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  1. Sorry for the late response, but thank you so much! Only issue is, will this disqualify me from joining? It doesn't seem to answer it in the thread!!
  2. Basically the title. Over a year ago I was prescribed a anxiety medication after a death in the family and my 7 year relationship breaking off. I only used it for less than 3 months, and I have a records stating that I'm in perfectly clean mental health now and it was just that time period...does anyone know if this prevents me from becoming a pilot? Thanks.
  3. No flight hours yet as I'm still in school...I know this is an entirely stupid question, but what is the easiest way to get flight hours? How expensive is it? The places nearby to me are exorbitant.
  4. Appreciate the response. Anything else you would recommend doing?
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering about my chances of becoming a pilot once I graduate from my MBA program. Undergrad degree in Finance: 3.67 MBA: 3.7 Two internships at Wells Fargo Have worked for the past 4 years in leadership roles, organizational roles etc. Letters of Rec from multiple bosses (can get more if needed). AFOQT scores were all 89. Age: 23 If you guys need any more information just let me know! What do you think of my chances? Thanks.
  6. Looks competitive to me with you being a pilot already.
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