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  1. Could someone enlighten me on what it’s like to fly AF helos in the guard? I only see a few units that do it. What would it be like to do that part time? Does that require a lot more time to stay current? Could you have a civilian airline career with a helo guard unit? Thank you!
  2. Can someone tell me what happens to a guard pilot who fails or drops out of UPT? I've been hired to fly KC-135's and won't start UPT until late next year. I currently fly for United. I love the idea of flying heavys part time in the Guard and am glad I got selected. My only concern is if something happens in UPT and I can't fly anymore. Will I have to do some random job for the remaining 10 year commitment? Or would I just go back to my job at United. My only fear is somehow I'm going to have to be forced to do a job and not go back to United. Thanks. And as for the timeline Hired June 2020 UPT: July 2022
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