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Found 10 results

  1. Howdy everyone, Current applicant, student pilot and college student looking for a little gauge or recommendations per the community. I'll just jump right into details: Age: 22 Major: Bachelors, mechanical engineering (2.7 GPA) Minor: Applied Mathematics AFOQT (T/2): 96 Pilot 83 Navigator 83 Academic Aptitude 90 Verbal 68 Quantitative PCSM: 82 @ 21 hours (C172s, a shock to many), 98 @ 201+ LORs: Retired UPT Instructor Retired Army O-6 AD Air Force O
  2. Hi all. Requesting feedback on my chances at a Reserves or Guard unit, and currently considering both fighters and heavies. AFOQT: Pilot 89 / Nav 98 / Acad Apt 95 / Verbal 94 / Quant 92 PCSM: 89 (with another 12 hours, this should bump up to 93, so I plan on getting those additional hours shortly) Flying: PPL, 88 hours, will start working towards instrument soon GPA: 3.57 (BA Economics), Also have master’s Prior Service: Previous active duty USAF officer (4 years, O3) in Contracting, deployed once (Baghdad) Age: 33 (turned 33 in Jan) LORs: 1 from previous s
  3. Here are my scores, as well as my interesting background. AFOQT: 98/61/40/33/50 PCSM: 97 Flight hours: 1300 Flight Ratings: PPL, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, ATP (ERJ 170/190 type rating) Age: 22 College: 3.80 GPA, B.S. in Aviation Management, A.A.S. In Aviation Flight LORs: PPL instructor, Retired navy captain, prior Civil Air Patrol Squadron commander Volunteer work: Civil Air Patrol (Transport mission pilot, Billy Mitchell award recipient) My background: I was at Navy OCS last February with a pilot slot (SNA-Studnet naval aviator). I
  4. Hi! My name is Bonne, I am a 16 year old dutch highschool student that dreams about being an air force pilot (F16) since i can walk, because i live close to an airbase. Since i am 12 I dream about becoming a F35 pilot on the other hand. Though after doing some research, things can get crazy along the way... But in order to get there i first need to apply and be accepted. Physically i am great, just a small thing with my eyes, I wear glasses, my left eye needs +3.25 and my right needs +0.5. Can i still get accepted? And if not, can I after i get a lazertreatment? I'm worried
  5. I'm currently a junior and high school and I've had the eagerness to become a fighter pilot since I can remember. A little bit about me: weighted 4.5 GPA, soccer for all 3 years so far including have been captain of my team, involved in student body leadership, top 10% of my class, and plenty of community service. My question is what is the best way for me to become a fighter pilot? I know currently there is a shortage of fighter pilots in the air force, but a navy pilot has told me that if I took the navy route I'd have a higher chance at fighters because that's mainly what the navy flies. Is
  6. I just applied to my first squadron, and I'd like to know how you guys think I stack up. Here are the numbers: GPA: 3.75 AFOQT: 92/77/50/60/43 PCSM: 67 Flight Hours: 27 Age: 28 LORs: 3; from current and former AF officers Obviously I need to get more flight hours and get that PCSM up. Flying and graduating college are my top priorities right now. I expect to have my PPL by the end of the year, and about 80 hours around that same time. I will continue to build hours until I get picked up by a unit. I know I'm cutting it close with my age; I'm going to kee
  7. I'm currently a sophomore in college. I've wanted to be a pilot in the military since forever. I just want to here from you guys on how I've been able to set myself up so far. GPA: 3.52 Major: Aviation Flight Management PPL carrier and almost done with my instrument rating
  8. Hey guys, Just wondering about my chances of becoming a pilot once I graduate from my MBA program. Undergrad degree in Finance: 3.67 MBA: 3.7 Two internships at Wells Fargo Have worked for the past 4 years in leadership roles, organizational roles etc. Letters of Rec from multiple bosses (can get more if needed). AFOQT scores were all 89. Age: 23 If you guys need any more information just let me know! What do you think of my chances? Thanks.
  9. Hello All, I know there have been a lot of threads like it, but I think I have a few questions that make this post stand out. First of all, here are some basic facts about me: Gender: Male Age: 24 Degree: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering GPA: 3.2 Flight Time: 1 Hour (I plan on getting more) Fitness Level: Active, slim build. It has been my dream since I was younger to be a pilot in the USAF. During my freshman year of college, I was in AFROTC. After freshman year I dropped AFROTC due to it affecting my grades in engineering, and me
  10. Hi there, I was wondering what the chances are for a Marine Corps Aviator to get a jet / tailhook slot during Primary Flight Training in Naval Flight School. Does anyone know how exactly Marine Corps / Navy select their slots. I know the Air Force has one drop night where everyone gets T-38 or T-1, but I'm unsure how Naval Flight School works. I found so much info about AFROTC and how exactly flight school works in the AF, but there isin't that much information about Naval Flight School, especially about how selection works. I know that with every UPT class there are at least a few T-3
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