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  1. That's a weird place for a microphone.
  2. Warning: Nerd level bitching ahead. Discovered after a long deployment and lots of time in front of a govt computer. Go to the USAF bios https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/ Scroll down and click on a random letter in the last name search. Look for bios with an old-ish looking picture and pilot wings. Then check out the total hours and what that person did. Then look for some more recent bios and note the drastic difference.
  3. " We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write "f*ck" on their airplanes because it's obscene! "
  4. Putin with probably the most accurate Afghanistan quote in recent times. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46630723 On Wednesday, Mr Trump announced that he would withdraw US troops from Syria, saying Islamic State forces had been defeated there. Mr Putin cautiously welcomed the move, but questioned whether it would actually happen. "We don't see signs of a pullout," he said, adding that the US "has been in Afghanistan 17 years, and they always say they're withdrawing".
  5. Mattis retiring in February. 2019 should be interesting.
  6. A pilot mentioned to the SQ/CC during a mentoring secession about an upcoming wing staff job that he wasn't sure what his 5 year AF plan was. No kidding 2 days later, that guy had a 6 month non-flying assignment dropped on him, and no wing job following. You had better bet that every pilot in the wing, from the newest Lt to crusty Major know about that one.
  7. You're absolutely correct. That's why this situation is amusing. A bunch of high ranking officers saying "my hands are tied" for problems created by the organization they are leaders in. It's better to ignore the problem and hope it goes away. Bunch of smart people we have running the joint.
  8. The part that boggles my mind isn't about that they don't care about me or pilots, it's that they don't recognize the benefits of experienced people across AFSCs. Experience saves time, money, broken stuff, lives, increases efficiency, productivity, less people to train, etc. All of that stuff makes peoples jobs easier, and the metrics better (since that's what they care about anyways). A pilot with 10 years experience is invaluable. A NCO who does more than sit behind a desk and is an expert in their field is invaluable. We are missing a lot of technical experts across the board.
  9. Was at a legacy airline flight training center earlier this year. EVERY current and retired pilot there was excited to have us and all exclaimed that they need good pilots; hurry up, get out of the AF and apply. We need you. On the flip side, exactly ZERO squadron, group, wing commander in the last year or two has asked what they could do get experienced pilots to stay. None has stated that they need good pilots. You'd think that someone at a local level would make at least a half assed effort to see what they can do to get guys to stay. It's been very clear that the AF organiza
  10. Young guys take note. Set yourself up early to be financially independent of the military retirement. Read up on investing during deployments, spend/save/invest your money wisely, and make yourself marketable to the outside world. You will have much less stress when the time comes to decide to stay or punch from the AF.
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