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Chinese Spy Balloon back in the news


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Gen. Mark Milley was interviewed by CBS Sunday Morning about the Chinese Spy balloon. Apparently the flight was never intended to fly over CONUS and the sensor equipment was never activated. What was really interesting is that he was never asked (or it got left on the editing floor) about the other balloons/dirigibles that were shot down as well!


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Fortunately, and sometimes unfortunately, I have known (and interacted) with a lot of GOs (all services) in my 50+ years since 1969.  Many a friend, some not so.  Four became USAF Chief of Staff.  With that stated, I not always agreed with several of my GO friends in their support of WH/Pentagon policy decisions.  Personally, I have little respect for the latest generation of senior GOs.   And as for Milley, well the above members I agree with.

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News Nation probably has been the leader in covering all the UAP stuff and they just broke the story that there were possibly UAP/balloons spotted over the arctic circle prior to the Chinese spy balloon incident!


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