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Found 10 results

  1. ANG Fighter Unit Selected me to be their Alternate View File I was fortunate enough to be selected by a Fighter Unit as an alternate a little over a week ago. Just a few questions for some of the guys that may have been in this situation…. Did you eventually get the primary slot? Did you ever hear back? If so, how long until you heard back? Did having the alternate selection give you an advantage (in your opinion) at the next board of interviews if you were selected to interview again? How common is it in your opinion that an Alternate gets moved to Primary? For some that are just curious, I do not have great scores, in fact I don’t even have a 90 on anything in regards to AFOQT/PCSM. Not to say that scores are not important, making it this far in the process I am a firm believer that it is who you are as a person that matters the most (at least for the squadron I interviewed with). When I first received my AFOQT/PCSM scores back I immediately thought that I would have no chance at being a pilot with the ANG, let alone becoming a fighter pilot…… But I still rushed the unit, met everyone I could, put together my crispest package, and kept my head humble every step of the way. If your scores are sub 90s don’t let it discourage you, you can still get that interview with your dream squadron like I did. Just keep working my friend. In the meantime I’ll keep grinding and applying as nothing is guaranteed, Thank you for sharing. Submitter UPTapplicant96 Submitted 08/11/2020 Category T-44 / TC-12 Gouge  
  2. Thanks to Toro for approving this message. There is a new website called BogiDope that launched last week. BogiDope has several unique features specifically designed to help you land your dream UPT slot. To list a few, BogiDope has a library of detailed hiring related articles, a complete list of upcoming UPT hiring boards (25 UPT board announcements between now and 1 July), and offers one-on-one consulting (application review, advice, interview prep, etc) to give you a leg up on your competition. BogiDope’s custom designed interactive map feature allows you to easily search through every (175+) Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve flying squadron by aircraft type (F-22, C-17, MQ-9, etc). In addition to every squadron’s location, it will give you the squadron’s contact information, a hiring point of contact, and dates on any past or future hiring boards. BogiDope is just getting started, so you can expect several exciting new features to be released in the weeks and months ahead. If there’s a feature you think would be helpful to the UPT community, please let us know. BogiDope is also growing fast on Facebook. Like or follow BogiDope at https://www.facebook.com/BogiDope1/. Become apart of a growing community on Facebook to collaborate with others try to earn a UPT slot. Request to join the Facebook group “Future Military Pilots”. Thanks again to Toro and the Baseops team for allowing us to spread the word on something we feel will help a lot of future military pilots.
  3. Just wondering if there is a specific way that letters of intent/cover letters and letters of recommendation should be addressed when applying to guard units. For example, should it be addressed the the squadron vs the wing? Any info would be much appreciated!
  4. Hello everyone. I'm now a ROTC cadet looking at Reserve and Guard options. I should hopefully be commissioning in 2019. I have been searching for RPA and Space Ops units, but unsure which units are still operating with the same mission at this time, since most information online is from years ago. The ANG website is more straightforward, but the Air Force Reserve is not so much regarding what positions are available in which units. I'd greatly appreciate if any of you have information as to which units are available for me to consider applying to for ANG and ARC for RPA pilot and space operations officer positions. I know it's pretty early but ideally, I'd like to be able to best prepare my applications for these type of units. Thank you very much!
  5. I'm curious if in the near future the Air National Guard will get the F15E. I saw an article (3 years old however) that mentioned the 124th Fighter Wing might get it to replace their A10s but it looks like it hasn't happened yet or will happen. http://www.idaho.ang.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123403682
  6. I'm currently a sophomore in college. I've wanted to be a pilot in the military since forever. I just want to here from you guys on how I've been able to set myself up so far. GPA: 3.52 Major: Aviation Flight Management PPL carrier and almost done with my instrument rating
  7. Connecticut Air National Guard Bradley ANGB C-130H **Updated May 31st 2017: All application packages must be postmarked by 15 JUNE 2017. UPT Selection Board – Now on 9 September 2017 The 118th Airlift Squadron / 103rd Airlift Wing, Bradley Air National Guard is located in East Granby, CT, approximately halfway between New York City and Boston. We are currently accepting application packages from prospective candidates interested in attending Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) scheduled for FY18. All packages will include: • Cover letter detailing your desire to be a pilot with the 118th Airlift Squadron • One page résumé chronicling your military service as well as civilian education and work history • Last 3 OPRs / EPRs (if Applicable) • TAFCSD for commissioned officers if applicable • PCSM / AFOQT / TBAS Scores (https://pcsm.aetc.af.mil) • Official College Transcript • USAF Flying Class I Physical , SF Form 93 (Report of Medical History), or FAA Flying Class III • 3 letters of recommendation • Copy of any civil aeronautical licenses and/or ratings • Copy of last page of log book containing civilian flight time Prerequisites: • Less than 5 years of prior military commissioned service prior to UPT start date • Be under the age of 30 as of the UPT start date • Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited University or College • Achievement of qualifying scores on the AFOQT • Pass a USAF Flying Class I Physical • No UCMJ actions, DUI/DWI or a history of drug/substance abuse If selected, projected training in FY18 will be as follows: • Academy of Military Science – 8 weeks • Undergraduate Pilot Training – 54 weeks • C-130 School – 7 months • Basic Survival Training – 3 weeks • Water Survival – 3 days • Home Station Seasoning – 90 days You will incur a 10 year service commitment upon completion of UPT. This can be served in a full or part time guard status. For further information or questions you may contact CAPT MIKE JACOBY at michael.j.jacoby6.mil@mail.mil Send all Packages and Correspondence to: CT ANG / 118th Airlift Squadron BLDG 22 100 Nicholson Road East Granby, CT 06026 Connecticut Air National Guard FY18 UPT Announcement.doc
  8. Hey guys, I'm a motivated candidate for a pilot spot in the guard and have some questions in which I'm not getting answers from my recruiter or through google searches. Is there any current guard pilots in the 18 x program in this forum group that I could PM some questions too? I passed my officer physical through MEPS and AFOQT and waiting on the next step. Thanks either way
  9. Hello All, Looking for some career advice. I'm a Midshipmen in Naval ROTC getting close to service selection. I need to choose between submarines and aviation. I am drawn to aviation because I want to be a fighter pilot--I love flying and it is hard to imagine a more interesting or exciting job than flying fighters in the US military. I have liked the personalities of most of the aviators I've met and I think I would enjoy and excel at aviation. Of course, there's no guarantee of fighters, and while the navy has other cool planes and helicopters, 10 years (flight school + 8) is a big part of my life to commit to the Navy without having much control over what I'll be doing or where I'll be. I am drawn to submarines because of the important missions they go on, having the opportunity to work with and lead some of the Navy's best and brightest sailors, and learning about the awesome engineering and nuclear technology. Submarines require only a 5 year commitment. Here's where it gets complicated. I have this crazy idea that I could be a submarine officer for 5 years, then get out (27 yrs old) and interview with ANG fighter units until I get picked up. Then I could get to do both and I'd even be more prepared for a civilian career outside of the guard with a submarine/engineering background. Does that plan make sense or do I sound like I'm nuts? Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated--Thanks!
  10. I was recently notified that I have been selected for both an active duty pilot slot as well as a slot at my local ANG unit in my home town. I'm having problems deciding which slot to accept. The local ANG squadron flies C130s which seems like a very cool platform to fly, and it would be amazing to be local my entire career around family because it is where I grew up. I also plan to fly for the airlines one day and most of the pilots in the unit fly for the airlines so I would have a lot of connections to the majors. However it is tempting to go active duty for the outstanding benefits and the chance at fighters which has been a dream of mine. However after looking at recent T38/fighter drops on the forums and talking with current Instructor Pilots at UPT now, it doesn't look like the odds are in my favor to gamble for fighters. Any advice would be appreciated as I'm trying to make this tough decision.
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