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  1. @CCT beat me once Understood, going through the USAFA pipeline. Best of luck to you in regards to the FY20 board!
  2. @CCT beat me once Great insight! I was wondering what you did differently the second go around when studying for specifically for Pilot section of the AFOQT and the TBAS? Congrats btw that's a really good jump! Thank you for your feedback
  3. @Fly For a 62E That's something I'll seriously consider (especially to bump up +10 PCSM). My thought is after putting some significant time towards my PPL I'd be better prepared for the general pilot knowledge section... therefore being better prepared to retake down the road. Appreciate the feedback!
  4. @Unit#8192 Solid, thanks for providing more info on that. As I stated earlier really can't do anything to change that part of my app anyways. Goodluck to you as well!
  5. @PrivateFighterPilotLicense Great advice, I'll keep that in mind with the age thing (seems like each squadron has their own preference) and I really can't change that part of my application anyway. Good point, nothing to lose. Same man, best of luck to you!
  6. @N730 Great information, I'll keep the PCSM scores in mind if that seems to be the glaring issue with my App. In the next few months I'm sure I'll get many different angles on the importance of various factors as I rush. Congrats on getting picked up and thanks for sharing your perspective!
  7. @PrivateFighterPilotLicense Thank you for your feedback! Does the AF require age waivers now? My understanding, from browsing these boards, is that the cutoff is 33, maybe I'm wrong? Realistically my PCSM will be somewhere in the 60/70s once I've solo'd, possibly retaken the TBAS. This along with obtaining another LOR from my CFI would take me into mid-Oct. Should I be sending ANG/Reserve applications out before this date?
  8. @N730Thanks for your feedback. My 201+ PCSM is 81. What's considered a good PCSM for fighters? Got it, thanks for the advice with getting LORs I think most of the feedback was about getting LORs from flight instructors or college professors.
  9. @CharlieHotel47 Thanks for your response. I'll try to get some LORs from those you mentioned. I'm past the 180 days, but I'll take your advice on waiting to retake the TBAS again until I get some flight time under my belt.
  10. @jonlbs Thanks for your recommendations. I'll substitute those LORs for something more suitable (i.e. flight instructor, college professor). Slated to start flight school next month. In your opinion should I still rush for units while working towards PPL or wait until I have that under my belt?
  11. Hello all, I'm looking to like to apply for various pilot slots in near future. I have no military experience, although I have several contacts who do. AFOQT Scores: Pilot: 80 | Nav: 96 | Acad Apt: 87 | Verbal: 63 | Quant: 96 PCSM Score: 38 (No Flight Time) Age: 26 GPA / Major: 3.70 / Mechanical Engineering LOR: USCG Boatswain's Mate 3rd Class, Former Supervisor, Personal friend from college. Prof Experience: 1.5yrs I'm looking at starting my PPL next month, and retaking the TBAS (felt like I could definitely improve). Besides that any general recommendations? I'd actually prefer to fly heavies, and I'm open to ANG, Reserves, or AD. Thank you for your responses/feedback!
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