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  1. They should not look down on you for getting a job and trying to survive. It may look odd on paper, but it's easily explained in an interview. Anyone that would look down on that is a douche and I would not want to fly with them (read: academy grads 😉).
  2. With MHS Genesis being rolled out about 6 months ago, will those of us that have already gone to MEPS before that be subject to some scrutiny regarding new medical records they can pull? Do they use MHS Genesis for FC1, when you arrive at OTS or UPT? Most information I can find involves people just going through MEPS.
  3. I just gotta say, if you are applying to squadrons and you are online debating abortions in the same place you ask for advice and give away a lot of personal information, that's probably a losing tactic...
  4. Is there any reg or paper I can point to to give my recruiter? I'd certainly like to look into this...
  5. It's my understanding that the only guard helo units are rescue squadrons. They spend a lot of time sitting alert, and the ops tempo seems to be 4-5 months every 2 years. Unless you are in Alaska, you will probably only average 100 hours a year (someone correct me if I'm wrong here) unless you have a deployment. Only one dude out of the many I've met does an airline gig while flying helos, although that doesn't mean you can't do it, I think they just like flying helicopters and doing the mission more. The airframe is tired, but the mission is awesome. I think most dudes that want to go airlines fly helicopters for a few years then switch to a fixed wing squadron.
  6. All I can say is to absolutely bring a boat if you can, everyone else will thank you...
  7. Huh. Thought refueler dudes only drank boxed wine...
  8. All of the interview gouge in this thread is still relevant. I'm sure its been said, but I will reiterate that its important to have a bunch of stories that you can apply to lots of different questions. Try to think about what they are really asking about when you read through questions in here, there are about a million different ways to ask the same question, but they all want to hear the same thing. The basic questions you will be asked in some way: Why this squadron Why this mission Are you a leader/team player Will we want to spend time with you Also some random questions to throw you off your game/ hear what you are really like without prep I visited and had experiences during those visits that came up in the interview, it made the interview much more relaxing and conversational. Know when to be serious answering questions, and when to be lighthearted; visiting helps you know what the squadron members are like and will help with this immensely. It's hard to "practice" for an interview and not have canned answers. The best thing to do is to really think about stories in your past that show who you are as a person. Record yourself talking, or even have a friend ask you some questions from a list and try to relate these questions back to your stories/experiences. Anyone can say things they want to do or will do, but they are looking for someone that can back up what they say with an action.
  9. I can very much relate, I was a big overthinker while I was rushing squadrons. People say "just be yourself" often, which is great advice, but what helped me the most was to have confidence in myself. I would listen to some music real loud to get hyped on the drive to the squadron, I would tell myself to be confident, and this sounds stupid, but I had a kind of "pre-game" routine to get myself hyped up before I got out of my truck. Do what you need to do to get in the zone, once you are confident and holding your head high, the rest will follow. That being said, don't be arrogant, but dont be a wallflower. No one can tell you exactly how to act in certain scenarios, it just comes with experience. Know that many people have been in your shoes, including the pilots you meet, so they understand some awkwardness or mishaps. As far as visiting often, I would try to visit every drill or every other drill
  10. Also curious about Alaska. Was anyone able to rush any of the squadrons up there or get any gouge? Curious how many people are applying as well.
  11. A high number of applicants doesn't mean a higher number of competitive applicants. I wouldn't be discouraged.
  12. megabits are rarely used to indicate storage size, and that would also be a tiny PDF file if it was only 8 megabits. I know it's important to look out for this stuff and be professional, but come on guys...
  13. Specifically AD or the guard as well?
  14. Any differing info on the 135 than what is on here? Also open to hearing about any airframe people wanna boast about...
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