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  1. I'll try to see if I can solo soon. Me and my instructor just started working on stalls and pattern work. Hopefully I can solo soon.
  2. I'm in Florida. The cost of living is high down here. I think part of it too is due to lack of instructors, so it's hard to sometimes fly more than one day a week.
  3. After years of struggling financially, I took my first few consistent flying lessons beginning in March after being able to land a better paying job. COVID happened, the country went on lockdown and couldn't resume until recently. I started flying again and have just under 20 hours now. But my job today just announced layoffs are coming. Business has been slow due to COVID, hours for a large number of us have already been cut. I saved up a bunch of money to hopefully solo. The problem is the area I live in, the cost of living is very high. To get a PPL through a flight school it's anywhere from $12K to $18K. For a Private instructor it's around $10k to $12K. I'm flying with a private instructor right now he solos most students around 30 hours and average hours to get PPL is 65 (flight schools told me 80). His rates aren't any cheaper than a flight school either, just easier scheduling. Sadly he's the only active independent instructor in my area. The only alternative I found is there is a Sport Pilot school that flys Cessna 162s in my area. The rental price is far cheaper than any of the 172 but the instructor fee is the same. Would it be worth it to get my Sport Pilots license and simply rent a 162 to build time? Would units view this as a good thing or do they view as simply having flight time and no PPL?
  4. I'm 28 years old. I've been calling pilots from various units to try and rush them. I've had several lengthy phone conversations which have been great. Being that I am 28 years old, I have been asked by every pilot if I have a fiance or am getting married and starting a family soon. I tell them no and that I have zero kids too. They are always surprised. Today for example I spoke with a pilot from a guard unit on the phone and he said not verbatim. "What does your girlfriend or fiance think you doing this? "I'm single at the moment." "Really?" "What if you get engaged or married before UPT or during." "Not planning on it." He seemed very surprised said something a long the lines of most people or at least engaged by my age (which is true. I'd say a good 75-90% are). But he seemed surprised in a disappointed way. Many other pilots have also asked about kids and if I plan to have any soon, which I say no. But most sound disappointed when I say no or not interested. I have zero interested in ever having kids and marriage is up in the air still. I only bring it up when asked. I've been told most Guard units have a strong family environment, but I figured most would sound relieved. A few of the pilots when I told them I wasn't planning on a marriage or a kid soon or during UPT told me something a long the lines of "You never know." Which is true but at this point in my life my mind is made up. Does this seem strange to units?
  5. I've been told by a few enlisted vets I know that they have never met a fighter pilot that wasn't a big drinker and all teetotalers end up in Heavies. If I apply to a guard unit and during the interview I tell them I don't drink would that be a deal breaker? For the record I am not against drinking, Jeremiah Weed is my favorite Dos Gringos song, One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer by George Thorogood is one of my all time favorite songs, I love Trailer Park Boys and It's Always Sunny. I'm not super religious I don't drink more due to family issues. A large portion of both sides of my family are alcoholics and live crappy lives. I know I have tendencies addictive and prefer not go down that road. The only other info I found on the subject is one here an old thread on here from circa 2007 or so where a young LT. wrote a long email to everyone in his unit on why drinking is bad and no one should do it (I don't believe that) and an article from another website where a guy claimed to be a "Christian fighter pilot" and how fighter pilots that are "Christian" should avoid being around drinking and naming ceremonies because their is cursing and he refused to sing any squadron songs for that reason and instead sang happy birthday... Not surprisingly the comments weren't a fan of the article. I'm ok with hanging out in the squadron bar, listening to Dos Gringos, smoking a cigar, playing some poker, crud, etc. Would this still be a deal breaker?
  6. Flex and the "screw" haters man! I know the day I get picked up I'm sure I will get plenty of haters but "screw" them. Go do something fun and don't worry about it.
  7. I have to ask OP what are your AFOQT scores, PCSM score and TBAS score? Also did you do the Bogidope application prep? I'm not trying to sound hostile or call you out. I'm just curious. I'm sure it's competitive as hell but I wonder if a guy has all 90s on the AFOQT and a PCSM score of 76+ and great TBAS he should be a top 20 select for an interview. I haven't been able to take the AFOQT due to COVID my testing date was cancelled. But talking to my state's officer require it seems the average tester scores in the 50s to 70s on most of the sections. I'm also surprise by the amount of threads I see on here and reddit where applicants did use any of the online practice tests just used the books. I wonder if the average candidate applying half-asses it and has all 70s on their scores and doesn't get an interview, while the 20 that do have 90s across the board. Again not accusing you just a theory.
  8. I can't wait to see that Caddy! I've always wanted a 65 Caddilac Deville with a chopped roof. All black, shaved door handles, chopped roof and a fuel injected big block just to be my mafia/cruiser car.
  9. What motor is in it? Pontiac 350? I've probably seen Smokey and the Bandit a thousand times. Was your 77 Black? The 79 looks great in yellow! Most I see are black or red. Do you have custom exhaust? My 86 Camaro isn't the best handler, but I didn't buy muscle car to corner, just to street race... I mean accelerate slightly faster in.
  10. I love C5s. I have the Matchbox Diecast set from 1997, when they were first released somewhere. What year do you have? Is it still the LS1 years?
  11. What engine did you have? I'm never getting rid of my Camaro. It's apart of me now.
  12. I only ask because I own an old Camaro, and have daily driven it for the last 8 years. I'm a huge muscle car guy. When I worked in the automotive journalist and auto repair industries everyone was a car guy. Outside of it, I rarely meet car people. I work in education currently and there are no car guys. In my neighborhood no one is either, just a sea of Camry and Accords. I figure some of you pilots have to be right?
  13. My state seems to be the weirdest state. None of the AFROTC opens offer it to civilians and MEPS only does it once a mouth and I believe they are still closed. I believe my recruiter said he has well over 100 applicants for the July AD board alone, that he is dealing with, so he's hard to get in touch with.
  14. I was suppose to take it back in March at MEPS but it was cancelled due to COVID-19. I see boards are still happening for AD, Guard Units and Reserve. Is there AFOQT testing still going on? I managed to reach the testing center at an Air Force base, they told me maybe September or October they will have testing again but they aren't sure as of right now. I want to take it, I've been waiting a year at this point. I was on a waiting list from June 2019 until March 2020 to take it at MEPS. I keep seeing Guard Boards pass me by.
  15. I LIKE THAT! If I can't get a guard slot and do go active, that's what I am saying.
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