occasionally log some IP time on the 781 to maintain currency for the next year or so, and then it's off to school. But hey, got that K prefix...check.
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    The Air Force has an Assistant Vice Chief of Staff? When they start looking to eliminate GO positions I'd start with that one.
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    Calling anything pertaining to AU "academic" is an insult to professors of 17th century French poetry everywhere.
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    You can live in the dorms and collect BAH from where your spouse lives - it requires a SAF level waiver. So you can try to make an argument as to why the AF should pay you her location BAH vs. yours, but you're at the mercy of SAF approval. Honestly I think you stand little chance of approval because the argument of "it's more convenient for us since she makes more money there" is probably not going to be strong enough to garner support from big blue. If it gets disapproved, you're only options are she moves with you or you collect BAH w/ dependent at the UPT location and pay for your rent and her's - which sounds like a bad financial move unless she's making shitloads of money. And even then, I'm a big fan of not choosing to be apart - you'll get plenty of involuntary time apart in the future.
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    Makes sense, if you think about it. People seeking out these jobs voluntarily are looking to put themselves on a trajectory toward Colonel. If they don't already have their Master's degree complete as a Major (and especially Lt Col), the person volunteering for this job is likely to be working on one in the very near future. The GO for whom he/she will be working wants your undivided attention/no distractions (like Master's degrees) for the 1-2 years the exec asst is in the job. These are not run-of-the-mill Sq/CC or even Wg/CC EA jobs. You guys really needs to open the aperture of your minds a little bit before you come onto his forum and spew about stuff. Critical thinking is appreciated.
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    Ummm what? You realize we have E's sitting in something with as much Firepower as an MLRS accepting fire missions, verifying coordinates, and releasing what is a metric butt load of Angry explosives right? Your CCTs on the ground control and coordinate the release of everything from a 20mm gun run to a fully loaded B-1 bomber... Do they not have rank and pay enough for that level of responsibility? Because the ALO they work for sure gets paid more without the responsibility. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Yeah saying Officers should be responsible for effects sounds rational, but only in a vacuum when you don't look at the dozens of other readily available examples of high responsibility jobs done by enlisted personnel where a guy with stripes and no bars has the yes/no on whether something happens. Great example: Jump Master Didn't see any reasons stated as to why an E should be in charge of and final authority for an airframe dropping ordinance without any non E oversight. In all of those examples you have O's making the final decision.
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    Incorrect fact. Non tac air guys have been in RPA seats from the beginning. Incorrect Assumption. You think I am implying that E's aren't good enough. Or that I think this is some sort of class issue like the royals vs the surfs or something ridiculous. Got anything else or just going to keep spouting off?
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    And none of those have to do with aircraft.....
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