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  1. Also curious about Alaska. Was anyone able to rush any of the squadrons up there or get any gouge? Curious how many people are applying as well.
  2. Section H40 in the MSD I believe states it as disqualifying. Although like you said, unless it impairs function it's not disqualifying. I can certainly see why it would be disqualifying, some peoples hands can go completely numb for a while during an "attack". This makes me feel better though, I will just focus on things I can change and cross that bridge when I get to it.
  3. I guess the real question is, are they going to notice during the physical portions of the process (MEPS, FC1)? I am sure as hell not going to go to a doctor about it unless my fingers start falling off...
  4. Howdy folks, I am well aware Raynaud's disease (think cold hands/feet) is a DQ for the military. I think I have it, although it is not nearly as severe as cases I have seen from my internet searches. Has anyone had any experience going through MEPS or getting their FC1 with cold hands/feet? It never effects my ability to work in the cold, its just a mild annoyance.
  5. A high number of applicants doesn't mean a higher number of competitive applicants. I wouldn't be discouraged.
  6. megabits are rarely used to indicate storage size, and that would also be a tiny PDF file if it was only 8 megabits. I know it's important to look out for this stuff and be professional, but come on guys...
  7. Inflation is going to be huge...especially after COVID and with the current leadership...
  8. Specifically AD or the guard as well?
  9. Any differing info on the 135 than what is on here? Also open to hearing about any airframe people wanna boast about...
  10. Implying most people on here are actually officers and not just trying to join the guard because they lost their job as FO making $20k a year
  11. Yeah this is embarrassing, what's next, they set up hobo camps in the middle of cities and shutdown public roads for weeks?
  12. Well, he lived life to the fullest. 🍻
  13. Yeah, when you are young you can put up with a bunch of bullshit, but everyone says its hell after a few years. Flying AF helos has always been a priority, but "cast a wide net" as they say. Looking at CG too, of course. Thanks for the in-depth reply!
  14. Could anyone comment on the differences between flying helos in the Army guard vs Air guard? I'd love to fly helicopters, and I know the Navy and Army have more of them, but I hear the AF life is "better". If anyone has comments on the helicopter guard units I'd love to hear that as well.
  15. 'Member when there was a 3-4 year campaign against Trump because he supposedly was working with Russians to win the election? This is like the same thing, except its the other side. Just let people complain and be skeptical Enjoy your layover in Motel 6 with the FA 🙂
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