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Found 6 results

  1. I am looking for a comparison between the ANG hiring process vs the Air Force reserve UPT hiring process for active duty. Hopefully this will help others who are going to apply from active duty, as I know ADSC and PCS cycles can be really important in this process. Specifically: 1. Are you looking for me to immediately to leave active duty once you hire me, or would I stay on active duty until my UPT dates? 2. I understand the paperwork process is different in the ANG and AF reserves. Is it easier to transition from active duty to the reserves than to the guard, vice versa, or pretty much the same? 3. How much leeway is there in getting hired and officially separating from active duty? (i.e. if I get hired when I have 6 months left on my ADSC, and I get UPT dates for 9 months is it possible just to palace front at that 6 month time frame or would you want a transition as quick as possible?) This is of course assuming all the other boxes have been checked. Thanks for all the help! This forum has been clutch during this process.
  2. So I've heard that the C-17 has some of the best bases in the country for AD, ANG and AFRC squadrons. Which of these bases have you heard to be fantastic to work and live at? I'm curious to know about life on and off the base, like what the town/city is like, what there is to do and what the schools are like. Just a quick reminder of current C-17 bases for AD, ANG and AFRC: AD: Charleston AFB, SC JBER, AK Travis AFB, CA Dover AFB, DE JB McGuire-Six-Lakehurst, NJ Wright Pat AFB, OH Altus AFB, OK JBLM, WA ANG (Excluding any previously listed) Jackson Intl Airport, MS Eastern West Regional Airport, WV Charlotte, NC Memphis, TN New York Stewart Intl Airport, NY AFRC (Excluding any previously listed) Pittsburgh Intl Airport, PA March ARB, CA Thanks fellas
  3. Hey everyone, First timer here, thanks in advance for reading my post. I'll be applying to the Civilian AD OTS Boards here shortly, 19OT02 applications are due in January. I'll be 27 by the time the board sees my package and I'm applying for Pilot/CSO/RPA/ABM. Considering applying Pilot/CSO only however and if non-select this go around I'll put down everything rated + Intel for 19OT03. Current AFOQT Scores: P 93, N 88, AA 38, V 62, Q 21, ABM/CSO 83/88 PCSM: 70 w/ 3 flying hours. Aiming for at least 6 or 11 hours. Max is 98. I'll be graduating this December with a degree in Homeland Security, GPA 3.16 I consistently volunteer and make efforts to lead volunteer projects such as the Ronald McDonald house, etc... I've been working as a police dispatch supervisor for the past 5 years and keep myself involved in professional groups. One of my achievements that I'm proud of is the creation of a Military Wall of Honor at my police department to honor those officers that served/are serving in the military. I believe it has made our department more patriotic and boosted morale for the patrol group by recognizing those that are serving as well as the veterans. I have 4 letters of recommendation: - Former Air Force Colonel in OSI who was one of my professors - Two former supervisors one of which was another professor - Chief of Police I'm also trying to get a letter from my flight instructor who used to instruct for F-4 squadrons and I'm reaching out to other Air Force Pilots I've met in the past (likely won't get one though) I'm currently married and expecting my first child here in the next week, my wife is a registered nurse who also wants to join the Air Force as we're both Air Force brats that grew up in this lifestyle and we'd love to raise our family in the same environment. I truly think serving in the Air Force is one of the greatest things someone can do for themselves, their family, and their country. Thanks again for reading my post, I'm familiar with www.airforceots.com, and other OTS online groups but I'm happy to have found these forums as I've been reading a ton of great discussion that I haven't seen elsewhere. Would love for you guys to give me your thoughts on my selection chances, thank you!
  4. I'm in the process of putting my packet together to submit for the next board. I'm 28.5 right now. Was planning on submitting for the OTS 18OT03 board but got held up because of medical records at MEPS and had to submit an appeal to the SG. SG's office has FINALLY approved me for a physical so I'm knocking that out this week. Everything else is pretty much done. I took the AFOQT and TBAS in March (scores below), and I have 4 solid LOR. 2 are from O-5s and 2 are from O-6s. 2 pilots and 2 doctors, and 1 of the pilots is a NASA astronaut. If all goes well at MEPS all I'll have left is an officer interview. I've been doing a ton of research but there is seemingly NO information on age waivers for a civilian applying for a pilot slot (I know that it says they don't do age waivers for pilot slots, but every officer I've talked to has said "there is a waiver for everything"). I'm curious if anyone has experience with being close to the cut off age and submitting a packet. As of now it's looking like the next board I'll be able to submit to is March '19, which will make me 29 and a couple months old. I've read a little about ETP...would that be the only possible way to have a shot at going active duty AF as a pilot? New to these forums so please let me know if there is a better thread for this question or if I've left out any info that would be helpful for you to know. P.S. My recruiter told me they added another board in Sept. of 2017 that wasn't originally planned and said there could be a possibility of that happening again this fall or winter. Does anyone know if that is a common occurrence or a long shot or just total BS? Thanks. Cheers. Education Degree: B.S. Business Marketing College: University of Montana GPA: 3.51 Military Service Prior Service: No Application Info AFOQT Scores: 92/81/75/75/70 Test Date: 200318 PCSM Score: 59 (with 5 flying hours), should be able to raise score to 63 or above with another couple hours
  5. Hey everyone, I recently took the TBAS and feel kinda bummed about my PCSM score of 52. My AFOQT scores are 82 (Pilot) / 72 (Nav) / 64 (Acad Apt) / 83 (Verbal) / 45 (Quant) I only have 1 flight hour, and if I were to get my PPL (41+ hours) my PCSM would go to 71. However, I knew after taking the TBAS that I didn't do great. I did well on the directional orientation and multi-tasking, except for the math. I feel that if I practiced with the same incredibly stiff joystick and got faster on simple math problems, I could improve my PCSM score by retaking the TBAS. However, I've been gearing up to apply for the active duty board in June 2016. I can't retake the TBAS before that. My recruiter is not turned off by my scores. My recruiter also told me I would have to list Pilot, Combat System Officer, Air Battle Manager, and Remotely Piloted Aircraft in order of choice on my application. I would rather just apply for pilot. Has anyone else had to apply for all 4? I'm wondering if applying with these scores will hurt my chance to get a pilot slot - or worse, get me an RPA slot. Obviously the "whole person concept" comes into play, but I don't have an abundance of extra-curricular activities to list in my application. I have a good GPA from Virginia Tech, 3.63 / 4.00 overall (3.77 in-major), but it's in English. I've worked a lot of computer jobs (including some employed by VT and some while self-employed), and I took computer programming classes. I feel that a Private Pilot License (and volunteering) would greatly enhance my application. There just isn't time to get a PPL before June. Should I wait and apply later? On a side note, I just turned 26. Obviously applying is the only way to know how things will go, but I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  6. [i know this question is asked occasionally, created a bunch of keywords to help search results] 1. Do all Guard/Reserve units require me to have my degree BEFORE the board date, or before the application date? I'll be commissioning through ROTC so if I get accepted I can get started right away... 2. Where are the best places to see which units are hiring? WantsCheck is always broken... 3. If a unit isn't hiring, how would one go about asking to see if they need new guys anyway? Is there a law or AF reg that says the position needs to be advertised?
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