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Found 14 results

  1. I recently got selected for Reserve RPA pilot training. I noticed that the threads with information on what training is like are a little dated. Would anyone be willing to share what their experiences at the courses at Pueblo, Randolph, and Holloman were like? Or has not much changed?
  2. Im one of those unlucky persons who are young, in shape, have excellent hygiene, but smell bad. Before you ask, no this isnt a joke. And yes I have seen several doctors and many doctors have ran multiple tests on me and everything has come back completely normal. Yes I shower, brush/floss my teeth, wear deoderant, and have no cavities. No I cant smell myself but based off of the comments I get I can conclude that ... The odor makes people's eyes water; it makes their airways burn, nauseates them, makes them cough and sneeze, and the odor spreads like a constant gas and has
  3. Meh, most of us don't care... but this is a big deal for many parts of the military, especially for some of the ground pounders that have come to rely on these systems... https://dronedj.com/2018/06/07/department-of-defense-bans-the-purchase-of-commercial-over-the-shelf-uas-including-dji-drones/ Department of Defense bans the purchase of commercial-over-the-shelf UAS, including DJI drones effective immediately “SUBJECT: (U/FOUO) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities (U/FOUO) On May 14, 2018 the DoD Inspector General found that DoD has not implem
  4. What class medical exams are RPA pilots given after they are selected?
  5. Good morning to all, In late September, I went up for the Rated Supplemental Board and unfortunately, was not selected. I found this out in late September. The thing is, I retook my AFOQT awfully close to the Supp. Board date. Although most might dismiss the possibility of my scores still making the board, it should be noted that my scores actually came out in 6 days, as such, that possibility should be increased to some respect. My PCSM went from a 59 to a 76. Here's the timeline to help with my story. Timeline: 16 Feb - Received RPA (PCSM was 57 when sent to board)
  6. Hi folks, I'm currently starting my final year of college also seriously considering retaking my AFOQT to try and improve my PCSM. AS of the moment, I am planning on commissioning FY18, but that may all change. Hear me out. I'm not really one to be tact so I'll just say this the best that I know how. At the moment, I have an RPA slot and as glamorous as the future of this career looks, it's not something I think I want for myself. That whole idea of flying in a box, disconnected from everything that has defined flying for the past century is something I am still not sure about.
  7. I am not sure if this has been posted here before. Searching through the forums, there have been only a few, scattered references in revived threads. I have not seen the memo attached. I found this memo from HQ A3 granting a blanket age waiver for RPA pilot applicants. This particular one is for active duty but I have called around to ANG and Reserve units to see if they are following suit. I have a memo from the NG Bureau stating that they will. Up until recently, individual ANG units were making their own call on it. Units that were doing well in manning and applicants told
  8. Hello everyone. I'm now a ROTC cadet looking at Reserve and Guard options. I should hopefully be commissioning in 2019. I have been searching for RPA and Space Ops units, but unsure which units are still operating with the same mission at this time, since most information online is from years ago. The ANG website is more straightforward, but the Air Force Reserve is not so much regarding what positions are available in which units. I'd greatly appreciate if any of you have information as to which units are available for me to consider applying to for ANG and ARC for RPA pilot and space o
  9. Just started reading about this yesterday.... And there's not much out there about it. Can anyone please shed some light on this field and what's different (if any) from a regular RPA pilot vs AFSOC RPA pilot? What's the difference in their missions etc? I read so far that there are 2 Special Ops squadrons currently active with RPAs: the 3rd and 33rd SOS. Both based out of Canon AFB in New Mexico, flying Predators and Reapers. I'm a civilian RPA select so please excuse my lack of info.... What are the pros/cons to being AFSOC RPA pilot? How do you get in? Is day to day life any diffe
  10. This thread is in response to all the healthy discussion on an unrelated thread not about the RQ-4, so now there is a thread just for the GH. Hopefully this will help my community fight two battles, the battle to be embraced by big Air Force so we can showcase our capability and the battle to address concerns that we have no capability at all, aka U2 vs RQ-4. So, we would love to integrate in a more meaningful way at Red Flag and tap into our Intel Patch's talent...As it was explained to me, the billet for an organic intel officer was established within the last year. I assume there is
  11. Email traffic has been circulating in the RPA community that manning in going to be "healthy" come late 2016. As a result, the wizards at AFPC are estimating that ALFA tour pilots are going to start being released back to their previous manned aircraft, albeit slowly, starting Spring 2017. As a current non-vol stuck in RPAs, I'm hopeful and excited. I was pulled from AMC only after 9 months in my squadron, barely broke over 100 hours flying (boo hoo). I felt robbed, but this opportunity feels like my one chance to get back to what I love. Unfortunately, I don't believe the Air Force is go
  12. I'm wondering if anyone has any stats on people who were selected for an RPA pilot slot in the AFRC. AFOQT Pilot: 90 Nav: 99 AA: 86 V: 98 Q: 64 PCSM: 51, 0 flight hours, Civ App
  13. I'm a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps and was recently informed that I will be attending IFS in Pueblo, CO followed by some school in San Antonio. Does anyone know what this process is like? Have there been many Marines that have came through this pipeline in the past? I understand what IFS is, but what is the curriculum in San Antonio geared towards? Any information on this topic would be very helpful. Thanks!
  14. 29 May I start the four month long RIQ/RFC training and some classmates and I are looking for alternatives to living in VOQ at Randolph. I have heard some rummors about furnished houses or PIT pads that are setup for guys going TDY there. Anyone know a good resource for finding a place for longer TDYs or own a place they need to rent for a few months? How about any info on the minimum information the AF will need to reimburse us for renting a place durring TDY? Special way the lease would need to look? ect.
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