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  1. "What's next, you going to tell us Hollywood is politically balanced because Kelsey Grammar and Melissa Joan Hart are Republicans?" - Absolutely not. Moreover, people who make political decisions based on the blatantly very liberal/"woke" Hollywood/entertainment industry are probably beyond help (see Ricky Gervais monologue). That said, it gets weird at the margins. E.g is Tucker Carlson news opinion or entertainment? He presents like the former but claims the latter when legal issues are raised. Even more true with Jon Stewart; he wanted to be a political pundit for all intents and
  2. This is why the beach scene in Airplane! was unrealistic.
  3. You certainly have a way with words. Please check your blood pressure. No one wants you to go into cardiac arrest. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, this is the most shocking example of “triggered” I have ever witnessed! To address what appears to be the underlying theme of your latest posts, I am not attempting to defend or support any particular media story. I’m simply pointing out the outdated perception of the liberal-only mainstream media. Said perception is used, mainly (but certainly not solely) by the right these days to perpetuate a David vs Goliath narrative that provides a misplaced s
  4. MSNBC, CNN etc. ripped Trump. Fox, Rush etc ripped Obama. What were you were saying, again?
  5. If by malarkey you mean your post, then we’re in agreement. Right wing talk radio, OAN, Newsmax, Blaze, Wash Times, Daily Standard, podcasts galore, and the younger-demographic fast-growing online media such as Quilette, etc. plenty of conservative outlets exist. Whether they’re successful and gain viewership is up to them. In fact , most have been successful, particularly in developing well-regarded pundits (Hannity, yes, but also Shapiro, Glenn Beck to name two) I don’t think you’re stupid, but clearly you are firmly stuck in a echo chamber with regard to rhetoric. The rub, of course, is
  6. Laughlin 94-01, which was towards the end of the single track era. I was a Guard 130 guy but glad I flew the T-38. The relative time compression helped instill good airmanship skills. Everyone made it through 38's, although we did have a guy who busted his Form and Nav checks (don't recall how) and went to an 88. CRM is very important but my impression based on the product was that the T-1 didn't address any assumed / perceived shortcomings. In any case, CRM isn't refined to an operationally-suitable skill until in the MWS. Each has (had?) a distinct culture in that regard.
  7. You could substitute "8" for "4" as well as "Obama" for "Trump" and the statement would be equally accurate. Both the right mainstream media and left mainstream media do it and we're all worse off as a result.
  8. F-15EX deliveries are starting, so we’re all set.
  9. I assume you’re referring to GWB. Never met/worked with him but he struck me as a good person overall and certainly not as dumb as some pundits claimed. More of a practical common sense guy. On the other hand, I have spoken with Biden within the past 18 months. He was sharp, made good points, and had good insights at a new tech event. However, at this point he’s a 10 hour a day guy rather than 18 hours. Similar to Reagan in his last term.
  10. Jesus, they didn’t even try. I guess mediocrity is their stretch goal. Unsat.
  11. True. Reports about Biden's stutter aren't new so it's not like it was whipped up as an excuse for this election. https://www.c-span.org/video/?56567-1/life-career-joseph-biden Above in 1994. Discusses stutter at 14:07. https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=93914952 https://www.cbsnews.com/news/joe-biden-writes-essay-about-his-speech-impediment/ He's always been a verbal gaffe guy, similar to GWB.
  12. There was some other guy like that recently.
  13. Wait a sec, Huckabee has a negative opinion piece on our new democrat President? Surprised. Can't wait for Rachel Maddow's upcoming book about the successes and triumphs of the Trump admin.
  14. Biden has a circa 1982 hard drive of canned political statements. However, said drive is a bit corrupted through overuse.
  15. Don't forget unnecessarily large bag of Duck Commander calls. I prefer Buck Gardner anyway.
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