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Found 14 results

  1. Question on providing the correct # hours to the PCSM folks. The PCSM worksheet requests "instructional and/or pilot in charge private flying hours". The "instructional" here refers to hours where I have been instructed, correct? Not hours where I have instructed someone else? (The latter wouldn't make sense to me as your logbook doesn't track hours where you are instructing someone, and the former does make sense since your logbook tracks ground / flight training received.) Want to confirm so I provide the right figure. Thanks!
  2. ATTN: Experts and Professionals that know everything about AD Rated Boards! (Posting for S/O)Here is my personal rundown: I am a non-tech major with a 3.6 GPA, I made a 78 on my Pilot and an 85 on my Nav. All of my AFOQT Scores are a 78/85/57/37/23. I took my TBAS Friday and made a 40 for my PCSM with no flight hours. I really am confused about how I made a 40 or how it is scaled because I thought I only missed 10 or less. I have a lot of leadership experience, community service, managing positions, etc. I am worried that my PCSM is going to ruin my chances despite the other scores and my personal packet. I really don't know if I would even be able to get enough flight hours before boards for it to count, or if it would be worth it? Most of the posts I have seen are people with 200+ flight hours and so they make an overall 80 on their PCSM which would put their PCSM lower than mine to begin with. How do my scores compare? Do you think I have a shot? Would it be worth it to show the board that I cared enough to shove some flight hours before boards to show that I really want this? Am I freaking out about this for no reason or should I just wait the 6 months, miss this board, and apply for the next one? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello all, I'm looking to like to apply for various pilot slots in near future. I have no military experience, although I have several contacts who do. AFOQT Scores: Pilot: 80 | Nav: 96 | Acad Apt: 87 | Verbal: 63 | Quant: 96 PCSM Score: 38 (No Flight Time) Age: 26 GPA / Major: 3.70 / Mechanical Engineering LOR: USCG Boatswain's Mate 3rd Class, Former Supervisor, Personal friend from college. Prof Experience: 1.5yrs I'm looking at starting my PPL next month, and retaking the TBAS (felt like I could definitely improve). Besides that any general recommendations? I'd actually prefer to fly heavies, and I'm open to ANG, Reserves, or AD. Thank you for your responses/feedback!
  4. I took the AFOQT last year and did really well in my Pilot (93) but sucked in every other category (44-Nav, 36-Academic, 28-Verbal and 47- quantitive). I studied for the test using some test prep books and the online practice questions but still managed to underestimate it and score poorly. The hardest part of the test for me was the first 3 sections (Verbal Analogies, Arithmetic Reasoning, and Word Knowledge) I can guarantee that these were the sections that destroyed my scores because everything else seemed relatively easy. The two verbal sections I screwed up on because of my lack of vocabulary and the time constraint. The Arithmetic Reasoning section I scored poorly primarily due to the time constraint. I was expecting a timer to be projected up on a wall to know exactly how much time you have left but instead all we got were random time call outs. I think I managed to get through half of the Arithmetic Reasoning problems due to this. With all that said, what are some pro study/test taking tips that could help me improve my scores particularly in those areas? What are the best ways to tremendously improve my vocabulary for the test? Id like to get everything in the 80s and 90s the next time I take it. I know I could do better but I’m currently not fast enough on the Arithmetic Reasoning and not knowledgeable enough on the vocab.
  5. Right, so here are my numbers, AFOQT: 96/89/76/95/49 PCSM: 93 GPA: 2.82 Bachelor of Applied Science: Technology and Management. All my bachelor's classes were taken online while I was working on my parent's farm. I also have an associate's in professional aviation with a GPA of 3.2 if that means anything. Flight Experience: 299.2 hours. Private, multi, instrument, commercial, with high horsepower and complex endorsements. I'm also enlisted (E-3) with the unit I'm applying at. I work as an Airfield Manager in the OPS department, so I know the majority of the pilots on a friendly basis.
  6. Good morning to all, In late September, I went up for the Rated Supplemental Board and unfortunately, was not selected. I found this out in late September. The thing is, I retook my AFOQT awfully close to the Supp. Board date. Although most might dismiss the possibility of my scores still making the board, it should be noted that my scores actually came out in 6 days, as such, that possibility should be increased to some respect. My PCSM went from a 59 to a 76. Here's the timeline to help with my story. Timeline: 16 Feb - Received RPA (PCSM was 57 when sent to board) 9 Aug - TBAS retake (PCSM improves from 57-59) 13 Sep - AFOQT retake 19 Sep - Find out my AFOQT scores (PCSM improves to 76) 29 Sep - Receives call from CC. Not selected. When I found out I didn't make it, a question that was really on my mind was whether or not the new PCSM got factored in. I asked my CC and he was quite confident that my scores were in fact NOT factored in citing the fact that AFOQT scores take two weeks to come out and that close proximity (probably intersecting) with the time the board meets makes it not likely that my scores made it in. At the same time, he does not believe that even had I notified the cadre immediately (on the 19th) that they would have made it to WINGS. What is WINGS... On the 19th, I checked the PCSM site and sure enough, my PCSM was updated. Because the PCSM site showed my scores had been updated, I had no reason to assume that WINGS would not have updated it. As such, I made no further effort to double check and inquire if my scores were ready for board simply because I did not know that there was even another way (and what turned out to be the only way that mattered). I believed I had all avenues covered. I personally beat myself for not having been more proactive about ensuring my records were up to date, but I feel frustrated with my cadre's handling as well. The decision to retake my AFOQT was fraught with postponements and 1 on 1 conversations between me and the cadre, as such, one would assume my decision to go with retaking the AFOQT to be something they were aware of. Even a few days after I took it, one of the cadre members came up to me asking how I think I did, (again re-ensuring the idea that they knew about me retaking the AFOQT.) My question is, if they knew about it, why too did they not be more proactive in getting my scores up to WINGS, knowing that this is something that is quite personal and essential to me. With their knowledge both within and outside ROTC, they would definitively have much better position to see whether or not I was on track or not. The big questions I have for you all really is to understand how PCSM scores go into WINGS. Does the CC fill out a Form 22 to update PCSM onto WINGS? Is that the job of the CC or the NCOs? Can cadets check their PCSM on WINGS? Does WINGS display the date a change was made to your PCSM scores? I have tried to make this as comprehensive as possible so that you guys can have every aspect taken into consideration. Other than that, that is all. Thank you folks! Respectfully, DinaMight
  7. Hi folks, I'm currently starting my final year of college also seriously considering retaking my AFOQT to try and improve my PCSM. AS of the moment, I am planning on commissioning FY18, but that may all change. Hear me out. I'm not really one to be tact so I'll just say this the best that I know how. At the moment, I have an RPA slot and as glamorous as the future of this career looks, it's not something I think I want for myself. That whole idea of flying in a box, disconnected from everything that has defined flying for the past century is something I am still not sure about. As of right now, my PCSM is at a 59. I've taken the TBAS twice and AFOQT once. I know that taking the AFOQT and doing better on the pilot sections can help raise the PCSM score, but I also recognize that failing any section of the test means losing everything I've worked towards these past few years and throwing away a big career I've longed for since my youth. However, if I retake the AFOQT, I can raise my PCSM and hopefully get picked up on the supplemental board for pilot. Maybe it may happen even if I don't retake the AFOQT, but still, maybe it won't and really all I want to do is maximize the variables that I can control and one such variable is that AFOQT. At least once I have done all I could can I have a peace of mind and say to myself that I gave it everything you know? I recognize that getting a higher AFOQT does not necessarily secure my chances of getting a pilot slot, but it would also hurt to not take it and have this lingering thought in my head. That "what-if" scenario, what if I had taken that AFOQT and done better? I've spoken to friends and my cadre about this and all are against this move simply because of what I can stand to lose, a commission in the USAF and a job for next few years. My cadre specifically noted that as an RPA I stand a higher chance of getting upgraded to a pilot than a CSO (can anyone confirm this?) and as such, the best course of action for me is, and should be, to remain still and let it play out because you know sometimes the best course of action is do nothing. What do you guys think? I If anyone has been or is in the same shoe, I'd very much like to hear your input on this. Thank you. Should I retake it? How much weight does the AFOQT pilot scores have on the PCSM? If you've done better on the pilot section after your retake, how much did it affect your PCSM? Is RPA more likely to be upgraded to Pilot than CSO? Anyways, any help really is appreciated. Thanks guys.
  8. STUPID QUESTION ALERT: I just wanted to some of the guys who have been interviewed/hired for the ANG/AFRC... Have you ever submitted an application package that was less than ideal? I have had my eyes on a squadron that isn't necessarily close to where I work (about a day's drive), but it is in my home state and just seems like a good fit for me. Here are the following issues: 1. My PCSM is below the minimum for my flight hours (34). When I contacted them about it, they told me they look at the 201+ column, and to submit my application anyways. 2. I only have a class II, and not a class I medical (yet). I have amazing eyesight, and have been told that the class I thing isn't a huge consideration as long as the reason for not having the class I is the fact that you aren't physically qualified. 3. I probably will only have 1 (maybe 2) letters of recommendation. Although strong, the unit allows a maximum of 3, and I don't want them to think I'm not taking them seriously if I don't max everything out. I don't want to ruin any future chances with the squadron if they see my package and think, "Man, this guy just submitted garbage to us", especially since they're a squadron I could see myself applying to multiple times.
  9. My ultimate goal is to become a mobility pilot with an ANG unit, but am open to the AFRES, and lastly AD. Here are my stats: P/N: 93/93 PCSM: 71 Hours: 36(w/ solo endorsement) Prior Service(6yr AD, 3yr Res) 3.43 Grad end of year w/ BA 20% VA Disability: GERD(no meds, diet controlled), Tinnitus(Rgt ear, only around loud noises, doesn't effect me in the cockpit currently) Age: 28, but non-commissioned and I'll be 30yo in SEP2017 What are my chances?
  10. I'm a junior in high school and I'm taking a college class that is offered by my local community college. To pass the class and get the credits you must get an A,B, or a C. The teacher informed me that only the credits pass onto your college and not the grade. Understanding now that Grades are part of your PCSM , will my grade in this class transfer to my PCSM in the future?
  11. For 13N's, 18X has been added to the Crossflow board. This means that every VML, Officers will Crossflow to 18X. This is a huge opportunity because an application is not needed for the November board. No AF 215, but a PCSM of 60 is needed and a current certified Flight Class Physical. Also, your TCSFD must line up. I'm not aware of how Crossflow is offered to non-13N's, but I would think this opportunity would be available elsewhere as well. A PCSM of 60 is very competitive if you do not have a PPL or hours. In comparison to the November board, a PCSM of 10 is the minimum requirement.
  12. I know the board is still quite a few months away, but I am curious if anyone can shed some advice on this for me. I have been told that the boards are continually getting more and more competitive so I am wondering if anyone could give me an idea of my chances. I do plan on taking the AFOQT again, but was curious about what scores they focus on.....ex: just pilot or all together? When I do increase the verbal (yes, I know it was pretty low... guess I should have focused on those besides Aviation) will it raise the others? I also, plan on taking the PCSM again after the AFOQT. GPA 3.64 Pilot 90 Nav 50 Verb 13 AA 30 Quan 52 PCSM 67 Age 27, female, BS in Aviation, Cum Laude, I have my PPL, worked in Aviation for about 8 years, currently Airport Ops Coordinator, AFReserves A-10/F-16 Crew Chief for 6 years. I was an Honor Grad from Basic, Enlisted Member of the Year 2006, FW Physical Training Leader, AHP Aviation Honor Society, AAAE, WAI, Air Show coordinator, Multiple Scholarships, Dean's List, TxDOT Releiver Airport of the Year, volleyball, softball......blah blah blah... I guess the question is, do they FIRST only focus on the scores .... or look at the whole picture before eliminating someone? I am open to any response or advice.
  13. Guest


    Any suggestions on games to use before you go for your TBAS? It's been a while and I was wanting to warm up a bit before going in.
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